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Ping Heatmap failed on Warzone


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Ping heatmap was working fine throughout the other weeks. But Friday at noon, it doesnt list any server. Thus when  Geolocation is activated, it will not find a match at all due to unable to ping a server.

Is there an issue?

I have rebooted the router, other game pings fine. Its just Warzone and Moder Warfare.


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4 hours ago, Miguel82 said:

Mine is not working either😕


Hey, welcome to the forum!

It won't work for anyone currently, myself included! The team will get an update out on Monday and then it'll work again :)

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1 minute ago, AlexNavas84 said:

I just posted something about this issue, sorry I saw this one later, but just to let you know I have tried to use it today and it has been impossible, and happens the same no MW or WZ ping heatmap, but it does work with Cold War

No worries!

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