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  1. Im usually the host since i can use the ping assist feat. on the dumski. I have open nat, great internet, and the duma perks. Usually play with my friend with open nat who is on pc (we can refer to him as Player1) and player 2 has moderate nat and uses a mesh network. He owns a cyber security company here in San Diego CA. When player1 and i play we usually don't have any issues with connection. However, when we load in with myself P1 and P2, P1 has issues and I my have some packet loss. We feel maybe because his nat is Moderate could be causing the issue. Also, the lobbies seem harder and we feel that it's because its his nat type as well. Not sure but just our thoughts. THanks,
  2. So i have an open nat and play with another friend with an open nat. my kd is 2,2 and his is 2.45. However when i play with another firend of mine who has a moderate Nat i feel like the games are harder than when im playing with my other friend with the 2.45 kd. Does his moderate nat type affect lobbies we connect to? or does my connection get worse? Thanks
  3. yeah I think thats the issue with loading times for sure. I would only see that error when i reboot and then it would appear on the main dashboard but after clicking ok it didn't come back. I haven't seen it today. However when i geo-filter sometimes my friends cant join my lobby. the way I've been working around that is by. Setting geo-filter, opening game, searching for a game solo, then backing out when i connect to a game, then inviting them to my lobby. It seems to work the last few times we have done it.
  4. So most of the time we can play anywhere we want with zero issue. but sometimes i do the exact same steps on the setup and it doesn't work. Im not sure if I'm doing something wrong. sometimes there is a player icon in the set radius location sometimes there isn't. that was just literally right after I reset the retries and rebooted
  5. After setting to the retries to 5 i got this error. not sure what it is
  6. Fraser! The Legand himself! Appreciate everything you do man I've seen a lot of forms over the last few weeks and you're the man. I was able to get my in game NAT to Open by rebooting from the duma interface. Attached are my geo-filter settings Attached is the ping heatmap I have a Netgear Nighthawk r7000 but replaced it with the R2. I got the R2 because I saw that it prioritized packets and read a lot of other good things. without filtering, I can tell it runs better then before the R2 but when I just need to understand it more to get the most out of it.
  7. I recently got the DumaR2 and have used the GeoFilter on west coast, midwest and South American servers. However its hasnt worked as well more then it has. I have better connection to a SA server with 200 ping with no packet bursts compared to a WC server with 17 ping but with packet burst and 2-14% packet loss. and i live in Southern California... My Set up is ISP modem which the Netduma router is plugged into. I haven't had a chance to have someone come out to direct connect my xbox to the router since i moved in so I'm on wifi. Problems I'm facing are: Sometimes my NAT goes from open to moderate in Warzone randomly but in my xbox setting it says its open. I looked into my network settings and my Device ip are set to the correct CoDWZ ports 3074 and 3075. Not sure what i need to do. Sometimes the GeoFiltering just stops working Ex: "rapp took too long to load"(I can solve it by rebooting the duma). I reboot the router through google chrome via Dumaos or unplug modem and router. I feel like when i set my filter it doesnt pick up the correct servers from the Ping heat map. Am i doing something wrong? When I GeoFil solo I can find a game in SA but when my friend joins it doesn't work(200+ ping but no packet loss/packet bursts) it plays better for us then a west coast which is really weird. if were filtering a west coast server we gets packet burst/loss . I live in Souther California and my friend i usually play with a friend in central California. we play west coast, mid west and tried SAmerican servers. sometimes they work sometimes they dont. I set up the filter before i start Warzone. auto ping host 1600mile radius 0 ping assist. Im sorry for the long list but ive been reading forums and trying different things and some times it works extremely well but most the time were waiting 20 minutes for a game. or we horrible connection on low ping servers. There is something im doing wrong but literally have no idea what im doing haha. Thank you, Bryan
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