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  1. Hi Admittedly the in-game has limited value but it may assist in matchmaking. I was highlighting this anomally because the DumaOs doesn't seem to do something that the Original R1 did which I thought strange. I did some further testing with different COD games and the same thing is happening. What I have also noticed is that if I untick the "DumaOS Classified Games" option then the in-game test recognises the speed adjustments from the sliders as the R1 would. So it seems that Traffic Prioritization can override the Anti-Bufferbloat global settings and give more bandwidth than the sliders permit to non-prioritised traffic.
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. I know the games max out at 4mb even when you have higher speeds but they shouldn't get to 4mb when the available speeds have been nerfed to well below those levels. The R1 original firmware would impact the speed but the DumaOS doesn't seem to.
  3. Hi I have recently upgraded the firmware on my R1 to the DumaOS and I have got it up to When I open a game like Call of Duty the in.game menu gives me a speed of around 4mb. This seems to be the limit even my speeds (both up and down are higher). I have noticed that when I reduce my Anti-bufferbloat sliders it doesn't affect the in game test. As a test I went into the Anti-bufferbloat menu and selected "Always". I severely reduced the sliders to Download 3% and Upload 15% to give an approximate 2mb up and down. When I run a speedtest on a pc I get 1.8mb down and 1.4mb up so the sliders are affect the PC. A standard network test on the PS4 gets 1.9mb down and 1mb up so again it looks like the sliders are working. However, when I look at the in-game speed test it still reads the normal 4mb as if the sliders were still at 100%. Shouldn't the game also recognise a speed reduction as a result of the global sliders or is the DumaOS designed to give the console game 100% and only limit everything else. I know the in-game test isn't super accurate nut it currently shows no impact following a change on the global sliders. Perhaps I am overlooking an alternative setting? I am pretty sure the game would recognise a change on the CC sliders under the old R1 firmware. Grateful for any knowledge you could share
  4. I get this on my ps 4 pro occasionally when using cat6 cables. Fingers crossed, has always been fixed by removing and reinserting Lan cable. Kudos to Netduma Jack for taking time to research a non-Netduma issue. Destination "go the extra mile" now arrived.
  5. Turn upnp on in the R1 boot up the game go online to the lobby menu. Check network options - is NAT open? If not what is the upnp showing in the R1
  6. Does your console have a static IP address too ( makes life just that little bit easier)
  7. I wouldn't necessarily link poor speeds to NAT issues Have you got upnp turned on ? Are ports opened and pointing to your console (you should see 9308 and 3074) with BO4 running? If no upnp are you port forwarding R1 in the DMZ is a good tip
  8. What is your physical set up? Is the R1 connected to a modern, modem-router combo or behind another router?
  9. BO4 does seem to get confused with its NAT. I sometimes see this and never had it before. Closing and opening BO4 resolves it for me. No need to reboot console or router.
  10. Yes it happens when servers are busy. What are your speeds
  11. Hey Fraser Why does reactive cause packet loss? What is it doing? I had understood preemptive to be the more aggressive algorithm hence the impact on bandwidth
  12. Does your in game console information show a bandwidth much above 4000? For me it usually caps about 4151. Once, with a Netgear R7000 it showed 6171 but never again
  13. It's actually a positive. On blackout they are obviously servers so showing as peers (on original firmware) means a permanent ban rather than just 10mins.
  14. I'm on the PS4. Only playing Blackout so connections must be servers. Locations seem to correspond to ping but they show as peers rather than servers.
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