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  1. Hi @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Liam I started to write in this post a month ago and after doing a "resync cloud" it was working fine for meat that time, but just to let you know, now it's happening again is not working.. I tried resync cloud, restarting the router after it and nothing happens. I can also see people asking about it so I guess is not only a resync. Also I wanted to ask, I live in Australia, I use Geofilter to play in America (california) with some friends over there and I was playing sometimes around Malasia, Korea and Japan.. I don't mind too much about the ping, I'm used to it because I play a lot with my american friends.. is there a way to get a list of servers around america and asia to manually add them into a list? honestly I don't like to play in Australia even with my good ping, SBMM here sucks, I never find a relaxed server, it's full of cheaters and sweaty lobbies and I'm trying to play more for fun you know? and usually when I have played in America or Asia I have had more fun with my friends who also play more in a casual way. Thanks!
  2. mate for me port forwarding works if I open the ports in the modem/router I get from ISP first, the IP adress would be the IP address my NetDuma R2 router gets in the modem/router and then in my NetDuma R2 I open the ports again for the IP Address of the device I want to open it.. does it makes sense for you? Just in case you want to test it
  3. I just posted something about this issue, sorry I saw this one later, but just to let you know I have tried to use it today and it has been impossible, and happens the same no MW or WZ ping heatmap, but it does work with Cold War
  4. Hi, Since I got my router this option has been working fine for me to check which are the best servers I can try to force to connect when I want to play Warzone in American servers with my friends over there, I live in Australia so I have to check for servers that show me less than 200ms, I usually connect to the West side of USA.. but from today I haven't been able to check the servers ping, when I change the game I searching for ping, for example COD Cold War, it works and shows me possible servers I can connect, but with Warzone it just stopped working.. I'm attaching both screenshots to show the issue and how it works with Cold War. Can someone explain me what's happening here and how can I fix it? Thanks!
  5. You can connect to North American servers, but you will play with a ping around 190-230ms.. You will have to check the routers pingheat map app for Warzone and only try to set the geo location where the ping is lower than 200ms, the maximum ping WZ search for a match is <200ms. Hope it helps mate, I'm at Australia as well
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