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  1. Fraser, thank you for the dhcp tip. I’m going to try that as I also am having an issue with dropped connection. 🤞🏽
  2. 🤞🏽 I sure hope so because out of the blue my r2 has started randomly dropping connection entirely. WiFi, Ethernet, everything. 😔
  3. Who said anything about pc? I didn’t
  4. That’s essentially all ports. That’s why it was stated to just place your console in the dmz.
  5. I’ve had zero problems with the router. Everything is pretty much self explanatory. There’s tons of tutorials and videos for every feature. What are you wanting the router to do that it’s not doing then? I only said what I said because you mention warzone specifically. I play warzone and Cold War and have zero issues aside from the usual cod bs that has NOTHING to do with my r2...
  6. A miracle like the r2 is going to make them better at call of duty. There’s a TON of info on this thread that covers every possible setting you could imagine, none of which will make you a better player or make your connection godlike. What it can do and what all us cod players want is a somewhat fair and consistent connection. It allows me to pick what servers I’d prefer to play on, which is a huge advantage itself, but I don’t even use geo filter anymore. One of the other contributors doesn’t even own a netduma router, but has offered connection insight that has been invaluable. I just think some ppl need to have more realistic expectations. Warzone is a mess in general right now between the Cold War integration and the increasingly lower and lower ttk with each weapon release. Add cheaters to the mix and you’ve got a frustrating mess.
  7. I swear ppl but these routers expecting miracles....
  8. Call of duty for sure because of the lag compensation system in place, which punishes those with a superior connection.
  9. I use the same settings for CW, MW, and WZ. Honestly right now the Warzone meta and ttk have it in a bad place. That and the cheaters seem to trump my connection. I’m not saying CW and MW are perfect, I still run into a player per lobby that’s unable to be killed, but overall my connection and hit reg are the most consistent when I simply throttle my speeds. I’m personally not using traffic prio of any sort and I no longer use geo filter because 9/10 times I’m thrown into a lobby between 30-60ms which play about the same for me, which is nice because I find matches quickly and don’t have to deal with it blocking servers. Even the over seas servers aren’t terrible, with the occasional exception, in which case I just block a bad one if I come across it.
  10. Me too. As I said before. I use no special settings. I no longer even use geo filter.
  11. Just for reference the ping heat map shows my ping to those servers at about 40-44ms. Which in game translates to about 50-60ms.
  12. Listen to him. Pls read what I said about lag comp. I’m telling you I use no special settings and don’t even use geo filter any longer. It almost always puts me in lobbies between 30-60 ms and that’s perfect for my connection. The number one thing you needs to do IMO is get on the right side of lag comp. I feel like I’m the one at an advantage now, and I’m not using traffic prio at all....
  13. Did you take the time to read through the thread? Traffic prio isn’t the end all, be all. For a lot of us it’s actually making things worse these days. If you’re experiencing “shoot first, die first” then maybe you’re on the wrong side of lag comp, which traffic prio will not fix...
  14. It only stays constantly lit if you’re prioritizing the game servers (30,000-45,000). 3074 etc is for Xbox live. You should notice it light up when first launching the game when it’s contacting the servers maybe even between matches if I remember correctly, but it will not stay lit long. Mine didn’t. Removed the rule because I noticed little difference.
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