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  1. I don't know if this would have any major affect on connecting next time or not. One thing I like to do when you've done everything else, or perhaps even before going to extreme measures such as factory resetting, is to flush DNS resolver. you can do that by simply going to command prompt and using the command -> ipconfig /flushdns What this will do is flush any ip addresses and dns records from your cache. I personally find that it will sometimes resolve silly little issues like that, and allow you to fresh start your cache again.
  2. So I just got the XR500, absolutely a godsend on the QoS side of things, it has made my whole experience totally better with just that alone. That being said, I am definitely having some issues with geo filter. So I added my console as per usual steps, Set my circle, I set the mode to strict, and then let it fly. Well I found games on the servers I wanted to for the most part, great. Heres the thing now, so I switched to a different game (modern warfare) and now it wont connect me to online services, switch to black ops 3, same issues. I go back to Cold war, I can connect and find lobbies (wtf). Ive tried swapping back to spectator mode, gave it some time to catch up, deleted my console out of it, again gave it some time, nothing seems to want to fix the issue (aside from an obvious reboot). Whats going on here? 😮
  3. So I have had the old Astro a40s, and just upgraded to the newr TR with the newer mixamp. Well my problem is this: yes you can upgrade the firmware, yes it works via USB (awesome), but I have been struggling to find the right mixture of Dolby Atmos and EQ settings from the mixamp itself. I have been playing with earbuds, and I love that I can finally hear footsteps etc again, only, most options ive played with just sound like theres too much bass, and not enough of that true "surround sound". Sure, footsteps are easily directional, but the audio just sounds like poo without the dolby atmos enabled, with it disabled the bass on the headset seems fine, so...…if there's anyone out there whos run into the same issue, what's your configuration looking like for that sweet spot? I know you can edit the mixamps EQ on the command center for PC, but truthfully I know nothing about how to cut down the bass...so yeah, I have not touched anything 😂 Plz send help lol
  4. you don't need a VPN to go against bad player though....using a VPN to connect far away would likely just make your connection absolutely useless.
  5. Essentially they are just tricking the skill based matchmaking algorithm, and also some people really do have godly connections, mix the two and boom, you have the most epic looking gameplay, might as well be killing recruit bots lmao
  6. Its called reverse boosting, they arent playing good players, they are just joining trash player lobbies using certain methods, not sure if its considered cheating on here or not, so I wont say more than youtube it xD
  7. Also, how does Duma OS 3.0 work out on the XR500? Or is it not available, I really am behind on updates since its been a longggg time since ive been around here 😄
  8. Okay great, Oh okay great, so really the only difference is the AX capability and just the style of the router? Seems crazy to pay extra for features ill never need. I just have the ISP router, and I know the experience is usually bumped up by eliminating it. Ive also noticed a 6ms jitter at the point of router when using ping plotter, and it could explain my dodgy connection, otherwise when its working functionally its fine, but....when its more consistent than not, its a major issue. Obviously jitter like that is going to absolutely destroy the gaming experience.
  9. I think there is one extender, but I personally use a powerline adapter to connect my xbox directly to the router, and it works pretty well.
  10. large household, 200Mbit down 20Mbit upload cable connection! multiple playstation and I am the only xbox console.
  11. True. This game, MW, and cold war def have super unbalanced guns lol
  12. Well, you missed bullets at the end of your shot, but its definitely stupid how he broke your armor and downed you in literally no time. What was your ping/route like in this match? It could be a million things, either at one time or all at once. Could be a spike somewhere along the route to the server, we could blame SBMM since we know according to the patent they designed it to do very unusual things (not sure if SBMM is actually in warzone, but I could bet it is), could just be absolute booty net code as well, and there isn't much you can do about that but just always try to one up everyone to adjust for it. Best thing I could say is always have your Duma OS up and pinging the server while you play to notice if anything unusual happens like that, to help pinpoint, but at the end of the day, Its a branch off modern warfare and I would not stress much about it man.
  13. that's what I was thinking too, he did miss alot at the end which would have probably finished the guy off. What I do find crazy is how many bullets it took to break the persons full armor and then the bit of damage after did not down them, seems pretty sus to me, but then OP got blasted in a matter of seconds and was downed. 😕
  14. The way I tend to look at it is, IF I'm getting stomped one match or a few matches, I usually get a lobby of really bad kids that I just end up destroying with ease, so it kind of is what it is, and I actually don't really mind that. If I look at my KD for the last few games, you can see a very clear trend of this happening, and that's clearly SBMM doing what its suppose to do. It is quite frustrating and annoying, but at this point, what else can you do? I don't mind SBMM as far as trying to challenge you, but I def feel like there's really shady stuff that happens in the background, such as when I lose all aim assist and cant hit people one match and then another match I'm snap aimed right onto people literally behaving in a similar manner, OR perhaps that's me just getting thrown on different servers and perhaps im less in sync with the game and therefore aim assist falls off the worse my ping is. Just got to keep on keeping on and hoping they throw this nonsense out the window in future cods...
  15. Honestly I don't think speeds has any affect on hit detection unless you are bottlenecked. I have 200 down and 20 up cable internet and I feel as though my biggest issues are just whatever servers they throw me on at random, and of course SBMM plays a role, when you get thrown against those sweaty fiber nerds who jump shot and sound whore you even when you have dead silence on. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe speeds are a factor, but it doesn't seem that way to me, I still win 50% of my gunfights on the worst matches with no duma OS QoS and geo filtering so, who knows. What DOES seem to be noticeable is that people in parties (and this has always been true with cod) are literally the hardest matches for me, regardless of which cod ive ever played. It seems like they always bog down the server in some way that makes it impossible to kill them. I'm not saying its on purpose, I just think that's just how COD seems to work, so maybe get into a large squad and lay people out, probably confuses SBMM too, as there's to many calculations to make about all the players profiles, but....that could also be nonsense too lmao.
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