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  1. Already disabled geo filter. I appreciate the cloud update for D2 isn't live yet, but the issue is system wide, not exclusively with D2.
  2. Can not for the life of me get a stable connection in Destiny 2. Getting less than 1mb DL/UL speeds via a wired connection to PS4. PS4--->NETDUMA--->Sky router. Ookla shows 18ms ping, 27mb DL and 5mb upload. PS4 internet test doesn't come close, and I'm still receiving anteater error codes. I am available any day this week, mobile can be provided on request. Thanks, Tom
  3. UK based Destiny player PS4 The_Invader_Kilz If I had to pick one CoD (I hated AW) which should i go with? I like the zombie game modes.
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