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  1. It could be a server authentication error, but one thing to note, is that when in a lobby, you could be placed on pretty much any server in the world. I'm sure that there is some sort of prioritisation working in the background, but if your local servers are full (as they seem to be at the moment with the latest season 9 release) then you will be placed in another region, by selecting a specific server in the data centre screen, it appears that you are only selecting a preference and not an exclusive location, therefore if you have Geofilter enabled, you will be kicked back to the data centre screen as soon as the game places you on a server outside of your filter area.
  2. No, your ping response will be for the time taken to send and receive the test packet for the selected sever. Setting your home point is only to set the centre of a circle that is used for the Geo-filter range. Ping will be unaffected if you move this point.
  3. Thanks Fraser. I have plenty of code leaf errors, but I thought that was just an Apex server response to the R2 doing its job, ie Apex tries to put me on a US server, R2 knocks it back and an error is returned. I can live with that, less appealing is a 2 minute life expectancy when I hit the ground if I leave it off. The R2 works, just needs to be more consistent and reliable.
  4. Ok I can drop the ping assist down to compensate, knowing this. I'll have to continue to use it though, as otherwise I get put on random servers all over the world. Apex doesn't keep you geographically centred regardless of the server you select. I think it just sees this as a preference of some sort, rather than a line in the sand. Edit: What does a cloud update do anyway?
  5. You could well be right Fraser, but in-game Apex, has Frankfurt almost always showing as above 40ms and most of the time, closer to 50ms. I've just got back in after a day out and the geofilter App is not loading. The heat map showed Frankfurt at around 40ms half an hour ago, but is at the moment way above at 60-70ms Anyway, geofilter is currently inaccessible, so until I login to Apex tonight I won't really know if it's working, but the Rapp certainly isn't.
  6. I need to read up on the geofilter function and get my head around how it works and what I would expect to see, but at first glance there would seem to be something amiss. Resyncing the cloud causes the App to hang and I have to refresh the page to get it back.
  7. ...and this is all that is showing when zoomed out.
  8. The screenshot shows the only things visible on the geofilter. Note the centre of the filter and its edge. Frankfurt shouldn't show up at all, but it is available in Apex.
  9. Ok, profiles are fine then, but Frankfurt was showing on Apex server list when my range set from The SW of England was 700Km, so it was out by about 200Km, this does depend on he accuracy of the set point however.
  10. For info, I've had two dropouts today before midday a couple of hours apart. I've also noticed servers showing available outside of the geofilter radius. I've set a profile as Call of Duty, I don't know exactly what this does, but the geofilter went out from 700Km to 900Km when the profile was saved. I don't know if this is normal behaviour, as I've never set a profile before.
  11. I've no idea, I've only just checked it as I noticed high ping on one of my Xboxes, so the TP must have been off at the same time. I was gaming on a different Xbox up to around 17:30 today. That was on a different box, but it was working as expected. It might be that TP disengaged entirely, or it wasn't working for this particular box right now. I've just power cycled to get things back in order.
  12. I don't know if you guys are still monitoring my R2, but the GUI is inaccessible again. I have no idea when it tripped out.
  13. Ok, thanks for the updates anyway. If I find anything else, I'll let you know.
  14. Thanks for the response. The steps listed were more for the record as to what troubleshooting steps I had taken so far. Things seem to be more or less working as I would have expected The setup FAQ on the website suggests using "Always" for a busy household, so I leave it at that. Is "Auto" the better option? Regarding the switching in and out of TP for various Xboxes, is this not rather impractical, as games are updated frequently and there would be a need to constantly monitor for game updates? Does a game update/download not get filtered out as something other than gaming traffic if the device is listed under an individual TP rule or with DumaOS classified games enabled? It's this bit that I'm not sure about, as an Xbox is primarily a gaming device, but was also conceived as a multimedia platform, so users could run into bandwidth problems if congestion control isn't setup accordingly. For example, if I have three xboxes in the network and one is updating downloading/streaming a movie, I would have expected the other two to be allocated a proportion of the allotted bandwidth setup in congestion control and not be impacted by any other device, irrespective of its TP status. eg I have CC set to 75%, so 25% allocated for filtered devices, lets say 4.5mbps for three xboxes/1.5mbps each if shared equally. Is this 1.5mbps for gaming traffic, or is it the entire amount that the device could use for any purpose and is therefore limited to? If so, then any TP'd device running a bandwidth hungry application would need to be removed from TP for sure (for my meagre internet service anyway).
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