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  1. Are you using QoS? If so, do your speeds improve if you disable it fully from the three-line menu in Congestion Control? How are you measuring your speeds? Through Connection Benchmark or through a third-party speedtest such as speedtest.net?
  2. We are currently working on a solution for this issue, we'll be sure to post here on the forum once we've been able to make some progress.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the update. Sure so continue with static IPs for now until we're able to resolve this!
  4. Merci de partager votre expérience, c'est vraiment utile!
  5. Could you please go to Device manager and in the three-line menu on the left, switch to table view. Could you please provide us with a screenshot of the top table?
  6. Is the WAN light not currently illuminated on the R2? As you mentioned in your email, the R2 is getting a WAN IP from the modem so that doesn't look to be an issue. Are you able to run a connection benchmark through the R2?
  7. There's no real way of knowing the skill of players on a server I'm afraid, your best bet is just to ensure you're connecting to a server that offers you the lowest ping!
  8. Bienvenue sur le forum! Je vous ai donné accès à la version bêta, profitez-en!
  9. Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear this, what speeds do you pay for from your ISP and what speeds are you actually getting through the XR? Could you try fully disabling QoS from the three-line menu in Congestion Control and see if this improves things? What firmware version are you currently running?
  10. Good advice above from Newfie! Where are you seeing this error? Are you able to checkout with a different payment method or are you not reaching payment yet?
  11. Is this with you hosting the game? Are you playing with other friends or are you searching on your own? Do you get the same issue with filtering mode disabled? Would it be possible to provide of your full Geo-filter page?
  12. When you say reset, are you doing a full factory reset or are you rebooting the router?
  13. Thanks for feeding back, we are actively working on this issue! Could you confirm you've gone to System information -> Installed RApps -> Click the three line menu and set the number of retries to 5? Are you seeing this issue across all browsers? What about in an incognito window or with Cache cleared?
  14. Welcome to the forum! We are currently investigating this issue so thanks for sharing your experience with it! Are you seeing this in all browsers? Have you tried clearing cache or perhaps an incognito window? With regards to Geo-filter, leave filtering mode enabled and zoom out fully on the map with Auto-ping disabled. Then join the discord server and look for a blocked server icon to appear on the map. When this happens, click the icon and in the panel that appears, allow the connection.
  15. Thanks for the update. These are both issues that are top priority for us at the moment so we're hoping to have them resolved or at the very least improved as soon as possible. What issues do you appear to be having with Geo-filter?
  16. Welcome to the forum! By your party are you referring to party chat or in your party in-game? We are currently working on improvements to Destiny in Geo-filter, the changes you've seen lately are likely due to an update Bungie made whereby Destiny essentially operates on a server-based matchmaking system, so you're likely just seeing servers in Geo-filter now.
  17. Not just yet, we are working on it though. We'll be sure to post here once we've got a new one for release.
  18. Is this in Geo-filter? Do you have Auto-ping host enabled or are you manually tapping the servers?
  19. You can set a static IP to your XR500 by accessing your modem's interface, if it's not immediately clear, let us know the make and model of your modem and we'll look into it. Do you have QoS enabled? How do you have it configured?
  20. OK, in that case yes give it a go and see if it can still maintain connection!
  21. Geo-filter n'autorisera que les connexions au serveur qui sont dans ce rayon dans votre configuration actuelle. Cependant, vous pouvez parfois rencontrer des problèmes de connexion à des serveurs très distants car le serveur reconnaîtra que vous n'êtes pas géographiquement local.
  22. We didn't add it initially as we thought it may have conflicted with other features of Netgear's routers. That's not to say it won't happen in the future, there just aren't any plans for it as yet.
  23. OK thank you, do you get the issue if you have this profile in Spectator mode (not filtering)? Similarly, do you use Geo-filter with any other games? Do you see the same error message regardless of what you're filtering?
  24. Where are you seeing this? Could you perhaps provide a screenshot?
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