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  1. Hello guys, The issue not from the router.. It's from your internet provider, every internet provider own they routes to let you connect to EA servers. HOW TO FIX THE DELAY: 1- Just call your internet provider and ask the support to change your internet connection (route) not (router!). 2- Mention easo.ea.com (EA Server) to support to change your internet connection route to the best route for EA server. NOTE: FUT Champions should be 0 delay with max ping 22ms. and any other FUT Games mode you may facing some delay because you don't know the other players where they are in the world. Hope that may help, and sorry for my bad Eng
  2. I never played without VPN on R1 StrongVPN PureVPN PrivateVPN CactusVPN CyberGhost VPN HMA VPN EarthVPN
  3. Hello, I love to stream fortnite and i made fortnite LLAMA video animation holding NETDuma logo, Just to show the world that i have a weapon they don't have! just kidding i am so bad Anyway i would like to share the video and wallpaper (1920x1080) with you guys in case you like to show your support for NETDuma. PEACE! Video extension: .MOV Video width & height: 300 x 548 Video size: 139 MB Download: Right click and "Save As" Download ZIP file Video Preview: ------------------------------------------ Wallpaper resolution: 1920x1080 File Type: PNG Download Wallpaper
  4. hi i have no excuse for Netduma at all because i know what kind of monitors to use for gaming, and btw i am waiting for the update too! but Netduma didn't say the new update will be after 2 years before, they just found i good router it fit with the software they made and they trying so hard just to let it work on R1 this is all the story i think. if you have any issue with your 4K tv/monitor just go open ticket here and in your 4k tv/monitor support website.. maybe you just need to change some options on you 4k. again i am not in your side and i am not in duma side, i am just want the best for us me.. you.. everyone.. duma team.. let's work as a team peace
  5. hello, thanks for DumaOS team and thanks for all of you guys, R1 is working fine for about 2 years, i understand that we need that update but really we need the update without any issue's so why not just wait until Duma team finish it and ready to use!! i believe they can push the update now but you will come back asking for help... fix this fix that! the good thing is DumaOS will be for R1, they can be only for netgear router! and yeah why not only for netgear... because netgear more powerful than R1 router so guys be patient please thanks for DumaOs team and keep going for the great work.
  6. Hello, I don't think this is an issue for me because Geo Filter is an option,, that's happen to me to in Xbox console. Usually when you enable Geo Filter option for PS4/3/Xbox and the console server out of Geo Filter you can't sign-in because server out of range as you know. I am from Kuwait and my Xbox always connect to USA server as Microsoft service of course to sign-in into my account so if i set Geo Filter Enable i can't access anything,, Simple,, Just disable Geo Filter in R1/DumaOS and turn your console ON,, you will see the console server will upper in the map than enable it again as i do every time. NOTE for Xbox user's: If you got Strict NAT-Type in Xbox One/X just go to (Settings > Network > Network Settings > Test NAT Type) and let the Xbox do the job,, If you got (Something Wrong) just (Test Again) until you get message says (All done) just press B in your controller to go back and your NAT-Type is Open. Hope that going to help you, and sorry for my bad English Thank you guys
  7. Hi, I play FIFA 17 too, i found this in NETDuma wiki page and works fine for me it's deepens how your ISP route to FIFA servers but most of them is fine good luck
  8. hello jimmydaou, i see that you are located in KSA right? if yes! well this is our problem here, i am from Kuwait and the lag is our best friend for gaming online. i tried many many things to take down the ping/latency down, the minimum ping for me is around 160 ms - 230 ms. our ISP's routing is so bad, they always use TATA communication (located in Singapore) and Gulf Brig (GBI) for GCC countries. i don't know what your ISP route, anyway i believe you have better than our ISP's. DO NOT LET THE HOST BE KUWAITI because we are the lag core LOL! always try to play with UAE or Qatar and check the game again good luck
  9. OMG! don't make me cry is that real!!! AWESOMEEEEEEEEE can't wait for full launch are you trying to kill me!
  10. Hello Yes i am in please! Kuwait - Kuwait City
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