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  1. Just wanted to give an update, Gears 5 GEO FILTER isn't working again. Can you guys check on it pls? thank you. It keeps connecting me OUTSIDE of the radius bubble.
  2. Understood, whats the ETA on COD MW then?
  3. Having issues with Gears 5 matchmaking again, It won't connect me to my home server in the west coast, forcefully connects me outside my radius, it happens more often than not, can you check in on it? I have the latest FW update FYI.
  4. So ping assist doesn't work with this game currently, good to know, thank you.
  5. It was working great for me but I think you must've tweaked something cause now I am getting force connected outside of my geo radius again.
  6. Any update on this title being ready on launch? Modern warfare is about to launch, ND Team?
  7. it seems to be working correctly now. Idk why it wouldn't work for a while but now it does, I'll chime in again if this changes, thank you ND team.
  8. No but it attempts to connect me to those servers anyways.
  9. It seems to be working correctly now, I will chime back if things change.
  10. Correct, almost instantly, doesn't even try to connect me on the west coast server.
  11. Also the game just received a title update today so I'm not sure if the settings provided on the geo are still working correctly, please double check ND team, thank you.
  12. I still get connected immediately to east coast/central servers instead of my home west coast server in CA. Is this normal? I RARELY get into my home server, please help.
  13. Same here man. Would it work best on ping assist or geo location by radius?
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