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  1. I did unplug it, I was resetting my modem. I’ll make sure I go through the interface next time. But don’t forget it was a power failure the last one, my generator didn’t kick in because it flickered. That’s probably the issue.
  2. I rebooted as I like to reboot everything from time to time, and that’s when it assigned IP’s out of range again. I couldn’t get it sorted until a factory reset. So strange. Could’ve been a coincidence on timing unless it’s a lease issue?
  3. Eh but still - would it assign an IP out of the range of what it’s set? Was completely different. I felt like the power outage half made a factory reset. Was strange.
  4. Maybe I mis-spoke, I use the reservation feature set by MAC address, but only for the two Xbox’s. This is the R1 I was sent as a replacement over the summer. Was definitely strange and I sorted it out, just posted this as a “hey this happened” type thing lol I also noticed that the wired ports showed as “offline” during this time was well when viewed in the devices pane.
  5. So my power went out a few times yesterday, I noticed my Xbox wouldn’t connect (it’s wired). I have static IP’a set by MAC address, but for whatever reason I couldn’t connect to the dashboard via wired from my laptop on my set IP range ( My Xbox was assigned an ip out of the range, in this case My setup as a refresher is modem -> netduma R1 -> Airport Extreme (for wireless) I could access the dashboard wirelessly through my phone though. I set the ip to the factory one and refreshed my laptop connection to try to access the dashboard - no dice. Still kept assigning incorrect IP’s on Xbox and laptop. I factory reset and changed all my connections back to what they were, assigned static IP’s and I’m good to go again. Definitely a strange one and something I’ve never had happen before - any thoughts? My power flickered is a better explanation - my generator never even had a chance to come on
  6. Super excited for some of the things in the works. You guys have come such a long way, it’s been a pleasure helping out!
  7. I’m on the latest DumaOS Goodput is enabled, I’ll try that. I have 1000/1000 in settings, I tried my bandwidth and it got worse. I always use whole figures.
  8. Funny you should mention that - I never added my console, so I did and retested. No difference, I’ll try the other suggestions as well.
  9. Just ran an ipv6 test and I’m still ipv4 I ran more tests an hour ago when I was home home alone with nothing else using anything major network wise. Yes, using Speedtest.net Edit, I posted from my phone on cellular before - which is likely why it came up ipv6
  10. I don’t have a hub, just a cable company supplied modem, all settings are locked there. Could they have enabled ipv6 in my area? Perhaps.
  11. DHCP Setup is modem, R1 and then to my WiFi router from R1. Everything is hardwired, brand new cables - replaced everything when the first R1 failed.
  12. So I’m back with a few issues I’m noticing with QOS. As a refresher, you guys sent me a replacement R1 as I had one of the earliest shipped ones. It’s been working better than the previous, but hear me out. If I turn off QOS, I get my expected speeds (230/50ish). If I set my sliders at 70/70 the download is all over the place - it’ll go from 20-160 and and causes what I can only guess without checking PingPlotter a lot of spikes. It’s also not a smooth curve like the upload would be - like it’s only affecting download. If I uncheck share excess it does the same thing. If I set my console to be limited by the flower, it also does the same thing. It’s like it’s only half working or something. Any suggestions? My log is also full of errors again - I’ll post it when I get home. Edit: Using UPNP, Traffic Priority set for always, everything is hardwired, WiFi is off, and I’m on the latest firmware
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