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  1. Except if you're outside of the UK or US....
  2. Ugh beat me to it haha Reset was my next suggestion
  3. Also remove/disable any ad blockers in your browser
  4. Are you on the old R1 firmware or the R1 beta DumaOS firmware? Is your issue that you can't access the GUI for the R1?
  5. Did you try clearing all your cookies and history etc in Chrome or whatever browser you use? Do that and reboot your entire internet browser
  6. Can't someone just fling me a download link for my new router when it comes? (If I've been picked by that time of course)
  7. Thanks for your help, really appreciate the support So annoyed this is happening just as 3.0 is being rolled out
  8. Managed to ring them and get an RMA started. Time to get the old r1 out of the cupboard hehe 😕
  9. I've done all of that, the router reboots all the time still.
  10. @Netduma Fraser Netgear have given me the cold shoulder and said they won't provide any form of support or warranty return. Just because I bought the router brand new from a store through ebay they deem it void of warranty. So now I'm stuck here with a $400 router that reboots itself every day with no way of getting any support in replacing it. To say I'm pissed off would be an understatement
  11. Thanks for keeping the forums respectful my dude! OOOOF I can't wait for 3.0!!!!
  12. Hey mate could you please calm down, we're all in this together my dude! They can't give you all the answers you want because they're not allowed to, and TBH I think @Netduma Alex has been more than helpful to you so far.
  13. Are all the people like myself who applied for the beta before this page was made still there near the top of the list?
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