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  1. ¿Puede enviar una captura de pantalla de la configuración de DMZ en su módem / enrutador ISP? ¿También reservó esa IP para el enrutador DumaOS para que no cambie en el futuro? Una vez que hayamos resuelto el problema de NAT, podemos abordar el problema del retraso.
  2. Sorry to hear this! When was the purchase date of the R2? Do you remember which firmware version it's running? Have you checked if you're getting an IP address from the R2? If you factory reset the R2, does this stop the loop?
  3. You can either check the R1 Support forum, or eventually we'll also put it on our Latest Firmwares page once it's full release. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000091217-latest-firmwares
  4. Parece que ahora tiene NAT de tipo 1 en la consola, por lo que el problema se ha resuelto. Con respecto a sus problemas de juego lento, ¿podría explicarnos un poco más? Es como un caso de ajuste fino de QoS. ¿Qué problema tiene con los juegos de azar en línea? ¿No puede acceder a una página web? Todos estos problemas se pueden resolver con algunos pequeños ajustes, ¡háganoslo saber y estaremos encantados de ayudarle!
  5. Thanks for posting this, I don't believe it can be caused by having too many clients connected but we are working on porting a hotfix for this issue over to the R1, so that should resolve these problems for you.
  6. It's because it's a hotfix that's not publicly available, so we have to send it over a direct message. I've sent it to you. We don't have this hotfix available for the R1 yet I'm afraid, we're working on porting it over so it shouldn't be long!
  7. You've got some really sporadic results there in the ping test, could you please try connecting directly to your modem then run the ping test again? This will help us identify if it's a problem with the XR1000.
  8. Sí, el uso del DNS ascendente es el predeterminado. Háganos saber cómo le va con el modo puente.
  9. We're aware of this and we're looking for a permanent solution to the problem, it's caused by Activision updating their server information every day, it's not your router. I don't have an ETA for when it'll be fixed but we're working on it!
  10. Yes, we've been working on two new systems for both building and testing firmware. This means we can automatically build new firmware the moment a developer commits a new fix/feature, then run it through our automated testing platform before it gets to our QA team. These are both nearly fully implemented and we're testing them out now on each new firmware built. Once this is done, we'll be able to build new firmware for the NPG range. I've discussed it with the team and it's a priority for us to get new firmware out for all of these routers as it's been a while! I don't have an ETA to give as there's a lot of factors at play, but rest assured we're working on this every day.
  11. I think it's more a case of tweaking your settings, your radius only really covers one server you could feasibly play on, if that server is busy or currently not being used for matchmaking, you won't find a game. Your other radius on the West Coast will cover quite high ping servers for you, meaning you'll struggle to get a game on them. I'd suggest expanding the local polygon to cover a couple of other servers. They can probably implement a patch to stop people joining servers if their ping is too high, but that doesn't really affect us, just the users that bought our product for the wrong reasons. I respect what you're saying, it may be that they patch this and people can't use DumaOS for unintended purposes, but DumaOS still works very well for it's intended purposes. It's a support forum after all, we have this so people can discuss problems they need support with, it'd be weird if you didn't see a bunch of problems here. The last firmware we pushed for the XR500 was the 3.0 beta firmware 7 months ago, we're aware that's too long. It's due to a lot of improvements we're making internally to ensure firmwares can be built, tested and released far more quickly. This was a long process but it's almost fully implemented now so the firmwares will be rolling out as a result of that soon.
  12. OK thanks for letting me know, I've sent you a PM.
  13. Welcome to the forum! Netgear are aware of the issue with UPNP not enabling, this will be resolved for the next firmware. In the meantime, you could put the XR100 in the DMZ of the upstream router/modem so ensure there aren't any NAT problems.
  14. OK, thank you for letting us know. Presumably you're still getting the same problem with Google Photos uploads after resetting?
  15. C'est vraiment étrange, comment avez-vous à nouveau accès à l'interface ? Quelle version de firmware utilisez-vous spécifiquement ?
  16. Netgear es consciente de un problema con UPNP, si no tiene un NAT abierto, lo más fácil sería colocar el XR en la DMZ del enrutador ascendente, esto abrirá su NAT.
  17. Let us know how you get on! That's interesting, do monitor that and get back to us if it becomes a regular occurance.
  18. Honestly, not sure, I think back when we designed Geo-filter there could've been an issue displaying these IPs so publicly, but as Fraser said they're freely displayed in Ping Heatmap if you wanted to see them.
  19. Sorry to hear this! In the attached screenshot, you appear to be connected to a server in Florida, is this not what you are looking for? Geo-filter itself also isn't designed to find you easy servers, it can't work that way. It's best used to connect you to a local server with good ping, as you can see in the screenshot you've attached.
  20. Welcome to the forum! Is it just Wi-Fi devices that are disconnecting? Will the connection not restore itself eventually? Do you have to reboot it to get the connection back? Are you able to access the DumaOS interface over a wired devices when this occurs?
  21. No you can leave that enabled for now, that's fine.
  22. Let me pass this on to a team member to see if we can replicate the problem internally. Which version of Linux are you using specifically?
  23. We removed Modern Warfare which will be replaced with Vanguard on release, we've already classified everything for Vanguard too so it should have Day 0 support in DumaOS. We're still working on the issue of servers not appearing for Warzone.
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