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    new router

    I have the spectrum 100mb/s download and 10 upload. Its not speed that matters as has always been said many times on these forums. QOS matter, line quality matters etc. If they redid the lines then theres obviously something wrong, that or they are just being overly generous and trying to please you as a customer. Some places are willing to go the extra mile and others wont. I see similar graphs to what you are showing and yet I still get decent games, not perfect though. My pings do not look as bad as that though. Whats the max speeds they offer you? I know I can get the gigabit over coax, but that seems wasteful, as it is my line is provisioned for extra and it never goes under that with QOS off. Also pinging locally may be much worse than pinging something somewhere else, since the route can be really crap, usually its not great unless its fiber. I will say though even my local ping is pretty damn good, depending on where I decide to ping to. Sometimes its actually worth having DSL over cable, if the lines are crap or you are getting over saturated on your cable loop then you're in trouble. The modem I have from them is like a Ubee one and it has ports for an ethernet cable to go to the modem and a phone line port for a basic phone service. Its basically just modulating different signals (thought I dont use home phone, come on its 2019 lol). Never play wired though, also do you have any coax ports uncapped? sometimes signal leaks occur and cause noise im pretty sure since now that the signal is degraded noise can overtake it. Im sure it doesn't have to be to much to start affecting the quality of the signal. I don't think spectrum uses the modems with that chipset...unless this varies by area, but what they should have as a standard now is like the one I described.
  2. Interesting, I mean I don’t have a lot of traffic per say. But I do feel like the 500 has the best price/power/feature ratio. It would seem that BB would stay at a minimum over the inferior cpu’s of the lower tiers. I don’t get why there’s a massive price increase just for theoretical “faster WiFi” but if the are functionally the same device aside from that and looks then I don’t see the point in paying more. I’m sure the 300 isn’t bad, and is a step up from the R1. Also I’ve seen many of them used on eBay, not sure if that’s a safe route though since you never know what you are buying at that point, there’s also refurbished ones via places like Newegg. But I’m not sure if those are worth dipping into either.
  3. yeah idk how wifi would actually help either. Ive never noticed a major difference, at least a positive one that is. I just think people need to move on beyond this game already, its really not that fun anyhow, its so underwhelming versus other cods.
  4. I don't think wifi will ever be better in terms of: reliability, speed, quality, or any of that. Its likely that you're benefiting from the increased latency from using wireless over wired. In fact I am almost certain wireless packets are different in the sense of how they behave with a router than a LAN packet, since the router needs confirmation the packet was actually received (I think thats usually a tcp aspect). I played some bo4 wired the other day and actually did fine, I did not have really any laggy deaths that were BS. As many have noted, the netcode is to blame for all the issues, as it always is for any cod game. What works for one person wont for another, this is all dependent on YOUR individual connection, the players in the lobby, the quality of the host/server etc. Its kinda why I hoped they would add in the ability for the DumaOS to check all server ping/jitter that it show upon game launch.
  5. thoughts on these? If I were to upgrade from the R1 which is really a smart choice? Im leaning more between the xr300 and 500. Since they are really just as powerful of routers from what I can tell as far as processing power goes. Sure wifi might be "faster" but honestly thats something nobody will ever notice without gigabit speeds anyways. Im kinda worried the 300 wont have enough juice for the really intensive future of the DumaOS, since as I have seen with the R1 it tends to max the CPU a bit from time to time, adding anything more demanding is surely a lost cause for it. But the XR500 seems like its got the best of all worlds. Speedy CPU, Good wifi, etc. DO these routers also offer DMZ? If so how does that work with the GEO and other features? I know I only have a 100/10 line, but for a router to have that extra Oomph matters it would seem. Also If anyone can speak for modems, If I do not have a Puma chipset is there any need to buy any other kind? This one I have now is a Ubee from spectrum, and I cant say that its not performing as it should since it seems to be, I think Im just lagging behind in router power, and tbh I am kinda over the R1's weak wifi. I know that is due mostly to other router interference though. The R1 was a blessing for my old DSL, but nowadays I think its slightly trailing behind. Id still recommend it to most people since it does work well, but id rather be futureproofed at this point since I want to move after graduating and live that fiber life someday :P.
