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  1. Fraser I kind of agree with procreate, what it comes down to is people don't like change. They are use to something and usually want it to stay that way, the older generation tends to be that way Thats why I asked for the general topic to be at the top. But over all I like how cleaned up the forums are and it just shows how active the MOD's are on these forums.
  2. Looks more modern and up-to date. Thanks for the General Alright so I found a little thing that might help when reading Wiki Upgrade to latest firmware (1.03.4) Optimal settings guide Getting max speeds Getting an Open NAT How to set up your NETDUMA router FAQ You should space it out more, like two columns. Left & Right
  3. RBL blocking would work, I am wondering how you could block the Tor network. People using bridges and whatnot could be using anyones IP/DNS. I know this is not the correct forum to be talking about this, since this is not news Feel free to move it to the correct location if need be.
  4. What problem do you seem to be having? Multiple IP's per server? What if people was using the Tor Browser? Would you even be able to block the spammers IP's then? https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en
  5. An idea to help speed up the process of blocking VPN's IP's is go to each major VPN site and get a list of all there IP's and block them. Even tho I would rather you not https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/network/
  6. Even if I don't play much anymore, an update is usually always a great thing!
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