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Found 12 results

  1. Netgear Nighthawk XR500 I am very frustrated with having two xbox one's at the house and either one getting strict and one getting open or both moderate (or it seems sometimes a complete mix of all of them). When playing any Call of Duty game (two on MW or one MW and the other BlOps 4), there is always an issue. Right now with Modern Warfare the port needing to be used is 3075. This is for both Xbox's. However, because both cannot go to the specified port this is where the problem plagues me and our gaming house. I always find one of the Xbox has an external ip of <XBOX_1 Internal Xbox IP>:1024 and Internal IP of <XBOX_2 Internal Xbox IP>:3075 ** Please note I've only seen it use 1024, but its possible it could use others. ** The next step, I set both xbox to have static IPs based on the MAC address. Even though UPNP is on for my router this didn't allow the right ports to be allocated and the reason for this is a breakdown in communication from the COD servers and the router. My router was assigning a port like 3384, which was not being picked up by the game itself for the 2nd xbox. This isnt 100% an issue with the game, but seems to be some breakdown in communication? *** I need the ability or steps on how to tell this router to assign the IP the specific External Port to change to the specific internal port. So I would have it set up as follows in the router somewhere: - Add a port forwarding rule for external port 3075 to <XBOX_1 internal IP> 3075 In game would reflect external IP:3075, internal IP:3075 - Add a port forwarding rule for external port 1024 to forward to <XBOX_2 Internal IP> 3075 In game would reflect external IP:1024, internal IP:3075 Any time I try to add the same port onto a different IP I get a stupid error, this port is already being used by another What I need help with is basically doing a manual task which UPNP should be able to do. I do not know how to get this to work inside the router. Can someone explain to me? Please help.
  2. So I've been through all the previous forum threads looking for solutions. I went through the optimal settings guide and did everything it said step by step and I still seem to have a double NAT type (moderate) on my xbox one X. I have my BT home hub 2 ( or smart hub 2 can't remember which but it's the newest one) with wifi still on ( the only device connected to it is a wifi repeater disc that's wired to my smart TV and rarely used for internet anyway) then an ethernet from port 1 of the homehub to port 1 of the NetDuma. From there I have my xbox hard wired in as well as my powerline extender, my playstation (not used) and my brothers PC. Most devices on wifi are connected through powerline adapters that come from the NetDuma. I can't seem to solve the double NAT type issue, also my connection seems to be really unstable on the NetDuma whether connected direct to router or powerline extenders. I have QOS set up with an anti-bufferbloat of 70% and the per device bandwidth set up with it set to not share excess, yet I'm still having issues. I have around 40 down and 10 up and my network monitor on the NetDuma never really shows about 15 mbps usage even at peak usage yet I'm still having issues as is my borther when gaming.
  3. Hi, I switched my internet proovider like 2 months ago because I moved to another house and the only proovider who can give me fiber was this one I'm right now. Since I moved I always played on pc and don't check the nat never but now I plugged in my xbox one s and ps4 pro and they both have nat type moderate while playing games. I asked to my proovider if they can gave me the password for entering in to the router but they said is private information and don't have access, (never happened before because with others prooviders I always had the access) so I'm using upnp forwarding but don't seems to help. What can I do? Thanks in advanced.
  4. Hello guys I've been trying to get rid of this blue closed nat window in device manager tab but I seriously can't find out how. I saw some youtube/netduma guides but nothing works 😕. I'm not using netduma for any consoles only pc's-phones. I tried different things on my isp's modem/router but no results. My isp modem/router is speedport entry 2i. From what I heard there's no "modem only" option. These are the options I get in the DMZ and Port Forwarding tabs. Any help appreciated.
  5. Salut salut les gars aidez moi svp je vais serrer mdr quand je fais un test de nat je tombe sur l'adresse ip teredo et il me demande d'inclure les ports dans mon routeur patati patata mais j'arrive pas a resoudre le problemes merci de m'aider..
