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  1. Hello, I have tested the past week and have not had any disconnection / drops anymore. topic may be closed 😉
  2. Yes so far so good.....I test until Thursday and then give an update 👍🏻
  3. Hello Guys, I would keep you informed if I would get an update of netgear on my question and the following. I have tested the concerning and so far it is still going well. see below what has changed at the request of the technical support. I was also asked to reduce the speed, but I refuse this. I have a fiber connection of 600 / 600mb and purchase this router to work / play with these speeds. NETGEAR Support Case # 40470678 *** This is an automatic, system-generated message. Please do not reply directly to this message. *** Your case has been updated by NETGEAR Support. Case #: 40470678 Case Summary: wifi and lan ports disconnects Product: XR500 Update from NETGEAR: Hi Menno, Some options to try in resolving your connection issues: Try changing to a different wireless channel: Click on Wireless Settings below the setup menu. Change the Channel. Click Apply and test for improvement in performance. Note: The Wireless Settings option is available under Advanced Setup in routers with the newer genie interface. Try reducing the connection speed: (This a a trade-off, as slower connections are usually more stable) Click Wireless Settings below the setup menu. Change the Mode to a lower speed. Click Apply and test for improvement in performance. Adjust advanced wireless settings: Click Wireless Settings under Advanced. Change the Fragmentation Length and CTS/RTS Threshold values to 2304. Click Apply and test for improvement in performance. Sincerely, Mathias Netgear Technical Support http://support.netgear.com Connect with Innovation™ *** This is an automatic, system-generated message. Please do not reply directly to this message. ***
  4. @Killhippie I did try anything you suggested, but this did not improve anything. as I said it is not just a phone that is lost, but all hardware has no internet at all. i’m on a iPhone 7 btw👍🏻
  5. @Netduma Jack i would give them a call and perhaps they can help me. @coolasmoo thx buddy would trie to go back to.22
  6. ok I will be something clearer. My hardware has already been replaced by netgear since the first one is constantly rebooting. I'm not saying that everything is bad on this router but the first solutions are right back to a factory reset. I personally have not experienced that before. It is not all my phone, but on all my devices the connection is temporarily lost. This will be restored, but it will take a wile. This can also be seen in the log file. After the update of the latest version, the wired internet connection is now also lost. I have lost hope a bit.
  7. thank you for contributing ideas and possible improvements. why a factory reset every time an update comes. This irritates me terribly since I have a lot of equipment which I can name again and provide ip addresses. If I had a few devices I would think about it, but this is not the case. As for the channels. The signal is at full transmission power, but the internet is simply disconnected. After a minute the connection returns and it works properly again. I have already chosen the best channels with the aid of a tool and this is not the problem either. as far as ISP provider is concerned. I have never had any problems with this when I had connected my tp link. it's been since I hung the Xr500.
  8. Hi guys I am with the following: even after the new firmware release, both my Wi-Fi and ethernet connection are still gone. I noticed this especially with my iphone when I get home and then your iphone automatically switches from 4G to WiFi. These are often times when I do not have internet on my phone but I am connected to Wi-Fi. It also happens regularly that I am on the internet on the internet and suddenly nothing more charging and so have to wait until I am connected again. Best irritating. The wired playstation falls away while gaming and get the message that the network functions are not present and the game runs stiff. I have from day 1 that I have this router (March 2018) have never had a moment that I am satisfied with the purchase of this device. Have never had so much bullshit. Get a bit of an idea when I read on the forum that you are only doing factory resets with this router. You pay a lot of money for a device that is totally unstable in the connection In short, it is time that the problems are really going to be resolved instead of just the above.
  9. Hey recently my geo filter has not shown any hosts / dedi's anymore. I have already removed the mode once from strict but this does not help either. Has anyone ever had this before or has a solution for this.
  10. ok super that you can look at the log files. I have already had contact with Netgear and I already have a case running. Their technicians are also working on it
  11. @killhippie I have already tried what you describe. However, the problems are getting worse and reboot now when I turn on my PS4 and my daughter youtube is streaming the return reboot. Now starts really annoying and if it stays that way or can not be solved then I see no other way out than the XR500 to do away .....
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