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  1. Amazing router! Keeps getting better, in hardcore modes of MW connection is very important and the hit detection needs to be crisp, this firmware improves the R2 even more.
  2. Nuke saved us to a 3rd round win
  3. Glad you're back on it Sim, missed your content and live streams!
  4. Nuke on the new season 6 map against tryhards
  5. Nuke i dropped the other day
  6. I've tested this with 4 others including the isp smart hub there's definitely a speed drop, i've also tried disabling cc but the issue remains. I've also tried the firmware provided and the issue persist, R2 speeds on this firmware are 362 and were 465 on the previous firmware. All the other routers report speeds of 901 to 910
  7. There's definitely a major discrepancy regarding achieveable maximum bandwidth between using other routers negotiating connection and the R2 unit. The speed issue affects only the down stream cutting the speed down by around 40 percent. Thanks
  8. Hi fraser you can you hook me up with the new firmware im currently on .29 ,using pppoe only getting 400mb on the routers bandwidth checker and speed tests,so its getting limited as dynamic ip with a bt hub connecting to the r2 is giving me 910 mb,any advice?
  9. Thanks for the update Fraser,i think it's much better to wait until it's as good as it can be,there's always a risk when rolling out new firmware and last thing needed is bricked R2D2 units. Also must be mentioned my one is working perfectly since launch,only needing reboot once in awhile ( Can't find schedule reboot option )
  10. Nice Fraser, already dropped 2 nukes with this bad boy and kd is flying up!
  11. Hey N3CR0, I had a similar problem with my fttc, i had countless engineers out who couldn't stop the line erroring. In the 70's there was a shortage of copper so from the cabinet to the property aluminium was used this was more prone to interference and bad line attenuation. What really worked for me was emailing Clive Selley ceo of open reach,complaining about the condition of my line,his office responded within a few days for more details and i was contacted by the Sky executive team.One person was handling all the issues with my line and these guys really go above and beyond,i had multiple resets and the cost of service got discounted.The line stayed on 80/20 fast path for over a year. There's 2 different modem types based on chipsets from Broadcom and Lantiq,giving different results on the line. It all comes down to if you feel your connection is acceptable or not, and if you're happy with the results. Edit 12/11/2020 - My friend had major issues with his line and has been on interleaved, he recently started using a asus dsl-68u with the modem built in. Initially connection remained interleaved,after installing merlin he went onto fast path with a depth of 1, he went back and forth and everytime he used stock fw or his isp modem connection was interleaved, merlin wrt was giving fast path but at lower speeds i guess its how it maintains stability. Theres also a program called the asus tool where you can directly change dlm parameters not recommended unless for advanced users, i believe its one of the reasons openreach removed the 68u from the approved modem list a few years back.
  12. You can get your line profile reset by your isp,try get back on fast path and see if it sticks. These lines are prone to drop to a interleaved connection if there's too many CRC errors,these can be caused by anything from the master socket to the cabinet, for example the vdsl modem used in the router,interference,faulty pairs.The pairs can be switched by the engineer you just need to request it. The Asus dsl ac88u is a great router with a built in vdsl2 modem which gives stats on errors and the status of if the line is interleaved or on fast path also if g.inp is on. It's great for diagnosing a faulty line and getting the isp to act on it.
  13. What's your line connection type from your isp? e.g fttc (vdsl2,cable),fttp
  14. Hey guys, Wondering what ping time people are getting when searching for matches in MW. BT smart hub <25ms Xr500 <15ms R2 <12ms Geo filter does affect this directly so the above was with filter on,R2 ping assist and small radius in ocean.
  15. If you are on the fence about this router i highly recommend it,thanks to this beast i've finally dropped my first nuke in MW 2019 last night,using fw hotfix 129.I get major sweaty opponents with sbmm but the R2 makes every bullet count.
  16. Hi i had this same issue and fixed it by using my isp router between the ONT and the R2. ONT > R2 Download : 400 UP : 117 ONT>ISP HUB>R2 Download : 912 UP : 117 R2 is on Dchp in Wan settings,R2 ip is in the isp hub dmz,benchmark is A+ everytime. It's worth noting around 1ms of ping is added on to overall latency,however with the increased speed and stability it's worth it.
  17. Thanks Fraser I managed to fix the issue triple A+ achievement unlocked!
  18. Thanks for the advice Fraser,i'll get it on a schedule and see how it varies,didn't expect congestion on a full fibre line,maybe BT can do something after the R2 collects some data.
  19. Fraser i'm still trying to get the triple A+ rating ,my qos speeds are set to auto and around 500-600mb,they don't affect the benchmark as i'm getting 583mb for download and 117 for upload but no A+ rating,someone on twitter got A+ on the speed part with over just 400mb download,can't see why benchmark isn't marking my speeds correctly
  20. Just alittle suggestion for the ping heat map,can you make it so the saved server list or best server found can be automatically geo filtered and adjusted by dumo os.Unless ofcourse it already does this and i can't figure it out
  21. On a normal speed test i can get over 800,what speed value on the benchmark gives A+ ,i would've thought anything over 100 is considered fast or does the D rating show theres a problem with the line and the speed is fluctuating?
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