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  1. If that's where you would like to try and connect to game servers then yes, though if it's quite far away you probably won't find a game.
  2. Sorry to hear that, let us know if you hook it up again and we can look into any issues you may have with you. Most routers will drop Wi-Fi when powered off, I don't think this is unique to DumaOS.
  3. Hey @reapster, could you confirm what exactly you turned off, QoS or Game Optimiser? I would suggest just disabling QoS as then you can still use the other features of Game Optimiser, this also won't cause the modem to boot loop as you mentioned above. If you're still experiencing issues with this method please let me know and we can look into this further.
  4. Me temo que en este momento no estamos seguros, una vez que tengamos una actualización, ¡nos aseguraremos de publicarla!
  5. Hey @reapster and @phenonm, Sorry it's taken so long, the updates are gradually getting pushed out now, it shouldn't be too long before you get it! Let me know if you have any further questions.
  6. Could you please check this guide on our knowledge base? Follow the steps detailed and you should be able to get setup with Hybrid VPN. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
  7. Welcome to the forum! We have an article on our knowledge base that runs through a few reason why this may occur, check it out and see if that helps! http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000123155-why-can-t-i-get-full-speeds-from-my-dumaos-router-
  8. ¡Se ve bien! También sugiero reservar esa dirección IP de la configuración del módem. Esto significa que no cambiará y no tendrá que volver a hacerlo.
  9. I see, playing on other servers in Europe probably won't make a difference to be honest. That being said, you'll likely experience the same issue of long search times if you try to connect to a very distant server. As this wasn't really what Geo-filter was designed to do, it's not really something I can help with or advise on I'm afraid.
  10. C'était quand tu cherchais un jeu ? Si c'est le cas, oui, vous devez probablement l'autoriser manuellement.
  11. OK, that's even better then yes? Is there a reason you don't want to play on these servers? Otherwise I'd suggest covering these servers in your search radius as you'll be better off ensuring you're consistently connecting to these.
  12. OK, essayez d'étendre votre rayon comme je l'ai mentionné précédemment, cela vous aidera.
  13. OK that's actually a genuine occurrence of the error, it's because QoS takes a little longer to load than most. Have you seen it at any other times?
  14. Let us know. Yes apologies for that, we're working hard but the main issues that need fixing before XR500 can be full release are fairly complicated ones so they're absorbing a lot of our available time.
  15. Vous êtes connecté à un serveur dans ces deux captures d'écran, étiez-vous actuellement en jeu ?
  16. And if you disable filtering mode and Hybrid VPN, are you able to find games much quicker?
  17. DumaOS 3.0 is currently in beta for the XR500, you can download it here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/New-Firmware-v2-3-2-120-XR500/m-p/2071196#M4264 Having a static IP won't make a difference to ping, it just means your IP is never going to change. Your ISP will typically charge for this I think.
  18. We've been seeing an error lately which we believe to have fixed now, when it occurs the error "This Rapp has not loaded yet..." appears on the interface, have you seen this at all?
  19. Experiment with any and all servers you can get connected to and block the ones that don't feel as good. They're all dedicated as it's Halo, but some servers are likely mis-classified as peers.
  20. It's unlikely that the servers are empty, what's the average ping you get from the servers in Spain?
  21. Thanks. In that case you'll need to just experiment with different servers. Perhaps start blocking the servers that you're not having a good game on and see if this improves how often you have a good game.
  22. Are ALL devices connected to the XR1000? Or are there any other devices on the network connected to the ISP router still? Otherwise, your configuration is pretty much optimal from what I can see, there aren't really any other changes that can be made other than just experimenting with different servers in Geo-filter.
  23. Welcome to the server! We do have a Discord server you can join, but we don't provide support there I'm afraid. https://discord.gg/AvWz9gk6 Where is the VPN server you're currently using? In the South of France? Are you able to get a match if you disable the VPN?
  24. We're hoping to have this included in the next firmware. Can you not connect the R2 to your old router and then have all devices connect to your R2?
  25. Vous ne trouvez pas du tout de jeu ? Vous devrez peut-être étendre votre rayon de serveur pour couvrir quelques serveurs supplémentaires, car je pense que vous n'en couvrez qu'un seul actuellement. Si ce serveur est occupé ou temporairement indisponible, vous ne pourrez pas jouer.
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