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  1. This just happened on Black Ops 4 on Xbox One.
  2. Yes I block first then exit the game, wait a few seconds then restart search for a game. It will still reconnect me to the same game occasionally.
  3. My base ping is 14ms I have put radius up to 20ms. It only happens with Halo MCC. And is currently happening in Black Ops 4. Whcih btw just had a massive update, which means server placements are scattered again? Also my other question is the blips aren't changing to the deny slash blip to either players or servers. So I'll have instances where I will also reconnect to servers I already denied. ALL of these issues I've mentioned were NEVER a problem on the XR500.
  4. I never use both together. I do either one or the other, and both give me the same result.
  5. Tha same situation occasionally happens to with the geo-filter. Specifically Halo MCC. I'll connect me to an east coast server, when I'm on the west.
  6. On top of this. Im Denying the servers and players that are not in my desired radius. But this doesn't update accordingly on the map. I never had this issue on the XR500. Is there a bug or something outside of the DumaOS in the router settings?
  7. Its as if filtering mode doesnt work even though its on that option.
  8. I was but I downgraded to .08 from .10 because I was experiencing the same issue on the latest one. But the issue persists even on .08
  9. It does not. I did this too. Is it an issue of what I add it under my device manager?
  10. I upgraded from the XR500 to the XR700, I never had an issue with the geo filter on the XR500, but on the XR700 the geo filter doesnt seem to work. I use either the ping filter or radius bubble. Neither really filter the server ping or radius I dont want to connect to. I dont get that triangle logo that restricts me from connecting. I get that rounded dot symbol on both servers and players. I never had this problem with the XR500. I am using filtering NOT spectating, I play online on my Xbox. Please help, thank you.
  11. My ping assist feature doesn't work with this FW. Also how do I go about downgrading FW if need be? Thank you.
  12. Have you tried playing with your QoS anti bufferbloat and see if maybe increasing it might reduce bloating on bot your download and upload? Try DSL REPORTS.
  13. I have the same router as you. You don't appear to have any issues on the modem end. I would just recommend that you have a good splitter or a direct MOCA coupler for your internet, depending on your house setup. In regards to the tinkering on QOS bufferbloat. It does take a lot of tinkering to get it down properly. Sometimes the test will read wrong too. Just clear everything on the browser data then restart the test.
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