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  1. I ran into this problem as well. Its still enabled. it looks like a cosmetic bug because if you click apply when unchecked, it will work and update, and then right after you check it again and press apply and it will update again. Its hard to explain but point being when you click on it and it does nothing its because its already enabled even though it shows its not.
  2. by the way, ever since the update today it keeps saying resync cloud instead of flush cloud. Same for the ping heat map. I tried restarting router and still giving me that button. It still works from what I can see but I’m not sure if it’s updated.
  3. Literally almost went crazy lol. I thought this might be the addition of hybrid vpn.
  4. Thank you! I will let you know for sure. I’d like to also mention that when I first got the xr1000 about a year ago, it hasn’t done this at all up until a week ago.
  5. I did and unfortunately didn’t help. I removed the polygon and this happens.
  6. No I don’t have armor. Ports are 88, 3544, 3074-3075, 53, 4500 if I remember off the top of my head. Protocols are what they’re supposed to be.
  7. Pretty much just port forwarding and qos congestion control on 75 percent when gaming. Also do traffic prioritization as game console and also the specific ports Needed for Xbox.
  8. I don’t have any blocked no. I have factory reset it before and only fixed the problem temporarily, after an hour or so.
  9. I have done that already multiple times and it does work for an hour or so where I wouldn’t have to allow it manually, but it will go back to blocking again eventually.
  10. Yes I would say an hour. It’s only party chat too correct, as far as I know. I can’t be 100 percent on if it “changes”, but I know when I manually allow it, it works for about an hour and then I get kicked, and then when I join back it pings a server in the same exact spot, and shows that it’s being blocked, so I have to allow that one as well. That’s why I’ve just decided to put the polygon over it so it just automatically allows it. Sorry if I’m not explaining it good, it’s not easy lol. I also tried clearing MAC address and resetting everything so that all hasn’t fixed the issue.
  11. Ah okay I appreciate that thank you. Unfortunately I did try leaving filter off before they join, but unless I draw that polygon over that server (after about an hour at most), it will go back to “connecting” and kick me from the party. But I’d like to mention again that these servers do change weirdly, even when it’s in the same area. That’s why I can’t simply just allow the server when it pings it when I join parties.
  12. Thank you for responding Liam. I’m playing on Xbox series x. Auto ping host is disabled already and I’m going to send over a screenshot of all of the servers Xbox pings when I run the speed test through the Xbox settings and when I connect to a party chat. I’d like to mention before drawing a polygon over the server, I have tried allowing it when joining parties but it’s only temporary. For some reason either the server which is in the same location changes. So I would have to reconnect to party and then allow the server it pings again for me to be able to connect to the party. That’s why I just ended up drawing a polygon so I wouldn’t have to keep doing that. So my point with that whole Seattle server is that I live in NY on the east coast. I don’t know why to download games and also run the speed test it actually has to connect all the way to the Seattle server across the country. Im sure there has to be another Xbox live server closer to home which would also increase my download speeds and lower ping. I know it’s probably an Xbox issue but I was hoping that you guys would know any ideas? I have checked the region in Xbox settings and it’s all correct. I have Gigabit internet speed and my Xbox only caps out a max of 200 at most, and it’s because of how far away the server is (Seattle). I have seen instances where some players on the east coast would connect to a closer server to download games, and the speeds would triple. There has been times where out of nowhere my speeds would triple (assuming it decided to connect to a closer server) when downloading games, but only for a few short seconds and then it would just drop back down to 150 a 200 download speed. So it’s very inconsistent.
  13. So for the past week my router has been blocking the whitelist server in Virginia, which causes me to have the “connecting” error when joining Xbox live parties, even when allowing my friends peer connections on allow list. So I have to always set my geo filter polygon on it to work. I’ve tried factory resetting already and already did port forwarding. It’s random and it hasn’t always done this. And this only happens when the filter is on but if I don’t put the polygon over that Virginia Xbox live server, it won’t connect to party chats. I’m not sure why it won’t recognize it as a whitelist server unless I put the polygon over it. Would also like to mention my latency also goes down when my geo filter is off. Point being it’s not automatically allowing the the whitelist servers. I can see them pop up when I run a speed test on my Xbox and it blocks all of them but the one in Seattle. Also, I was wondering if there was a way to change the default Xbox live server from Seattle to something close to NY. Only reason I ask is because of the low download speed when connecting to that server when downloading games especially.
  14. I understand that it might not be a solid version but it would be awesome to even get a taste of what it is. I really would love to try it either way. Understandable if I can’t but, any idea of when the new firmware will officially drop?
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