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QOS not working on Upload - PPPoE VLAN7 Telekom

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I just bought the XR500 to test it against my current asus 86u.

The most important function is not working with netduma... as the QOS Upload is not apllied. I set up everything correctly and at the moment there is only my LAN PC connected. (QOS set to always, bandwidth tried everything 10% 90% and so on). I tried it with 2 differenc NICs.

Maybe it has something to do with the PPPoE Connection of Deutsche Telekom? I have a Speedport Smart in Bridgemode (modem only mode) with the XR500 behind it. The VLAN7 tag is enabled on t he INTERNET as it is required from Deutsche Telekom.

Can you please help me? Otherwise it has to go back without even having a chance :((

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