  6. So if something like a traceroute was not feasible then what about just a standard multiple ping test to all hosts/servers upon startup and also while searching for matches. I mean we are doing this with geofilter yes and no because every game does not really use the same servers or player hosts or whatever else, also us players may be skipping out on really good servers that are actually near us that we might not be using based on the fact we dont know the connection is good. OR perhaps on bootup of games when all the servers show we could get some sort of ping number indicated. But with the first idea i mentioned we would be able to test all servers and pings/jitter etc. I mean if they are showing up then im sure they can be pinged in the process. Like If I had a server in new york that might be a better or worse ping and better or worse jitter over idk another server somewhere else somewhat near by. I wouldnt know if I only set my geo in one spot only, that server nearer or further may have a better route and as such maybe will reflect a lower ping/jitter. The misconception is that closer is better, this is absolutely wrong. Your route SOLELY determines everything, and thats based on your connection and ISP. I mean I could have cable with a an amazing route or fiber with a crap route and vice versa. We make to many assumptions based on, "oh this is fiber, is has to be better". NOPE, thats wrong, my friend in chicago has comcast cable and my experience using it was trash, for him, its practically like having fiber, when he plays in bo3 he will have his streaks in no time, same with fortnite, he just does well because despite what we regard as a lesser connection than fiber, it operates nearly as good because of the infrastructure near him. SO, I might assume that maybe because that new york server is close to me its better right? But thats not always the case, In fact ive found that the best server I have ever played on was in virginia or somewhere around there. But that doesnt mean there isnt another server Im ignoring because i am not aware that it might be good too. Idk I think there could be way more customization and profiling in the geo section, not every person will have that same experience with the same setting and we need to somehow find a way to break away from that. Its just so misleading the way netduma advertises the router as closer is best. But when we have that mentality were potentially closing off some of the best games we could ever have. Id also like to see more in depth information regarding that matter, like as i said route can be the master of the game and no location, so we could have some statistics laid out where if your connection behaves like "this" then try "this" or maybe perhaps the netduma can examine that on its own somehow and then find the best connection. Sure, some of this stuff might be slower, and if people are willing to have patience and let it find the best connection then they deserve it, otherwise it can just be some feature people do not enable by default. But I mean, I do like where youre going with the idea of adjusting with the games connection, or whatever it was, something along those lines. Its those things that are really going to push the envelope of better connection gaming. I think there is just a massive amount of experimentation that will have to be done to really make these things come together.
  7. delays maybe? Lagswitching is not the same as a delay though. Like I said one cuts the connection off and the other just holds packets longer, therefore adding delay. I never said I thought that delays dont exist, I just dont see it as a feasible choice when we can just move to geo to a further location. Alot of these players are also in parties sometimes. I got into a match before and there was one germany kid with a 2 bar and the rest were american players, and that lobby was SO BAD. The two bar kid would get his streaks no problem. Ironically though, I forced my local servers for BO4 and the game was playing like butter. Even the top player on the team would get killed by me, it felt like a very fair playing ground.
  8. partnetship with netgear= more exposure= more money for the team. Problem is...it left us R1 users in the dust. IDC what anyone says, DumaOS on the R1 is not a good product for the device. Thats not to say the firmware idea was bad, I just think these more powerful devices handle the demand better. I constantly have CPU spikes, which means the device can't handle it, and that happens just from going back to the home page of the router lol....imagine when it actually has to do something functional 🙄
  9. i meant to the game servers lol. not to like twitter etc.
  10. what is the ping to the servers though? It is pretty wild that you encounter so many issues even while having an evidently amazing fiber connection. You have the R1 right?
  11. Actually the Netduma can negatively affect player experiences. 1. It can force bad connections (like DSL) to connected to dedicated servers. 2. It can connect player from regions to other regions which now causes them lag as a result of lag compensation. 3. If every gamer out there had a Netduma and did what they wanted versus what the servers and netcode wanted. What a mess that would be, and to be quite frank, that’s what we’re heading towards. There’s no possible way that every person having a geofiltering router is going to create a positive benefit for everyone in the long run. People are effectively altering the natural way the connections are made. So when a group of people from France wanna come over to the USA and have 2 bar connections and lag the hell out of us. Who really benefits from that? Especially when we are using dedicated servers and have no control over it. I think it’s gonna get to a point where geofiltering is gonna be detectable because servers are going to change and start dropping people who continue to drop multiple requests. Then what do we do?
