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  1. Hmmmm it s been over a week now since the beta for XR450 came out.... when is XR700 ready? I cannot understand how you can piss off your prem router clients like that....
  2. any news on xr 700 beta??? we are getting closer to a year for ur premium router model....
  3. ALso interested in this. And I am signed up for beta since 26.06. Nickname on Netgear: LEZZTHA
  4. no cables are different, but i checked with a few different cables so it is 100% not the cable. i changed servers and everything. I think it has something to do with how the packets get inspected. I think it is not perfectly for CS GO done atm. yes obv i have net_graph, but it shows 0% loss.
  5. i have a asus card with a sfp+ port. 10g. yes i experience it on standard ethernet as well. so its 2 seperate problems. ping to game is 11ms. so its all fine. hit reg is just not good. every second bullet or so is not counted
  6. Hello, I have a XR700 and my Gaming PC is connected via SFP+. It only gets 500-600mbs where over Ethernet I get 960mbs (which is the capacity of the line). Any fixes? Furthermore hit detection in cs go is behaving weird. Any experience what the best settings would be?
  7. Hey, where can I change the time where my 24h disconnect will happen? at the moment its around 1pm and thats really annoying. could not find it yet. pls help
  8. Is there a Beta or new fiemware available for the XR700?
  9. Ok - good to know that there is a workaround, but as i would buy the router new (prob xr700) i want them to have VLAN Tagging implemented in a 400 EUR Product
  10. Thx For your reply. Back then i obvously returned The Router, so i cannot test it. And before i buy it again, i want to make sure that it is working
  11. Well I would really like to buy one of your routers but not until this issues has been resolved. I will check back regularly.
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