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  1. For me everything went to crap after the last game update. Not the one we just got today or yesterday but some previous update completely ruined my experience and I hadn’t changed a single setting. I’m spending more time tweaking to get it playable, then I am playing the actual game. Sucks.
  2. Interesting and simple. I’ll give it a go. What do I have to lose? Lol. Since you’re not using a netduma router do you just play on whatever servers you’re connected to, or does the router you do use have some sort of geo filter or equivalent to filter the servers you play on?
  3. My hit detection was absolutely brilliant when I first did port prio. It’s fallen off so steeply I’ve put the game down for now. I have no idea what happened as I didn’t change any settings. I’ve ran the full gamut of tweaking my settings and nothing has got my hit detection back the way it was. Fun while it lasted I guess....
  4. Placing my pc in dmz does absolutely nothing for my hit detection nor does it help the lag compensation issues.
  5. Interesting. Will try and report back. I’m very pleased with my settings atm but will always shoot for better lol.
  6. Excellent info! Will try and report back. You rock!
  7. VERY interesting. There’s been several matches where I started off unstoppable and went on say an 8 or 9 kill streak and then...BAM, all of a sudden I can’t kill anyone and get insta melted. Like I all of a sudden forgot how to aim. I always chalked it up to ppl rage quitting and it making me host mid match. Hmmm 🤔
  8. For me after an update I always have to find the sweet spot on anti bufferbloat, sometimes never works best, other times always does. I also have to adjust the amount of speed both up and down. Share excess both checked sometimes is best then other times neither checked is better or only share excess ticked does the trick. It’s a shame to have to do all this in order to enjoy the game. My hit detection seems consistent, the bigger hurdle for me is getting on the right side of lag compensation. Even with great hit detection I’m usually a half second behind. The killcam proves it. I’ve tried servers far from home, close to home, I’ve tried the magic “between 40-60ms ping servers”, to no avail. Sometimes throttling my speed to absurdly low helps, but normally only for a game or two.
  9. It seems to happen after an update to the game for whatever reason. When it happens I go back to the drawing board, meaning I try all the suggested tips from these posts to dial in what works again. It’s maddening but for me necessary. All I can suggest is tweak the settings until you find it playable again.
  10. If I’m correct, those are ports you’d want to open for an open nat. The important ports to prioritize are the ports being used while you’re actually playing. The game will use three every time, one of which changes every match. Kinel, ghost, and blackfirehawk, and others, have done tireless work narrowing down these ports. That’s where the 30000-45000 range comes from. They used wireshark to capture these while in game. Some set up the rules individually, some in one large range. There may be ports we are unaware of. That’s the mystery. It seems to me after updates to the game I’ve got to go back to the drawing board as far as my settings go. Right now I’m trying to get on the right side of lag comp and I’ll be content lol. I’m also on pc and use the rules kinel posted the other day in response to my post. My hit detection I’d say is on point, but being a half second behind is leading to some very frustrating deaths and rage quits.
  11. Thank you for the follow up. That’s great to know as I thought something was wrong on my end. Keep up the great work. I’ve truly never had such great customer service. Inquiries are always thoroughly answered and in a timely manner. Much appreciated.
  12. Just wanted to update the post by saying those settings helped overall. Thanks again. I guess my bigger issue is lag comp. I’m almost always a half second behind, and in a game where you die in milliseconds, it’s a major disadvantage. I’ve tried pc in dmz, pc not in dmz, WiFi 2.4 and 5ghz, congestion control on always from almost no bandwidth all the way up to full speed in small increments, congestion control on never also from almost no bandwidth to full speeds, share excess on, share excess off, upnp on, upnp off, only share upload ticked, close servers, far servers, in between servers, cross play enabled, cross play disabled. I’ve pretty much exhausted all options. Like everyone I’m just searching for a consistent, fair experience. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  13. No problem. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I’ve read all your posts from all the threads. You’ve put in an insane amount of time testing and tweaking and I and the whole community appreciate it.
  14. My ping heat map is only showing two servers available for black ops Cold War and none for black ops 4 in the United States, yet shows all the usual servers for modern warfare and warzone. Any idea why this is happening? Makes it hard to pinpoint the servers I’d like to play on. Geo filter still shows all the servers when booting up the game and while playing. I’ve force updated the cloud several times, Rebooted, etc. I’m not sure what else to try.
  15. First of all merry Christmas to everyone. So I tried these rules with my r2 on Cold War and it has helped my hit registration tremendously. Only thing is since setting up my rules, I’ve only been connecting to an dedicated server overseas. I’m in the us, despite having my geofilter set to 719 miles around where I live. I’m playing on pc. These are my rules. Thoughts as to why? Perhaps my rules are incorrect. Maybe I should only use 3074-3074 and not 3074-3478 Soooooo, it helps if you put the rules in the right place lol. I was using traffic controller and not traffic prio. I’ve put the values in according to this guide but am using 30000-60000 as someone mention they thought pc used 50000-60000. Does anyone know for sure what to be using for pc? I’m also using 3074-3076
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