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  1. Qos is disable too because I got 700 mb/s up and down
  2. UPNP are already enable. We can connect to PS4 party chat. But heard just a half of words. I already try disable DMZ and port forwarding too.
  3. Hello I got issues with my two ps4 at the same network. But at heard my brother who's using the second ps4 on the ps4 vocal chat. I have already tried open port recommends on the PlayStation website and also try use DMZ FYI : the ps4 vocal chat is p2p
  4. Yes it's make sense but when i'm connected with 5GHz or 2.4GHz I'm in the same network ?
  5. No I still have issues with HomeKit when my phone i connect to 5GHz but I got a strong signal (90%) but when I'm connected to 2.4GHz everything works
  6. Yes that’s work perfectly for all and I got 500 mb/s on two side
  7. I just retry to disable Smart Connect and that works perfectly when my phone is connect to 2.4GHz but when I switch my phone 5Ghz everything is bugy.
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