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  1. Whatever it is, it's 100% located here in Adelaide. I used the get games on the Adelaide server in BO3 but I haven't seen it in recent CoDs. Playing on 8ms ping was godly
  2. Nah no luck with finding a lobby on them, tried forcing it to join there but it kept wanting me to join the Sydney dedi. Really hope it is a placeholder server for full release
  3. Couple more here. They don't show up every time upon booting up MW though which is weird. Bout 9/10 times one of these servers will show themselves when booting up MW
  4. I've actually found 4 now in the exact same spot with the same ping whilst booting up MW Beta.
  5. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Alex Yeah It's definitely no one I play with and it only appears when I boot up cod. There used to be an Adelaide server for older cods like blops 2 and 3 but I haven't seen it for a while now. I tried forcing my game to join it but to no avail. Really hopeful that it's an Adelaide server for cod but I kinda doubt it, like I said I haven't seen an Adelaide server in cod for a while now. I tried looking it up too, but I couldn't find anything either. If anyone on the team gets a chance during the beta could they test it on PS4 too. Would really like to know if it appears for other people too upon loading into MW Beta.
  6. Yo DumaFam! Just wondering what this server is when I start up Modern Warfare, you know when it's pinging all the current servers. It's 8ms which makes me wonder if it's somewhere local to me? I know for a fact on Speedtest my ping to an Adelaide server is 8ms. Is it maybe a server that my internet connection runs through? I've never seen it before until I started playing the beta. Cheers!
  7. All Aussie servers are still either mislocated, wrongfully classified as peer or both. Filtering Mode is still unusable too as you can't even get past the splash screen. I know Australia is a very small portion of your consumer base but I was really hoping it would've been fixed after 7 months 😕 I really hope it'll be a different story for Modern Warfare 😕
  8. I can't use filtering mode in Australia yet, doesn't even make it past the server selection screen :/
  9. I've found playing on the Singapore servers to be smoother than the Aussie ones, go figure haha
  10. GeoFilter in Filtering Mode is still completely unusable in Australia, can't even get passed the Apex Legends splash screen where you choose your data center. I spent hours sending you guys all the mislocated located and incorrectly categorised dedicated Sydney servers via your provided form but nothing's been done with them
  11. Yo DumaFam! Just wondering if there's any remedies to a couple issues I've ran into after bridging my ISP modem router to the XR500 that weren't there before. First issues is that I can now no longer access my ISP modem/router GUI. I actually managed to do it the other night but forgot how I did it lol, had something to do with changing a WAN IP or Gateway IP to my ISP Default Gateway IP on the XR500...******FIXED ISSUE ONE******* Second issue is when I do a connection test on PS4 I get this pop up message now that says "The router in use might not support IP Packet Fragmentation, and some network features of the PS4 might be restricted." Usually that appears when I've adjusted the MTU too low but I haven't changed anything :/ ******FIXED ISSUE TWO, SORT OF***** I don't get the message if I lower the MTU in the XR500 from 1492 to 1491 and below., any ideas why that works? Also getting 100% Packet Loss now...******Image below still occurring. Unable to ping any servers, transmit failed etc******
  12. You will get booted from servers a lot if you have the Geo filter on Filtering Mode because of all the mislocated servers outside of Aus atm. It's almost unusable in Australia atm for Apex Legends unfortunately :/ In the menu screens it'll always connect you to either a US or EU dedicated server, never a Sydney dedicated server. Just set your radius over Aus and NZ, Spectating Mode on, Ping Assist set to about 5ms higher than what you'd normally get connecting to a Sydney server., Strict Mode On. That way it'll connect to all the necessary servers outside of Aus, it's less than ideal but has worked for me so far. Edit: You'll also NEVER see yourself connecting to a Sydney dedicated server in game, ALWAYS a Peer in the either Eastern Australia, Westcoast US or the center of China. But in actual fact though it is the Sydney dedicated server just terribly mislocated somewhere and misclassified as a Peer. Not sure if it's fixable on the Duma dev side or not? :/ @Netduma Fraser
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