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Just bought mine, so exited!


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Greetings from Norway!


Just bought mine used. So tired of people in my household using all the bandwith on my internet to watch netflix, etc, so Im so stoked about the R1! Traditionally, gaming from Norway sucks ass, (location, location, location), but Im hoping this might do the trick.

I play AW on the Xbox One (picked up a controller for the first time two years ago, havent looked back since), and watch a lot of the pro's streams. I really enjoy tcompetitive cod, and so I mainly play ranked and on gamebattles (haven't tried Gfinity yet, any good?), so hit me up if you want to play (GT: Hrshma)! You guys seem chill as fuck and I'm really looking forward to interact with you all.

Other than that, I'm guessing there's a lot of football fans here; my heart lies in the black and blue part of Milano, but I also watch the prem a lot, with Everton as my favourite.

Looking forward to gaming with the R1 and haning out in the forum.




- rieder

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Welcome! Thanks for ordering and I hope you love using it. We've got a prem discussion thread going on here if you want to join in:



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