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  1. I’d like to mention that rarely it does work. Today I tried connecting to Texas and it worked. Most the time though it does not. So it’s not like it’s not doing it’s job I don’t think.
  2. Yeah by now I’ve tried pretty much all times of the day and no luck. If I ever get even one match it would be rare.
  3. Yeah they appear pretty much all the time even after flushing cloud and on the heat map. And when I load up the game it does show that it blocked all the servers outside the radius. When I search for a match it only pings and shows the servers that are within the radius so it looks like it’s working but it just won’t force to connect to the server. I’ve tried this with the new account for sbmm and my regular account. And there are 3 servers within the radius according to the ping heat map and also shows on screen when searching for a match.
  4. No it would connect me across the US near Oklahoma or Illinois the closest
  5. That’s what I thought too but I switched to a new account I made just to test that theory and I still have a hard time finding matches in my area. It works probably 1 time throughout the whole day when I try.
  6. Yeah it would just connect me to a server I don’t want with ping assist. I know it’s working good because the server in the radius is the only thing that pops up and everything else won’t.
  7. So I live in New York, and I can’t connect to New Jersey on peak and off peak times. It’s very strange. There are 3 different servers located there and can’t connect to one and its so close to me. I’ve also noticed that when I choose other servers they won’t work either. It’s like some work and some don’t, and the ones that do work don’t work all the time.
  8. Thank you, I’m back on the .52 firmware. Geo-filter and everything is back. Unfortunately still won’t connect to the closest server to me. I’m going to keep messing around and trying to figure out why.
  9. Yeah they would barely understand anything I say that’s why I don’t like calling them lol. Anyway I’m gonna be doing the downgrade and I apologize for the headache.
  10. I haven’t no. I recently did another factory reset and haven’t changed anything. I contacted my ISP and they said they have no access to it and that my modem is very standard and just provides internet and can use my own router. I wasn’t having this issue before the beta firmware I should mention.
  11. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the modem settings. I would have to call my ISP and see if they could do that. They barely got to bridge it when I tried to ask them. I will give them a call and see if they could. Picture below is what happens when I try to resync cloud and force.
  12. The modem was given by my ISP. It’s actually a Modem/Router bridged to be used as just a Modem. It’s an ubee model UBC1322. My ISP is Optimum. Also, I went and did another factory reset just to see what happens and this is what shows up in the picture below. My internet speed is up to 800 when I ran a test. And the second picture I’ve noticed I’ve been getting dos attacks, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it.
  13. I apologize I thought that message was intended to me. I also did factory reset after I did the update and still encountered the “failed to download from the cloud” error.
  14. I did and both didn’t work unfortunately. It’s a little buggy to searching for a match with the filter on. I’m not exactly sure if it’s actually working since I can’t see the server on the map and sometimes getting higher pings.
  15. Also, the geo-filter is actually working very quick and good. I connected to the New Jersey server quick and I know it’s New Jersey because of the ping. Only thing is I can’t see the actual server on the map or ping heat map.
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