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  1. GeoFilter in Filtering Mode is still completely unusable in Australia, can't even get passed the Apex Legends splash screen where you choose your data center. I spent hours sending you guys all the mislocated located and incorrectly categorised dedicated Sydney servers via your provided form but nothing's been done with them
  2. Yo DumaFam! Just wondering if there's any remedies to a couple issues I've ran into after bridging my ISP modem router to the XR500 that weren't there before. First issues is that I can now no longer access my ISP modem/router GUI. I actually managed to do it the other night but forgot how I did it lol, had something to do with changing a WAN IP or Gateway IP to my ISP Default Gateway IP on the XR500...******FIXED ISSUE ONE******* Second issue is when I do a connection test on PS4 I get this pop up message now that says "The router in use might not support IP Packet Fragmentation, and some network features of the PS4 might be restricted." Usually that appears when I've adjusted the MTU too low but I haven't changed anything :/ ******FIXED ISSUE TWO, SORT OF***** I don't get the message if I lower the MTU in the XR500 from 1492 to 1491 and below., any ideas why that works? Also getting 100% Packet Loss now...******Image below still occurring. Unable to ping any servers, transmit failed etc******
  3. You will get booted from servers a lot if you have the Geo filter on Filtering Mode because of all the mislocated servers outside of Aus atm. It's almost unusable in Australia atm for Apex Legends unfortunately :/ In the menu screens it'll always connect you to either a US or EU dedicated server, never a Sydney dedicated server. Just set your radius over Aus and NZ, Spectating Mode on, Ping Assist set to about 5ms higher than what you'd normally get connecting to a Sydney server., Strict Mode On. That way it'll connect to all the necessary servers outside of Aus, it's less than ideal but has worked for me so far. Edit: You'll also NEVER see yourself connecting to a Sydney dedicated server in game, ALWAYS a Peer in the either Eastern Australia, Westcoast US or the center of China. But in actual fact though it is the Sydney dedicated server just terribly mislocated somewhere and misclassified as a Peer. Not sure if it's fixable on the Duma dev side or not? :/ @Netduma Fraser
  4. They're all in Sydney but some are misplaced in the US and China, and of them all are wrongly classified as Peers. You're definitely connecting to the dedicated servers in game but they must have some sort sub servers that we connect to when playing and they're wrongly classified as peers on Duma's end. During the menu screen I'm always connected to a dedicated server overseas, must just be how Respawn handle the matchmaking and stat tracking etc. I reckon once more data has been collected from the Duma team they'll manually go through and reclassify/relocate the servers we are connecting to. I have my Geo Filter located over Aus/NZ in Spectating Mode, Strict Mode On and Ping Assist set to 33ms. I noticed one of the dedicated servers is kinda unstable with a ping of 37ms hence the Ping Assist. I find this nets the best results atm as it doesn't block you from connecting to the necessary servers overseas whilst in the menu screen. Judging by your ping to the Sydney servers I'd guess your in either QLD, VIC or NSW? If I were you I'd check every time you join a match to see if you can find what your ping is on the unstable server I spoke about and set your Ping Assist accordingly to block them. I've also blocked them if I join said server.
  5. @Netduma Jack They appear as dedicated servers in Sydney when you first start up the game and all the servers are pinged, BUT when in games they appear as peers. I've been slowly adding them to your mislocated server list via the form. I think I've almost got all the in game servers now because I'm starting to join ones I've already saved. I've got more saved that are mislocated and misclassified but I haven't added them yet, will do it tonight.
  6. I input some servers that were mislocated with that form linked above Just submitted a heap of servers miscategorised as Peers instead of Dedicated. My only thought is that I'm possibly joining the dedicated servers but the dedicated servers are creating new servers as they are needed. I'm assuming that's why the pings are so similar but have different ID's. I'm wondering if they use the same sort of Hybrid dedicated servers that CoD uses. I remember when matchmaking in CoD it would ping all the players in the lobby, then filter everyone through the dedicated server and then applied the necessary lag comp needed for each player to create an even connection. But with Apex something goes wrong and DumaOS thinks I'm connecting to a Peer instead. You would have a much better understanding of how all the networking works so I may be waaaay off here but yeah. Actually contemplating studying something along the lines of networking and telecommunications, not sure why it interests me but it does hahaha.
  7. Yo @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Alex Is there a form for mislabeled servers or can I use this one? All the servers I join are labeled as Peers as apposed to the correctly labeled dedicated servers I see In Sydney when I boot up the game. Here's a list of the dedicated servers I've seen by booting up the game numerous times, not once have I ever joined one of these in a game.
  8. It can be when the game puts you in a mislocated server and the router is like no no no, outside of your radius. Plus it'd be really nice to know whether or not I'm on a dedicated or a P2P server. It says peer but I can't trust it atm.
  9. Yeah they're in Aus with my usual 30ms ping but appear as a Peer in DumaOS, not dedicated. I do get the occasional server that is misplaced on the West coast of America or in China somewhere, but are still 30ms Aussie servers. It's a fun game aye haha. They took all the good parts of previous BR games and added some quality of life features that others don't have.
  10. @Netduma Alex Hmm so I've done what you said to do, also with filtering and strict mode on. I can find games but sometimes I still get the server timed out when rejoing the main menu after a game. When connected to the Sydney Dedicated servers they still appear as peers whilst in game. It's also strange that they handle our matchmaking on overseas dedicated servers as opposed to here in Aus. We wouldn't have the timing out issue if we joined a dedicated server in Aus whilst in the main menus and MM. I really do appreciate your efforts though dude, no other router company would do the same
  11. Sweeeeeet! It's 2am here but I'll test it out now haha Also, do I enable Filtering and Strict mode too?
  12. Yeah if you have time to test it sometime, thanks. Also If I set my geo radius over just Australia I get kicked from the servers everytime after a game because it tries to put me on a dedicated server overseas whilst in the menus.
  13. Yeah I can see them and choose them too but DumaOS never shows me connected to a dedicated server in Sydney when in the main menu or in game :/ The only time there's any indication of the Sydney server is when the game's first launched and they appear in the GeoFilter. In the main menu I always get connect to a high ping server in the US or UK and then when I search for a game it shows me playing on a P2P server in Australia and sometimes overseas. I started up the game numerous times and pinged all the Aussie dedicated servers until I had 4 of them saved. Not once have I ever seen them whilst matchmaking or in game once I've passed this initial launch screen. In games like COD it always shows me when I'm currently on the dedicated server in Sydney whilst in game and matchmaking etc.
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