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  1. chand93

    Ps5 netdumar

    I used a similar method with connecting to the netduma gui through PS5, after clicking google i would type the home address of router into google, it would display a webpage with a link to your home page, clicking that would bring up the duma login box ( a ps5 version of it) up on entering it , it will fail and flash until you press circle to get off it and it would show the routers page asking for the serial as you've forgotton your password, disregard this go back to the previous link page and try again this time the router will let you in.
  2. Youtubers (majority) do reverse boost, not saying the ones mentioned above do but it's generally a well known fact. A reverse boosted lobby is easier to detect from just watching - Enemies running past without shooting, enemies not revenge killing or coming back again and again with more inventive ideas to kill you off your streak, player levels of those being killed over and over are real low, sbmm seems absent as there's literally no one on the other side with a similar skill level. Saying that there's other factors too , such over powered weapons ,certain weapons ranked up to get attachments which literally transform the gun and make it a 2 shot kill. Brute force well organized parties who are communicating every movement of your team, so you get a kill and get killed instantly as you have people aware of your approximate location, with an ability to spawn trap. People using Apex Xim ( mouse, keyboard with aim assist and other mods ) on 20+ sensitivity easy to detect on kill cam, as snap speeds are insane, other controller mods here aswell which i won't mention. People connecting to your local server from a greater distance giving them lag comp advantage. I don't reverse boost personally, i've dropped like 3 V2's on vanguard and choked like 9+ because i get hunted on my streaks which is how it should be in a sbmm lobby, dying on a 24 is frustrating but if you keep hitting those brutals it will happen eventually. If i'm having a tough time on local server try something alittle further, in other cod games i would prefer US servers as they were more stable, but here the middle eastern servers are better.
  3. Thanks Liam , The router itself is running great, i have a hard time choosing between the XR1K and R2, both are amazing devices. The problem regarding the Geo filter was down to the ip being assigned to , when i changed it to the matter resolved itself instantly.
  4. Hi there Fraser, I tried the steps you've provided above but i'm having the same problem Issue is now fixed thanks
  5. That's with the radius/polygon shape set before launching the game
  6. Yeah i tried various other radius sizes, countries, and even polygon modes but still nothing, just can't get my head around it as it seems like call of duty knows the filters on and blocks access to every match making server, turning the filter off and restarting it finds game without a problem
  7. So my Geo filter on the XR1000 has stopped working for no apparent reason , it happened after the latest update on vanguard. When i load up the game and the servers usually flash up across the map every single one is blocked ( yellow triangles) including the ones in the filter i've set. I've tried resetting the router several times ,and still the same issue, if i try search it doesn't find a match , only way i can get a game is if i turn off the Geo filter. Any suggestions? thanks!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb_JXduanBY Dropped my first V2 in vanguard, thanks to the Netgear XR1000 powered by duma os. Even though though connections for new cod games are usually all over the place at launch, this router has handled it well.
  9. That's exactly what the router does , it gives you the best connection available on that particular line, it won't improve the line as that's down to the isp and it's core functions aren't to play against noobs, but people are apparently doing that. I use the XR1000 and for me i'm just glad to have the router giving me a solid connection in tryhard sbmm lobbies. I recently switched from BT FTTP to Vodafone gigafast FTTP, and Vodafones backhaul is so much better then BT with less hops and a lower ping time, add this with the benefits of running the XR1K, connection is so solid with minimal tampering.
  10. Amazing router! Keeps getting better, in hardcore modes of MW connection is very important and the hit detection needs to be crisp, this firmware improves the R2 even more.
  11. Nuke saved us to a 3rd round win
  12. Glad you're back on it Sim, missed your content and live streams!
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