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  1. Yeah It’s new lobby all the time you search. But I tried playing with a friend mw with htb + codel it worked alright as nat type strict and he open. Some how 2.4ghz helped a lil bit. I sold MW i didn’t test it out much. Pretty all Cods are randoms depends on who you play with. But if you have pretty stable settings you can smack most of the players.
  2. My tip. Try to play solo as strict without QOS. If you can smack tryhards your good to go. If the bullets dont connect try a diffrent router/firmware. My setup: Wndr3700v2 as strict. No Qos. Melty in Core. IMG_0043.MP4
  3. CoD is broken. It dosn’t have anything with skills to do. Without connection on your side your pointless. The Game plays diffrent on what settings you play with and who you play with. Playing solo strict played well on my older router then my newer ones. Playing party is random depend on who you play with and what settings they are using. Hit detection is going to change if your mate changes his QOS settings next game. (Its true I tried it today) And yes game is really random and these youtubers have the ”right” settings and ofc they are good but without the right settings even I’am pointless. It’s nothing wrong with our connections, its the game own ”lag comp” bullshit. Broken game.
  4. you can disable your wifi on your r1 and plugg another router as an acess point to your r1
  5. i have noticed when the enemies are slow I instamelt em but if they are super speedy cockroaches they see me first 😂
  6. What how did you get SFQ? I thought luci-app-sqm only had fq_codel and cake nowadays. Maybe in your build it has or have you downloaded some old qos algorithm? And one antoher question. Do you get less instamelted with these settings or are the enemies slower with these settings?
  7. I tried alot of different settings, it’s hard to get it working properly. I have tried r1 it gives me good and bad games. dd-wrt and seems to work great with htb and codel and gargoyle seems to work great as moderate. But still trying to find stable settings in MW. I have noticed everytime I get instamelted the killcams are bullshit. One guy showed up and I shot him and on his killcam I didn’t even shot! This ”lag comp” is bs. Its all about your settings. I have tried playing the game on same ping and different settings. The game plays different. I can tell you one thing. If you can smack tryhards or play on 100ms servers you have the right settings.
  8. The game plays diffrent depend on what server, who you play with and what settings you play with. I also had weird hit detection in core but flawless in hardcore. Such a weird game
  9. Have you guys tried wifi? Feels like I have a little bit peak advantage when pre-aiming. Only tested on 2.4ghz and <25 ms and <45 ms
  10. Here’s a killchain IMG_0706.MP4
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