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  1. It's called reverse boost 100%. I don't watch YouTubers because its all fake, it looks go good in their videos but in a real lobby they are bots... Watch Dysmos videos on YouTube and when he's live on Twitch! Big difference ^^. When you watch some big twitch/youtubers when they are live have you noticed they are hidding the screen when they are searching for a match? Yeah busted...
  2. I have the same thing but on Xbox. I get less instamelted on Xbox then PS4. My connection dont like Ps4 I guess
  3. Ps4 uses 5400rpm. Switch that with an SSD for a real fix.
  4. The enemies plays like bots if you have the right settings. The game is connection based and if you have the ”good” lag comp on your side, your the god. I swear my hit detection is better on Xbox and a bit off on PS4. Ps4 never worked great in my experience. Maybe Xbox is better because it uses mtu 1480 and Ps4 1500. I Haven’t changed that on Ps4
  5. I have much better gaming experience on Xbox. Me and my friends had much worse multiplayer experience on PSN. When I mean worse I talk about more melted and lesser great hit reg. Where I live its true. I tried it yesterday with same settings. For me Ps4 only works better on WiFi or mobile hotspot in CoD😂
  6. Sell your Ps4, it’s prob the worst multiplayer platform ever. I tried playing yesterday on Xbox and PS4. Same settings on both. On Xbox I got two nukes. On Ps4 i barley got a ruthless. Playstation servers are laggy and bad.
  7. Give your console around of down 20% bandwith and upload 80%
  8. Still using Asus and set qos to game mode?
  9. Played at my mates house and he uses a ISP:n router. Huge diffrent compared when I play at home
  10. Try to avoid expanding search more then two times then you should always be on EU.
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