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  1. Can you try using the below format: [Interface] Address= PrivateKey= <yourPrivateKeyHere> ListenPort= 1637 dns= [Peer] PublicKey = <yourPublicKeyHere> Endpoint = AllowedIPs = Let me know how you get on with that.
  2. My apologies, thank you. That looks pretty good, I think now the best thing to do would be to expand the polygon a bit and maybe also set a Ping Assist value just in case. Otherwise, it appears to be changes to the game that's caused your issues.
  3. Can you share an updated screenshot of your QoS settings as you did before? It would be good to see if there's further optimisations to be made as well as how the suggested rule is performing.
  4. It's pretty cool, much higher throughput than OpenVPN. It's only supported in the advanced configuration so far, there's now a little drop-down menu to select OpenVPN or WireGuard.
  5. Stai usando Geo-filtro? In tal caso, il problema persiste anche se disabiliti la modalità filtro? In tal caso, devi guardare la mappa quando ti unisci agli amici/cerchi un gioco. Potresti scoprire che un server viene bloccato e devi consentirlo manualmente per ascoltare Discord.
  6. Is the rule Fraser suggested detecting and prioritising traffic? What if you disable the rule detecting game traffic such that your stream traffic is being prioritised above the stream, as a test?
  7. WireGuard is now supported in the latest R2 firmware. I don't have a personal recommendation myself, let's see what the community thinks!
  8. The last full release firmware can be downloaded from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bzs9283aez5hym5/dumaos-3.0.205i.sig?dl=0 Let us know how you get on.
  9. OK, we frequently hear of new issues each time the game updates so it could be one of those. Can you share a screenshot of how Geo-filter is currently configured?
  10. What happens when you notice the issue? Do you still have internet access through the R2 when the issue occurs? It may be worth downgrading to the previous firmware, factory resetting, then upgrading again.
  11. Sounds like it's definitely a different issue, perhaps it'd be a good idea for you to start a new topic and detail as much as you can about the issue when it occurs? We could then look into it and see if we can reproduce it.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, we've received a similar suggestion recently so it's been added to the roadmap and we'll explore the idea!
  13. Is your NAT type the same as before? Are you seeing any blocked icons in the Geo-filter map when you're waiting for long periods of time? Did this occur after a specific game update? It's possible that this could've been caused by a recent game update, though it'd be good to rule out DumaOS if possible.
  14. The issue's been assigned to one of our devs so it's on their list to look into. I've requested an update from that dev and will let you know if/when we know more.
  15. It sounds like you had a different issue, but in case it's the same it's highly unlikely that you would experience it twice. Don't worry.
  16. It may be possible to configure something similar in Windows, although it won't be nearly as easy to configure as it is in DumaOS. Equally, you wouldn't have control over the rest of the network. As Newfie mentions, it depends on your use case I guess.
  17. Sorry to hear this, when the connection has dropped, does rebooting the XR1000 bring the connection back up? You definitely shouldn't need to factory reset it. Could you perhaps try changing the DHCP pool to start from .50, then reserve IP addresses for each device on the network from .2 to .49? Let me know if that helps with the issue?
  18. OK so bridge the modem as you mentioned previously, then test the throughput on the XR300. If you still have other devices connected to the RAX20, you won't be seeing full speeds through the XR300 as it's having to compete with other devices.
  19. How do you mean? Such that your IP will always appear to be the same when connecting through a VPN? If you're always connecting to the same VPN server (Using the same config file), in theory your IP should stay the same. This is however dependant on your VPN provider and how they handle their infrastructure, it's probably not within your control.
  20. Unfortunately, if you're limiting your search to one server it's not uncommon that you'll struggle to get into a game. Particularly with a server like this where there aren't too many around it. As you mention at the end of your post, when you expand the search to cover more servers (JP/Korea/SG) you get into games much faster. If the quality of the gameplay is that much better, it may be worth the very long wait times to get on to the HK server. Otherwise, it may be best to include more servers in your polygon.
  21. Thanks for posting. There is a newer more stable version of 3.0 for the R1, you can download it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8z4kcynmo3glplp/DumaOS-R1-3.0.207.sig?dl=0 After installing, please make sure you factory reset the R1, that's quite important as it's a big step up to 3.0 from previous firmware.
  22. Thanks for confirming this. Could you please send an email over to [email protected] with your order number and a link to this thread? We'll get a replacement sorted for you.
  23. How much are you expecting to see? How long have you had the rule enabled for approximately? Assuming it's been enabled since not long after Fraser suggested it, that looks like it's prioritised quite a lot of traffic.
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