  12. What you are asking NetDuma to do is actively boot people out of an active game session. That would be nearly no different than DDOSing someone so they would lag out of the game and you win, which is rampant on P2P games these days, see Destiny 1 and 2 competitive matches. Ultimately NetDuma only attempts to prevent bad connections from getting together. It will NEVER negatively affect a gaming session in progress. Doing so would be against the TOS of just about every game there is. Throttling is a joke, it does not do anything to help a player by any means. Lag compensation is when a game interpolates your position and actions in a game, that doesn’t mean it necessarily gives players an advantage to lag switch, lag switches actually cut off your connection so you are sorely misinformed hence the name “switch”. Lag compensation is something that has been in games regardless of peer to peer or dedicated servers, so idk where you got that information. Yes players can artificially delay their packets, but there is almost no sense in doing that these days when all you have to do is take your geofilter and place it somewhere else (your position). So queing packets and lag switching are not even entirely the same. If all this nonsense was so true, then why is it that players with fiber optic internet are destroying people without it? So perhaps queuing may help, but they have already stated that is considered part of that addition. Again lagswitch-cuts off connection, queuing, holds packets but does not cut it off entirely. Lag switching was advantageous in peer to peer because hosts could stop all players on the map and then kill them, making you virtually invincible. Since you are the console determining decisions, then you are right and the player is not. That’s why we have changes in lag compensation and more use of dedicated servers or listen servers because of these issues, it makes it easier to cheat. So no it’s not moot, the point still stands that you can’t block people with bad connections, because you said it yourself, it’s like ddosing a player, EXECEPTION being that you are the host and your router can cleverly cut their communication off to you entirely. That’s actually lag switching, but only to one specific player.
  13. Also my main point was that your post was wrong, and that you cannot change lagging players connecting to your game. On dedicated servers we have no control over that, and as a p2p match when we don't have host, we don't have control over that. perhaps there would be a way where the router would identify a high latency player and then "drop" all of their packets both ways. So really the feature doesn't work well because more games these days are not player hosts. It would be a waste of time for the team to focus on something like that (at least in this moment) over all the other more important features.
  14. Well someones getting really offended. Alright if you think thats the case, build your own lagswitch and test it, then come back to this forum and let us now how wrong you were...lol. There is literally ZERO reason why someone would want to induce purposeful lag if they are not the host. Hosts used lag switches beause they gained an advantage over other players by killing them and then unfreezing the game. If another player uses it and they are not host, they get ZERO advantage, in fact as I just stated, they will get disconnected more likely than not. Oh and i have no idea? Buddy let me tell you something. Im 28 years old and I have played my FAIR share of online games, if there really "was" a game that let lag switching be allowed or taken advantage of, then it seems like your gripe is with the developers of that game and not this forum. Go cry somewhere else. Don't attack people just because they are stating the facts. Maybe your connection is just crap and you think people are lag switching. more often than not that's actually the case. you might be able to "add" delay at best, but even that isnt lag switching, and it would have to be constant. In fact, go take buffer bloat off and start streaming while gaming, chances are you'll get your lag you want, that's most likely exactly what you're seeing. Also, the person may have DSL or really poor and inconsistent routing. I don't need to prove my point, I think you being here in a forum dedicated to getting a better ping proves my point pretty clearly. I have played many games in the pas that have player who started at a 4 bar and then drop down and go back up, did they have an advantage? Nope because their kd at the end was still pretty garbage.
  15. ah yeah, the "timmy no thumbs" players :)). they are like maybe 10 years old and have no clue whats going on. Well we can assume arent that old anyways. But yes some people just play and dont care how much they die, its kind of annoying to be honest. TDM never seems to have those kinds of players, or at least not the ones i get into.
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