  6. Hi guys! I just recently purchased a netduma router, and i have been having issues with my nat. I have followed all the steps suggested by Netduma Jack here in this post: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/21570-unavailable-nat-type-xbox-one/?hl=nat+issues&do=findComment&comment=153946 Unfortunately it hasn't worked. I figured maybe since my ISP modem is a router/modem combo it might be a double NAT issue. However, when i go to put my DPC3941T modem from Xfinity in bridge mode to fix this issue my network won't work at all wired or wireless. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi Guys, So, with Destiny 2 dropping soon, i'll be back on Xbox One. I know full well I'll have the Strict/Moderate NAT type I've always had on their since the Duma. I must be doing something wrong, I have forwarded all the ports, I play Xbox without UPNP enabled yet I still get the strict/Moderate NAT. I've attached a couple of images with my settings. Can any of you shed any light on how to get Open NAT with both Xbox one and PS4 (The PS4's NAT is Open already)
  8. Every time I boot up my Xbox One, it tells me that NAT=Moderate. But as soon as a reboot the Xbox One, it tells me that NAT=Open. I would prefer that it be NAT=Open all the time without the constant forced reboot. My set up is kind of complicated. Cable Modem (NTD) for internet. Modem/router (in router mode) from NTD. I reserve an IP address in the DHCP table for the R1. This IP address is in the DMZ of the modem/router. desktop 8 port switch to the modem/router. Simple switch, no config. R1 from the switch. R1 has UPnP enabled. Downstream UPnP is unticked (disabled). Xbox One from the R1. Xbox One is set to Automatic IP and Automatic DNS. Everything is via cable (CAT5) I've tried reserving Xbox One's IP in the R1, but this gave me NAT=Unavailable and caused errors playing games. I'd like to know why the Xbox One gives me NAT=Moderate upon bootup, but a subsequent reboot makes NAT=Open and how to fix it. Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone and thanks for any help i can get on this problem. I have a PS4 with Type 2 NAT in network settings and open NAT in Infinite Warfare. My buddy that i could always connect to before I installed my Netduma is also type 2, open NAT in IW. We can't connect with each other unless we join another friend that is party leader of the lobby or if one of us is playing in a match that the other one joins after the fact. We have joined each other a few times after both of us finish a separate match then quickly join the others pre lobby party. I have other friends that i have no problem connecting to, even one that is moderate NAT. I have tried just using UPNP with it enabled under misc settings and I have tried manual port forwarding with UPNP off with it disabled under misc settings. I have also tried connecting to him with the Geo filter disabled with both UPNP and port forwarding. I have the following ports forwarded TCP 80,443,1935,3074,3478-3480 : UDP 3074,3478-3480,9307-9308. I can't figure out why I can connect to a friend that is moderate but not to one that is open. Also when we join a party chat it says I can't use party chat due to the parties having a incompatable NAT type. I have also put him in allow list and that has not helped. Any ideas??
  10. Just using UPnP now shows open NAT in game on IW PS4 for port 3074. If you used to just use UPnP and switched to port forwarding you can now return to UPnP.
  11. when i connect to the mwr servers my nat type is strict, but i have no idea why. its really annoying as i find very laggy games. please help
  12. Like several others, when I lauched the game earlier today I found that BO3 indicated the NAT as initially showing Moderated. I terminated the game and re-started it hoping that would fix the problem, but instead it now changed the NAT type to "Strict". In order for the game to show NAT as open, I ended up having to restart the PS4 and also the R1. Following that, all is well and NAT now shows as Open. Also - a wierd quirk about this game (until they resolve it) is that when you try to play multiplayer, if you happen to hit "X" to continue immediately following the opening intro thing, it'll fail and you'll not be able to play online. The way around this is to be patient and wait until the top right of the screen changes from 33.0.0 whatever to (or something equivalent) and THEN hit "x" to continue. Once you do this, online gameplay works fine [ Reposting into this new thread per recommendation from one of the moderators. Posted here earlier. Perhaps this thread can be made sticky ]
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