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  1. Not just yet, I don't have an ETA as to when it'll be support, but it's on the list so we'll get round to it!
  2. Thanks for posting, I like your approach to this! It's a good idea, but NAT doesn't quite work that way. Whether your NAT type is open, moderate or closed/strict, inbound traffic will always stop at the router where it will either work out where to send it or if it's just going to be dropped. That being said, we have heard occasional reports that people are having a better experience playing on moderate NAT, whether that's coincidental or not I'm not sure. Your second reason is correct in that a moderate NAT is limiting your options, but that won't have any affect on the skill level of your opponents. Loving the thought you put into it though, great idea!
  3. The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming range is powered by DumaOS, with the XR1000 being the most powerful!
  4. Damn! So you don't lose connectivity all together then? Do your friends report any issues from you such as a drop in audio quality etc?
  5. Depende de la configuración del RE200, pero para ser sincero, si sólo se trata de tu teléfono y tu aspiradora inteligente, ¡no tendrías que preocuparte demasiado por la gestión de estos dispositivos!
  6. OK great, let us know! I'm not sure on that, could you try flushing the cloud and see if it's still showing as a peer?
  7. ¡Bienvenido al foro! Te he añadido a un subforo privado donde puedes descargarlo, ¡disfrútalo!
  8. Hey Russ! As Fraser said, the R2 should handle that just fine over ethernet, it's just the Wi-Fi that might struggle!
  9. Welcome to the forum! That's nothing to worry about, Geo-filter can't always pin point your exact location! This is something that will improve as we keep updating and improving Geo-filter. Unfortunately I can't really speculate at a release date for DumaOS 3.0 for the XR300, we're still working on it and therefore don't have an estimation as to when we can release it!
  10. For continuity, it would be easier if in the future you create a new topic in here: https://forum.netduma.com/forum/131-dumaos-on-netduma-r2-support/ Could you please provide a full screenshot of your Geo-filter?
  11. Your benchmarks look pretty good, you could maybe get it a bit better by playing with the sliders in Congestion control but it's already looking good. Type 2 NAT is fine, that's nothing to worry about. Could you share a screenshot of your Geo-filter too?
  12. OK sweet, let us know! With regards to the connection benchmark, does changing the Congestion control sliders have any effect on this initial spike?
  13. OK so to be clear the R2 WAN IP changed the first time this happened, but it's now happened again and the WAN IP remains the same?
  14. I personally haven't noticed a difference with FIFA, but I guess it could vary person to person. Are you experiencing any issues with it?
  15. Are you able to get it working eventually? You mentioned previously it takes a little time but works eventually. How many servers have you added so far to try combat this?
  16. OK, when you connect to a lobby where does the server appear on the Geo-filter map?
  17. If you go to your command line and enter 'ipconfig', what does it say your default gateway is?
  18. That's interesting, have you manually allowed that server in the past? I have that server manually allowed in order for party chat to work, but I don't ever get a game server there.
  19. Could you quickly try clearing browser cache just so we can rule out the browser in this case?
  20. This may happen from time to time, we can usually resolve this with a cloud update!
  21. Glad to see we're improving, how far did you widen your Radius? Which servers are you now getting connected to?
  22. Thanks for letting me know, hopefully Tim is able to find a fix for this issue ASAP.
  23. That's good to hear, glad you're all up and running again!
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