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  1. So I just noticed that a new update came to the XR1000. And auto setup came to the QOS SETTINGS. Fraser just needed a bit of guidance regarding setting up bufferbloat automatically for my connection. I have GIG internet 940 down and 40 upload. I guess the advanced settings confuse me a bit. And whats a good suggestion regarding anti spikes, enable or disable and what about keeping 50% minimum on the down and up speed? Should i tweak anything for a better result in relation to my speeds on the advanced settings? Thank you.
  2. I cant seem to find a clear answer to this, but Fraser, is the duma 0S 3.0 on the XR1000 technically also in beta? or is it close to a stable build since it came baked onto the router upon release? Thank you.
  3. When is DUMA OS 3.0 coming to the XR700? We have waiting way too long.
  4. Is there a way we can test the mobile app? would really love that. Thank you.
  5. Still no new developments for the XR700 DUMA OS 3.0?
  6. still waiting on the XR700 beta, at this point the R2 should've been something to push, since it shows more promise in updating and maintaining frequently under DUMA, than any product done under another major company umbrella. *sigh*
  7. i think it's just another feature reveal, not a open beta or expansion to the other routers. XR700 still alone in the desert.
  8. Thank you for the update. Can we expect an ETA when the firmware will be stable enough for the XR700?
  9. When can we expect the XR700 users have a go at it? I figured since the XR700 owner base is smaller, I would hope that the ones who do can have a go at it, thank you.
  10. Just wanted to give an update, Gears 5 GEO FILTER isn't working again. Can you guys check on it pls? thank you. It keeps connecting me OUTSIDE of the radius bubble.
  11. Understood, whats the ETA on COD MW then?
  12. Having issues with Gears 5 matchmaking again, It won't connect me to my home server in the west coast, forcefully connects me outside my radius, it happens more often than not, can you check in on it? I have the latest FW update FYI.
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