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  1. I have a question regarding the operation of the Geofilter and the filtering for specific games. There is a list of games to select and given that I have several gamers in the family, wondered if it mattered which game was selected for filtering and if the settings for the games differ? Specifically I'm looking at Apex Legends, Rocket League and Fornite, but others may well apply in the future.
  2. Hi Ash, maybe not related, but I play Apex Legends quite a bit and it is well known that the game itself has issues with hit detection, oddly, some weapons seem worse than others. Is it possible that COD is the same? I haven't played COD in a while so couldn't speak from first hand experience.
  3. I have had to regularly reboot the R2 since I've had it and this is the second one, as the first was returned suspect. I've had to reset the R2 today as well. I updated yesterday over the old settings and it dropped out today around 5pm. I've since carried out a reset and will keep an eye on things. I am still fairly sure that there is an underlying fault with the line, but according to my ISP, all seems well. The thing is, it's an old line and replacing it would cost an awful lot of money, the ISP certainly wouldn't feel it was worth their trouble.
  4. I'm trying to diagnose a potential line fault with fluctuating bandwidth and sync drops. Given the known issues with the R2 connection drops and stability, is there any chance that the router or modem are causing this? My broadband speed has dropped down to around 14M (from a previous stable 18M) at the moment and sometimes near 10M and after speaking with my ISP, it does look like the issues coincide with the installation of the R2. Having such limited bandwidth in a household with medium to heavy use is very frustrating and with no prospect of the local infrastructure being upgraded any time soon, I need to optimise what I have.
  5. Looking forward to it. It's otherwise a great bit of kit.
  6. So now I have a handle on the devices and the QoS settings (still trying adjustments there), but still have the occasional dropped connections. Currently it's my access to the R2 interface and a power cycle will sort it out, but it isn't at all what I would consider to be stable. Hopefully a firmware update will resolve the issues.🤞
  7. I've just worked out why there appears to be differences in the ping under load between the two states of XBOX power, Congestion Control! Congestion Control was set to auto, so when the xbox was on, the system was trying to optimise ping, hence the low readings, when it was off, the optimisation was off too. So in that respect, it's working as described. When I just tried another test with the XBOX OFF and Congestion Control set to always, I got the same low pings as when the XBOX was ON. That being the case, the only way to test for the best slider settings is to either select "Always" when testing, or have the gaming device switched on. I think I probably missed something in the instructions somewhere. 😀
  8. XBOX back OFF. Sliders at 80% The test profile under load is definitely different between the ON and OFF states of the XBOX, why is certainly unknown to me. I'm going to look at the results of the auto setup next.
  9. XBOX back ON. Sliders at 80% Next up, XBOX back off again.
  10. XBOX back ON. Sliders at 40% Notice when the ping under load test starts, the ping on both graphs drops down to the 20's. The larger spikes on PingPlotter are the speed and ping tests before loading.
  11. Network not loaded. XBOX OFF Slider both at 40%
  12. Network not loaded. XBOX OFF Slider both at 80% Note the spikes on the ping plotter graph, these are when the R2 is running the ping under load tests, first the high upload ramp and then the sawtooth download profile can clearly be seen back to back as the test progresses. It then settles down after the test. Normal? 40% coming up next...
  13. What am I ideally trying to achieve, best ping, minimum packet loss or a combination? All of those test by the way, are with the XBOX ON I've yet to do the OFF tests.
  14. Ping test with network under load and to XBOXes On. Both sliders moved to 80%.
  15. Ping test with network under load and to XBOX On. Both sliders moved to 20%.
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