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Found 17 results

  1. Using the Pharo that gun is a beast. my go to gun now.
  2. when the connections nice, this has to be one of the best COD's released imo.. Enjoy
  3. XMC Game Play on Nuketown this gun is OP as hell
  4. The gun is a melting machine it just drops them so quick.
  5. Don't think it get's any better than this
  6. So I joined a game half way prior to this and these guys thought they were good. Stayed in the lobby once the game ended and this is what happened
  7. Got this weapon out the triple play and by god is this gun amazing recoil takes some getting use to but when you got it just right it just melts.
  8. Hi DumaArmy, Had a few decent games yesterday, here's one of them
  9. Below you will find two different videos of me playing BO3 FFA. The videos were recorded 1 day apart from each other using the same equipment. You'll see in one that I win easily. The other, you'll see me get destroyed by a shitty connection/server. Though in this case I believe the server was fine and my internet connection was flaking. No one in the lobby had a poor connection according to the in-game latency bars. Everyone showed as a 4 bar. But there was one person who was skipping all over the place. This is what I struggle with on a daily basis. This can happen even between matches. First match, I win. Second match I get destroyed. I can run Ping Plotter all day long and not see anything that would indicate this poor of a connection. In the videos you will clearly see that the in-game Ping meter is showing exactly what I'm feeling and seeing. Which is why I believe the in-game ping meter and always have. Now that meter may add the processing time into its calculations but it's still accurate and directly corresponds to what I'm seeing and feeling. Rant over... Enjoy your day peeps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghq-T9PF5Bc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlhqDs-Mt60
  10. Anyone have a list of the UK server IP's? Thanks in advance
  11. Hello all, So pretty much Black ops 3 has been going great for me in general. I live in the USA, 2.6 kd, 2.8 win loss, and the hit detection has overall been great. Ping is not an issue for me, some games it ranged from 17-33, others it says at 32ish. I always green bar, not once have I ever yellow barred. It's just that this past week the hit detection has been a bit iffy, some bullets aren't registering. My geofilter is my home location with about 800 km range so it's pretty small. My ping assist is at 30ms. Im pretty sure my settings are fine because the hit detection has been on point except this week. Was just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same problems with bo3 this past week or if it's just me or my connection. I tried cod ultimate profile too but that just made it worse. suggestions?
  12. Hit Detection is incredible on this game love it every time.
  13. Haven't posted a video in a while... here's some recent gameplay of me using the FFAR in BO3 on PS4Pro. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j5JPVanQew
  14. Like several others, when I lauched the game earlier today I found that BO3 indicated the NAT as initially showing Moderated. I terminated the game and re-started it hoping that would fix the problem, but instead it now changed the NAT type to "Strict". In order for the game to show NAT as open, I ended up having to restart the PS4 and also the R1. Following that, all is well and NAT now shows as Open. Also - a wierd quirk about this game (until they resolve it) is that when you try to play multiplayer, if you happen to hit "X" to continue immediately following the opening intro thing, it'll fail and you'll not be able to play online. The way around this is to be patient and wait until the top right of the screen changes from 33.0.0 whatever to (or something equivalent) and THEN hit "x" to continue. Once you do this, online gameplay works fine [ Reposting into this new thread per recommendation from one of the moderators. Posted here earlier. Perhaps this thread can be made sticky ]
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