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  1. to give you an update here: it is working better with fritzbox doing the pppoe and xr700 behind hit. however ONLY on the old versions. the beta 3.0 is performing a lot worse and not doing any traffic prioritization correct. So atm I am at 1.0.38 with congestion control off as any percentages between 60 and 100 % are performing worse than CCC on never.
  2. I tried it. It was A LOT! worse. There were actually real lags and stuff, so it wasnt an improovement at all.
  3. Yes. I can. But would nt that be Double NAT? What settings do I need to use for DMZ?
  4. I tried every 5 % step from 20% 20% up to 95%. Also in different combinations (high download, low upload and vice versa). All devices are connected to the XR. I have FTTH, so there is a media converter, from which an ethernet cable goes to the XR and all devices from there. The log in is via PPPOE.
  5. Hey Liam, the Congestion Control is the hitreg is a lot worse on any setting (and I really tried a lot). I am not using the GEO-Filter as in Competive CS GO you get a certain server IP and you have to connect to that and you cannot choose. Screenshots:
  6. It s not about the latency or the ping. it s about the hitreg. It is good in the first shot but not after that. I guess it is because the wrong/not all packets are prioritized correctly and therefore it messes with hitreg/spray. Bullets just go through. Fun fact: I tried different versions of dumaOS for the XR700 and the performs better in CS GO than the 3.0 beta and the So atm I am staying at Did you get anything from ur developer what I can do with the XR700?
  7. Did you get him? I even tried it on the new firmware of R2 but the R2 even with the .205 firmware performs a lot worse on cs go than the XR700.... so I would really look forward to a firmware for th XR700 which is working great for CS GO.
  8. Any news on this or a date when they have some infos?
  9. Looks like it is working with CoD Warzone. What to do now?
  10. Im downloading CoD Warzone now and will give it a try.
  11. Yes IPs are matching. I had a lot of trouble with the Traffic Prio also on 1.0.36 and all previos versions.... But not as much as on beta and also different problem.
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