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Call of duty WW2 help needed!!

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Okay I’m actually losing it with WW2 on PS4.

They had server issues but it’s been reported SHG have fixed their “dedis” and everything according to them is now fine. Unfortunately not for me, this game is so laggy I don’t even know where to begin and I see a lot of people online saying they are not having issues which leads me to believe it may be my settings that neee changing.

I’ll breifly describe my experiences so far with this game;

1) I almost certainly lose every 50:50

2) there are times when I know where an enemy is coming from, I sit and wait by a head glitch already aimed in I see him and start to shoot clearly get my shot off first but some how I get destroyed. What’s worse is on the kill cam we start shooting together or he actually shots me before I shoot him!!

3) There are times when you shoot someone and they magically melt you in 3 bullets watching the kill cam they, it actually stutters micro freezes.

4) I get killed so much quicker using the same set up as an enemy for example, I’m running in the open I get killed instantly the screen dose not even turn fully red it’s just insta death. That’s not an issue I’ll accept it was my fault and the guy had a head glitch so fair game however I use the same set up shooting an enemy running away from me get 7 - 10 billers out only for them to run around the corner and escape. (With her markers still registering after the guy ran around the corner by which time I’m already dead because I can’t use a damn supressor) sonto break his down indie way quicker than the enemy or that’s how it seems.

5) I have to put extra bullets into people to make sure they are dead because time to time I put so many into an enemy thinking they are dead only to turn away and find out they aren’t actually dead then they insta melt me.

6) Aim assist goes crazy at time spilling away from the enemy without any predictability. Just feels like one second it’s there then gone or pulls away from an enemy (very common when the enemy is moving side to side or when they jump)


IW worked amazingly and my ping is 6ms to most London servers I test, I run connection test on the Duma and I get “exceptional” across th board with average ping of around 5-6 very time.


I’ve tried reactive, pre emptive, upnp enabled/upnp off, ports correctly opened, clouds is up to date, PS4 is set to priority for packets (fast path) and every device in the house is allowed 5mgg down 1 meg up to prevent congestion and buffer bloat with PS4 getting a lion share of 50 down 10 up.


I’m open to any advice I’m actually losing the plot with his game...


Just to add insult to injury the odd game like 1 in every 30 runs amazingly where I can admit I melt but thes game the same server and it’s horrible again!.... -.- how is the connection for you guys btw? Anyone else suffering like me?



BT user 80 down 20 up.

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I feel your pain. It feels as though the game is not complete or just broken in certain aspects. The word I would use is inconsistent. I’m am beginning to not like the divisions because it limits your setup to a certain point. SHG is determining how you play the game and not YOU. Like I said in another post the game is good it is the connection/matchmaking that is horrendous. I’m on Xbox.

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We are all suffering at the moment. I'm UK with BT.


Keep your self sane. Its the game not your internet; no amount of tweaking is going to make it consistently better yet.


Your gameplay looks like P2P play where you are lagging (host issues) so trailing real time game play. Block host and move on.

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Yes, that's pretty much how this CoD is at the moment for a lot of us.


I've lost count of the number of times I've stopped shooting and started to turn away and then died because I know the enemy should have dropped.


The aiming or aim-assist or slowdown is really weird. I've got plenty of clips where I'm running along, turning 90 or 180 perfectly, spinning on a dime to check corners. But then when I get into a gunfight my aim sometimes shoots up miles into the air and way off to the side as if I've just gone 'full stick' on max sensitivity. Or your aim bounces from side to side of the enemy peppering the wall either side of them with lead. Or the opposite where it feels like your sensitivity gets dumped to zero and you can't move your aim hardly at all. It just seems to be all over the place.


I've tried sensitivities from 4 up to about 10 and I can't find a balance at all. I put IW back in because I thought my pad was broken (lol) and the aiming seems just fine.


I doubt there's anything wrong at your end, just pray that the incoming patches will fix some of these problems. I'm praying with you because it's not much fun to play.

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Same here folks UK on sky fibre, all test run are spot on ping is fine just the game servers are all over the place. I am having to run primed on my classes to help aid with the overpowered flinch when shot in the game. 

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6ms and having issues...


Not surprised. I think the only people complaining about this game are on responsive, stable connections. All I can say to the above is "same".


I just comment on these threads for notifications hoping someone can find some sort of solution. Useless contribution I know, sorry ._.

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What is working for me guys is camping the London server then setting radius to 68-150 miles strict on then reducing my upload to about 30%

The combo of tight geo setting plus playing with upload makes all the difference for me.my upload is 448k adsl so it reduced to about 240k which is plenty to run to game smoothly and still hear party chat.

Hope it helps

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Let me add to his to show you its just this game....on this game ...a "good" game for me as been 53-9..ONE TIME....my other normal good games are 15 kills 16 deaths...Saturday morning I had nothing but negative games all morning mostly from campers. Switched over to blops3 and went 40-10 every game. haha

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