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  1. Dumaguy1

    Toronto ultra

    What's their ping at? I get 30ms on Bell in regular multi player, sometimes 25.
  2. For me my Fiber to the Node only has 6 up. so I can't stream and game, also I still get a ping increase when streaming with FTTN even only using 3 megs per second. For me my DSL has a lower ping to the Chicago Overwatch server than cable.. by 10 ms without streaming. on the cable. So splitting up the streaming on cable and gaming on DSL gives me the best experience with no headaches Both together are cheaper than Fiber to the home, Which I can't get anyway as it's not built into my area.. I live just North of Toronto a heavily populated area. but can't get it.
  3. If you can't get Fiber internet. Do what I do, Get a DSL Fiber to the Node for gaming at the lowest price. I have 25 down and 3 or so up, for me it's 45 CDN. and then get Cable internet as well for everything else.. I have 150 down and 15 up for 78 CDN. Together that's cheaper than fiber for me.. Plus I can't even get Fiber. When I stream even when I had 500 down and 20 up with cable for streaming and gaming. I had extra ping of around 5 to 10 ms depending on the time of day and local congestion playing Overwatch on a dedicated server. I had my Bandwitdh capped so I wasn't getting any bufferbloat and still got the extra ping. Switching to a dedicated DSL line that has enough upload to game with has fixed that problem. Also anything can happen to the cable internet latency wise and it doesn't effect my game play. As long as you have enough Cable upload to stream it works great.. I was using 75 down and 10 up, for cable but decided to pay the the extra 9 dollars for faster downloading of games.
  4. Worked fine for me.. Only problem is that if you have to update. It will take forever.
  5. Is your ping higher without the congestion control? So you are capping your upload and download to 4.5 Down and 1.6 up? Does your ping to The Steam hub/server without congestion control match the ping map? I'll try some stuff today.. I'm on PC though..
  6. For me in The Toronto Canada area the filtering works well. My games are way way better. I don't have any walking in quicksand felling games and a lack of foriegn names in my games or rubber banding. I've blocked everything but the 2 servers near me.. Seems to be working great. There's alot of specific set up though.. For me on P.C. I needed to delete my desktop device from the Geofilter. Make my desktop a Playstation device in the device manager setting on the left of the vertical tab menues. Add the desktop to the geofilter and set it to manual as opposed to a specific game.. Put the ping filter to 0 Turn of fast search and put on strict.
  7. Oh ok. So setting the P.C. as a Playstation is a step that comes before adding it to the geo filter? Currently I have it set as a desktop.. So I'd need to change that? Should I reset to default settings or run the wizard again to do that? Also setting the manual option? It just asks what game you are playing.. There's no manual option.
  8. I'm on P.C. Am I to select Destiny as the filter setting when adding the P.C. as a device? With Destiny as a geofilter option and it being disabled when you add a P.C. as a device using the Destiny drop down it's confusing.. What is the process to activate Geofiltering with Destiny 2 on P.C. starting with no devices?
  9. How do you flush the cloud?
  10. So we just pick a geo filter region and it should only load players from that server area? How to you flush the cloud?
  11. Will we be able to set a designated ping preference? I don't care about specific players, only ping.
  12. Ok so you need to download the udp config for the ip location, open as a notepad. Copy and paste into the config spot in Advanced.
  13. Ah, just basic. So I'll need to enter in my surfshark stuff in the advanced. The VPN is the feature of a network VPN, not a free VPN.
  14. I tried turning on the VPN today. As was getting DDOSED in Destiny 2. I chose my desktop as a device picked the vpn setting thing. set a name and password, a region. It said applying settings.. under Status it just says connecting..
  15. Is this to find a good ping in matches or for some other purpose?
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