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  1. More than likely you will have to wait next week business day for them to address it. It sucks but i guess they working on an automation
  2. Just to confirm. If it doesnt show on ping heatmap, but you know where are the server located. Can you still play on those selected Geo-Located zone?
  3. Hi, Can someone explain why there a user showing up in the middle of the ocean? Is there a server or a bug
  4. I was not aware that matches can still be found without the heat map showing up on the server. I only noticed that it took a while to find matches and was unable to successfully find a match. Thus i assumed without the heatmap showing up on the server, it will not find the server or match the server within the area. I will try again and see if it find a match without the heatmap showing up.
  5. Please remember to update the South America server list for Warzone and Cold War.
  6. Thanks. Going to need to test it for other regions. Certain regions would not connect or would end up searching in a loop
  7. Ok thats promising that an auto tools is in development sooner than later because this will happen very frequently. Rather than waiting on user reports. Maybe an auto tools that checks every morning and night would be ideal.
  8. I assume nothing was done today, thus there was no server or nothing was popping up. There are currently 12 servers down..
  9. Was the list updated? I do not see any servers in South America even after resynced cloud..
  10. Local saved game data. Which folder? C:\Users\user\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players ?
  11. List of South America again, has been cleared. Please resync the cloud. This is for Warzone and Cold War. Activision apparently update their South America frequently, it would be great if you guys can update the list more often and probably every Friday. It sucks to get home and the server are not updated on the list and end up having to wait for the update
  12. Please let me know when it has been resynced. Would be great before the EOD
  13. Any chance the list is updated? Resync cloud still doesnt show. Thanks
  14. I actually dont see any in South America. Anyways thanks!
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