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NETDUMA Secret Santa 2016

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We did our first ever Secret Santa last year which everyone seemed to really enjoy. So we're going to do it again this year, there are a lot more members now so hopefully it will be even bigger than before!


If you want to take part just comment down below with your location  :)


Please keep in mind you may have to send your gift abroad and this can be costly, especially if it is a heavy item. However I will do my best to regionalise it to save on costs for everyone.


Please keep the gift price to around $30/£20/€25 so that everyone gets something of equal value.


Signups will end 5th December at which point I will close the thread and contact all those participating and let them know who their Secret Santa recipient is.


Everyone in the office will be participating as well, lets get into the spirit of giving and community!

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