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  1. DHCP Setup is modem, R1 and then to my WiFi router from R1. Everything is hardwired, brand new cables - replaced everything when the first R1 failed.
  2. So I’m back with a few issues I’m noticing with QOS. As a refresher, you guys sent me a replacement R1 as I had one of the earliest shipped ones. It’s been working better than the previous, but hear me out. If I turn off QOS, I get my expected speeds (230/50ish). If I set my sliders at 70/70 the download is all over the place - it’ll go from 20-160 and and causes what I can only guess without checking PingPlotter a lot of spikes. It’s also not a smooth curve like the upload would be - like it’s only affecting download. If I uncheck share excess it does the same thing. If I set my console to be limited by the flower, it also does the same thing. It’s like it’s only half working or something. Any suggestions? My log is also full of errors again - I’ll post it when I get home. Edit: Using UPNP, Traffic Priority set for always, everything is hardwired, WiFi is off, and I’m on the latest firmware
  3. This seems like the issue I was having. Mx, they’ll get you back and running!
  4. Game is playing MUCH better for me. Actually playing ranked now too.
  5. Yeah I saw Battlenonsense when he came out with that. Been following him a long time. Ill give it a few nights to settle down, I’m sure it’s because so many people are active again.
  6. How on earth can I improve my connection to this game? Last night I played about 15 games with the update and got ONE kill. I get SHREDDED about matter what armor I have. I connect to the New York server and the ping is low - I just suffer greatly no matter what.
  7. So far so good. All set back up and updated. A+ bufferbloat, normal speeds - played two games of apex and seems good to go. Thank you guys so much!
  8. No it’s correct, but I got the router so long ago you guys didn’t have the correct ones so sent an adapter too. Hahaha
  9. Haven’t had time (barely been home!) to install the new router. I received it Tuesday. I will tonight and post an update! However, thanks for the handwritten note in the box! That’s pretty cool to be honest! Also, I see you guys finally provide the US power cable haha - I figured you’d get a kick out of me sending back the UK with the adapter I’ve been dealing with all this time.
  10. Your IP range May have been set back to default It’s You must also clear your browser cache and renew your DHCP lease on your computer to force the new address.
  11. What about goodput? Have you tried disabling this? My other suggestion is to set static IP’s to your devices.
  12. What were your speeds direct to modem? Some other things I did as well: Make your bandwidth 1000/1000 in the settings. QOS off Remove console from devices. Make sure ipv6 is off, as well as the vpn settings. I never set this but it kept turning on by default That said, my speed issues were way worse, as sometimes they’d be full but then they’d go low to the point I couldn’t load pages.
  13. My router has arrived at Duma HQ. Hopefully the devs find something useful! Shocked it took two days to go from New York to UK, that’s better than the mail inside the US lol
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