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  1. I didn't notice. I'll watch for it next time.
  2. Given that gaming doesn't use that much bandwidth, how much is "enough" with a little overhead? That could be useful for ballpark QoS settings. Re. gaming devices not limiting one another, with both Xboxes on last night, one Xbox downloading a game/update, definitely affected latency on the other.
  3. I have some questions regarding setup of the QoS function. I fully understand how the system can be setup and the need to load the network whilst carrying out the setting adjustments, but still have a few queries. With a fairly modest download speed, streaming just one HD video can fully use all of my 14M (at best) bandwidth, is the idea to fully saturate the network whilst setting up the QoS? The auto setup function gives wildly different results from the previous firmware (the exact opposite, in fact) with results of around 95% down and 65% up, given that I have 14M down and 3M up, that doesn't seem like a lot to leave for prioritisation of the two Xboxes that will be the main benefactors of the R2 functions, that would be 0.7M down and 1M up. Does this seem correct? Running the connection benchmarks gives different ping results than the auto-setup wizard shows. Manual setup seems to suggest that the ideal settings for me are around 45-50%D and 40-45%U why would this be so different to the auto-setup results? Is the prioritised traffic percentage evenly split between multiple devices, or could one device hog the prioritised bandwidth? I am mainly asking, as since the .205 update, I'm having difficulty finding a stable setting and occasionally the Geo-filter stops working altogether.
  4. I’m going to have to reboot to get the internet back, but the GUI is available still. Interestingly all connections dropped and eventually the GUI went offline and seemed to be the last to go, however, Netflix still appeared to be streaming, so I have no idea what's going on there, unless it was buffered. I don't know how many minutes of streaming get buffered though. One thing is certain, the QoS was toggled off, so that wouldn't appear to be the culprit.
  5. Ok, internet and WiFi is down. Do you require a reboot at this time?
  6. Just lost the GUI about 20 minutes ago. Here's the screen grab prior to the crash.
  7. I've disabled it, so we'll see. I appreciate that it's for diagnostic purposes, but it does kind of defeat the purpose of the R2.
  8. 18 various devices in total, but this is not unusual for a 21st Century family household. The only thing unusual is my lacklustre broadband speeds, which are generally slower down than most other peoples upload speeds.
  9. Currently 18 devices in total. 4 iPads, 4iPhones, 2 Macbooks, 1 Pc laptop, all on wireless. 2 TVs and 2 Xboxes, all on ethernet. Music streamer and Airport Express on wireless NAS on ethernet Internet is fibre, but I only have 14Mbps down and 3Mbps up. Streaming can and often does include Netflix and Amazon HD. I found out last night that my partner was streamer Amazon shows at best quality on the iPad, that didn't help and now it's been set at a more realistic quality. The above are the very reasons that I need a stable gaming router. When it's working, it's awesome, but it doesn't stay that way for very long.
  10. I feel I need to add to this topic too. As with other recent threads, this is also something that I've noticed above. It appears that the traffic prioritisation/congestion control isn't working as described and I've had significant spikes in lag, at one point last night, I could see most of the worldwide Apex servers, so Geofilter had stopped working at that point. I was unable to grab the logs, as the GUI was inaccessible. I don't know if it's cause or effect, but the GUI accessibility (or not) is linked to the QOS system misbehaving and this is something far more noticeable with .205. I haven't had these same issues before, just random internet disconnects.
  11. I've just had some significant lag spikes during the game and the GUI has locked me out again, that is to say, it's inaccessible. Edit: This screenshot is from when the page was left open to capture the figures before the GUI went down. I will try the same again with the error logs.
  12. I've just got back into GUI and set Traffic Prioritisation manually for the Xboxes and unticked the Work from Home and Duma OS Games. I don't know if this will make a difference, but we'll see.
  13. If I cannot access the GUI, I cannot give any kind of log details unfortunately. This afternoon, the GUI was inaccessible for several hours. I started a game of Apex about 30 minutes ago and could see an immediate issue, with highish ping and some packet loss. The other Xbox was also in use and one iPad streaming a show from Amazon or Netflix, so the QOS cannot have been working properly. Difficult to say, as the GUI wasn't accessible and I had to power cycle to bring it all back online.
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