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  1. Reupgraded to Duma os CPU keeps going to 100% and speeds are slow. Edit: Same issue, speeds are erratic. So now what?
  2. My speed tests were all completed with zero filtering/QOS. I did not notice any CPU maxing, but I’ll re-check. Edit, I’m at work right now so it’ll have to be this evening here (Eastern USA) Edit 2, not sure if you guys want to remote in to see for yourselves?
  3. I downgraded again, just so we’re on the same page. Back to consistent speeds.
  4. Finally got around to reupgrading..... Back to slow speeds. Did not preserve settings. So now what?
  5. Kids are currently gaming. Will try to squeeze the update in after dinner.
  6. Ok, so after forgetting to clear cache earlier (ugh so many things to remember) I am downgraded to .J Did ten consecutive speed tests so far and here is where we are at:
  7. Soonest I can get to that is tomorrow. Stand by.... 🤣 Thanks for all this.
  8. I tried the sourceforge speed test and it shows the same fluctuations. Ill try a different port, all my cables are brand new and I made them myself, but I suppose I can change them out to test. Edit: But now that I’m thinking.... The port and cable doesn’t make sense. I go modem to duma, from duma to the Apple Extreme (for WiFi). From duma to switch to a few wired devices. From that switch to a smaller switch upstairs. My laptop, the speed tester - is wired to a different port on the duma and I have the fluctuations on every single device. ill do a few speed tests direct to modem too
  9. And here are some wired - just to show exactly what kind of variations I am seeing..... Also tested via xbox and am seeing 339.27 mbps down and 0.16 mbps up
  10. Just got home and it’s currently ok. I will continue to monitor. How do I get to the Speedtest within the duma? I don’t think I’ve ever know about this lol
  11. Random, or - perhaps after about an hour of uptime? Hard to say, since a reboot seems to clear it for a while.
  12. No sir. Doesn't matter if it’s peak or 3am, it still happens. Wifi is locked down, and we have a few phones/iPads on there. No streaming or anything occurring.
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