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  1. I’m at work right now but if it didn’t auto update, I’ll manually do it when I get home. I’m loving how easy you all have made it to optimize.
  2. My experience with the bufferbloat is totally different. I’m consistently get A and A+s with very little time spent. It’s as close as plug and play as it gets. I’ve maybe spent 10 minutes adjusting and it’s been pretty flawless.
  3. I received my Netgear XR500 yesterday and would just like to say, it was so easy to setup. I didn’t have to mess with a bunch of settings to get it up and running. They have made it so much more user friendly. The DumaOS is amazing. I played Call of Dury WW2 with no ping spikes. Some of the smoothest I’ve played. Awesome job to the Netduma team, you all have hit a homerun.
  4. So are these the same features we have now, only difference is the way it’s laid out? I don’t see anything different then what is offered now. Also is this one self sustained or do I need to spend hours on the forum to get it to work?
  5. I ordered it from Amazon.
  6. The update will come out for the R1 in April. You can get it now on the Netgear.
  7. Is this one still going to require me to mess around with settings all the time to make it work? Need to know before I order. Couldn't wait ten minutes for a answer, so I ordered it. I'll find out Thursday.
  8. I'm not saying he is wrong, there are just better ways to go about making your point.
  9. If this how you moderate, then maybe you shouldn't be one. You are suppose to deescalate the situation and not make it worse.
  10. That isn't a reward that is a predetermined amount you agreed to do the required work for. Anything outside of that is a reward.
  11. Well I see the paying for early access as a way of showing gratitude. They work hard and should be rewarded.
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