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  1. No I still have issues with HomeKit when my phone i connect to 5GHz but I got a strong signal (90%) but when I'm connected to 2.4GHz everything works
  2. Yes that’s work perfectly for all and I got 500 mb/s on two side
  3. I just retry to disable Smart Connect and that works perfectly when my phone is connect to 2.4GHz but when I switch my phone 5Ghz everything is bugy.
  4. Yes it's the same for beamforming Yes with my provider router that's work perfectly.
  5. I have tried to change DMZ and disable MU-MIMO and HT160 but that changes nothing
  6. I see here : https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeKit/comments/d7szbf/anyone_else_experiencing_homekit_issues_on/f14hdad/ Maybe disable Airtime Fairness but I didn't find this option in settings
  7. Maybe change UPnP interval ?
  8. I have disable IPv6 and I have already UPnP enable. I have already put my PS4 on DMZ
  9. Ok i try it and that not fix the homekit issue
  10. Could I use AP mode without my provider router ?
  11. No I'm always on wifi at home but HomeKit should works even outside the local network
  12. I just look and no i send you my log from DM
  13. I just try and I got the same issue
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