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  1. Very soon from Netduma is to long.. If netduma patch some bugs on the past firmware from duma os 2.0,, will make alot of people happy
  2. For what reason netduma forum have a DumaOs Insiders if netduma dont decide betas for xr500 and why people how dont are insiders have beta.. i will not talk names because netduma knows.. I Pay lot of money for a router how have bug in vlantag ( causing uploud dont work on QOS and UPNP) for long time..
  3. @Netduma Fraser I only want beta for XR500, and i have send 2 weeks ago a mensg to @Netduma Alex about beta.. My netgear username is David_Antunes
  4. 2 weeks and no invite im a dumaos insider and i see people in this forum having beta and they aren t insiders
  5. iºM waiting for mine to , and im a insider.
  6. Hello , i have a linksys 3200 acm running davidc 502 openwrt build and i want to try dd-wrt anyone can tell what i have to do to flash openwrt to dd-wrt
  7. Yes you can use merlin firmware and install freshjr script, you can change your traffic priorities: Net Control Packets VoIP and Instant Messaging Gaming Others Web Surfing Video and Audio Streaming File Transferring Default Put gaming on the top , rate you speed traffic by % and on the script enter the ports on gaming class.
  8. The xr500 have bugs and netduma know ( they tell us that new duma.3.0 will fix)that bugs. The new update will come with new bugs, and if i want the older duma 2.0 , patch the older bugs for a stable duma 2.0 and work on the duma3.0.. Any users like me will give you a like
  9. in the autoSQM.sh file this is were i can set the % #convert to Kbps & adjust to 80% speed downloadKbps=$(awk "BEGIN {download = $download; print download*1000*80/100}") uploadKbps=$(awk "BEGIN {upload = $upload; print upload*1000*80/100}") echo $downloadKbps echo $uploadKbps
  10. and what type of connection you have. main is fiber ftth 200 down and 100 up vodafone Portugal may modem=ont is a Huawei HG8012H
  11. Knomax do you only use openwrt or combo with duma, i have playing with dscp but is to confuse and no always work now im with the basics sqm with cake peace of cake and this:
  12. its need to copy ro \root\ or i can copy to These scripts can be saved in the /usr/lib/OpenWrtScripts directory like i see in the link you post
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