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  1. nah cross play is all the above lol. ive tried it both ways, with cross play off you dont get anyone except xbox players. Games trash anyways, dont think ive played it for quite a while now. They need a SERIOUS mp overhaul to fix this games current state, only thing worth playing atm is something like infected, the rest is just trash lol.
  2. Where is the newest update? I feel like its been ages now and we have seen nothing as far as an upgrade is concerned
  3. well again, my ping is like 25ms and it doesnt feel great to be insta killed every second lol. Add all the chaos and bad maps in the mix and its just a cancerous experience.
  4. Ya'll are forgetting one of the best routers out there..the edge router X and its other family of components. Its going to be my next investment tbh. I honestly only ever found the netduma to help on like AW, or bo3, other than that its purely your end (ISP, router, modem)
  5. You definitely do get matched with them. Even though the game is supposed to match you on "input types" I have still gotten into lobbies with them. Its BS tbh
  6. Im getting a solid 25ms to the local Dedi near me on MW. Still getting pooped on in one shot. Also in kill cams I am seeing a MAJOR peekers advantage. I see them as headglitching, but on their end they are much more expose than the game makes you believe. its just getting old....
  7. I honestly dont agree with this. There are not many instances where bad connections actually work in your advantage unless its purely latency with a steady connection. like those 2 bar players etc but they still have no jitter so the game still gives them the advantage. Anything else and it just runs choppy...trust me, ive tried.
  8. thats alottt of devices, honestly if you just use the 70/70 it should be just fine. you could take a day when literally nothing else is in use and just test things from 70/70 and move it up till it falters. Its most likely just not kicking in for you as it should. I was actually having a lag issue with my internet and had to reboot the cable modem AND router. I was perfectly fine after that though. I have 100/10 and just leave the 70/70 on. But honestly, if ur testing it after resetting or rebooting it might be that nothing had been using your internet and gave you a different result. As frasier said, youre probably just not using the optimal setting, you'd be surprised what even 1-5% difference will do.
  9. you mean to say you click the reboot option? I think thats what Alex was referring to, that or unplugging it and plugging back in, but I tend to resort to that only if nothing else works.
  10. Idk just feel like the netduma team is catering much more to certain games as apposed to all of them :/....kinda why i just stopped showing my face around thee forums anymore. You guys only care about big titles and thats it. Prove me wrong, because all i see the focus on is games like call of duty, or destiny, or even a stupid game like rocket league, so what gives? Ive honestly almost decided that at this point its almost not even worth using a netduma anymore because the support for it is kinda poor.
  11. Yes it finally released for ps4 players too! Though im sure were not likely to see a merging of servers of any kind sadly. Yea im sure it is buggy, it took a minute for them to work out kinks on xbox one, but now its fairly bug free for the most part. Yeah you can choose your server, so it doesnt really show you the ability to ping any of them. no matter if you boot the game, or if you click a server, no indictation of a server pops up on the map, unless i missed something. Im not sure if all these servers are located in the same place? Even if they are, it would be cool to know what your ping is while playing, since the game doesnt offer an in game ping like im sure pc has. That way when im playing i can know if when i start to lag if its the connection or frame rates, at this point its only guessing. im sure you could get really nifty and find a way to capture that connection info with a sniffing tool, but I didnt want to go through all that effort :))
  12. yeah somewhat. Is there never going to be support for Black Desert Online? Its not that i really need a "geo filter", but it would be lovely to see what my ping is when ive connected to a server. I dont think it shows what it is while connected or even booting the game up. Not sure why, most others do though.
  13. honestly its probably hardware, regardless of the age. DumaOS just seems like more than the R1 can handle tbh.
  14. I have been locked on black desert online, I’m enjoying it and all it’s crappy moments, but I at least know the game is about working for what you deserve versus just a simple “connection advantage “. Though I will say, I think my R1 is starting to crap out and I don’t know if another Netduma is in my future....that edge router seems quite enticing 🤷🏻‍♂️ And for a fraction of the cost. Guess we will see though. It’s that or maybe the xr 500? Idk yet
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