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how do youtubers get such clean connections like this?

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On 7/23/2019 at 9:24 AM, bbursley said:

Actually I looked into business and potentially gigabit cable, but speed means nothing when neither is better than the other. I don’t have enough devices to warrant higher than my plan, and I was told that due to net neutrality agreements that ISPs don’t offer any benefit from residential to business, just more priority in terms of issues arising, static IPs etc. now if I was to run fiber straight to my house from the Maine office, that may yield an edge. Sadly the USA is so behind in fiber technology it’s kinda pathetic. Yet other places have tons of fiber and even multi gigabit speeds 🙁

I have also looked into this. In Europe it's actually very affordable up to 1GB up/down. Also you can specify what you are looking for, low latency etc.


You can even get 10Gbit but that is pricey.


There is definitly a difference when you are using your own lease line. You simply connect straight into a backbone and there is no oversubscription going on like you have with a normal residential ISP. You would still be affected by traffic on the backbone and the servers but usually the ISP is the worst for creating lag. For a big Youtuber it's definitly worth the investment.


My place in Asia has a eSport connection since a few weeks. That means that I get 2 separate connections coming in over 1 fiber cable. 1x home connection PPPoE which uses a shared IP adress like normal with 300/300 mbps bandwith. And the actual eSport system which also offers 300/300 mbps but has a lower latency and a actual public IP adress. I checked the routing and it is actually different plus my XR500 really shows a drop in latency.


I have noticed there is issues with the servers though. Normally I play on the Singapore server, the best one gives me 33ms ping while another gives me 41ms ping. You can tell by the domain names. I have watched this for a while and there is one specific which always gives me the best connection. Which is weird since they should be run of the same cloud. (SG server is Amazon Cloud) The Tokyo server is Vultr and is still running 30Hz. A number of USA servers are also reporting 30Hz. Europe is fine for most part.

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