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  1. What's your issue regarding upnp not working with pppoe?
  2. Yeah that's pretty much what I thought, just wanted comfirmation thanks! Hope everyone is staying safe within the Duma team.
  3. I've noticed that my XR500 is possibly affecting the signal for my G Pro Wireless mouse, to the point where I've had to plug in my mouse somewhere away from the router. I've noticed an improvement since doing so, just wondering if it's a possibility and whether or not there's a fix other than what I've done?
  4. I read that IPV6 isn't supported properly in DumaOS yet either? If your device uses IPV6 none of the bufferbloat features work....
  5. Lol I don't understand why people are getting so angry about the time it's taking to release 3.0. I swear people take for granted just how much the Netduma guys communicate with their consumers about problems and feedback. Looking forward to the possibility of testing it out in beta, should be great!
  6. Please add me to said list dude! Long time user here, can test on both xr500 and R1
  7. SwiftCookie


  8. I second this as I do the exact same thing. Only problem for me is that there are constantly Sydney servers appearing on the West Coast of America which messes with my Geo Filter a bit 😕
  9. I blame the gun mount mechanic tbh, it encourages people to camp imo.
  10. Ugh that doesn't fill me with confidence haha. I had a rough time during the beta 😕 I honestly didn't think It could get any worse than the beta lol I'm not surprised, I was getting some US servers during the beta and I'm in AUS haha Is there anything I can do to help with cloud updates in regards to Aussie connections? I've just bought the game on PS4 so I'm planning on doing some testing this week I heard they did some changes to the netcode between the beta and release.
  11. Everyone give me your genuine input as to whether or not the connections in MW are better or worse compared to the beta's. If it is still shithouse does anyone know on a technical level whether or not it could be fixed in the future with patches either client or server side?
  12. Watch Battle(non)sense's video on his findings for the MW servers. Even PUBG had better server connections than MW and that's saying something lol
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