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  1. @dizzeespellz I know this is old but the only way I got it to work for this game was putting the radius to it’s minimum in the middle of the ocean and set the ping assist to 85~90ms. I think the game becomes unplayable above 110-120ms. I still get matched up with Asians once in a while but it’s way far less. Also, sometimes, the person I just get matched up shows literally right next to me on the map but the ping says otherwise(+220ms ping) So I know that’s not accurate. I do not know if that’s a Netduma issue or not but it’s pretty annoying😕 Hope they’ll keep improving... Can’t wait for PES 2020 btw🙂 K
  2. Thanks. Do you think it’s still better if I set it up like this instead? http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist K
  3. No fast search. This is how it’s set up. As I said it usually works but last time it matched me with a person from Indonesia with a ping of 184ms...
  4. Any recommendations for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 regarding settings? Ping assist seems to be working well in general but once in a while it goes over the set limit. Is that normal? K
  5. New update is out finally. Haven’t tested yet but crossing fingers that issues have been sorted out😬
  6. I’ve been in the same boat for a while now. Promises for a fix but nothing yet so far. Haven’t had any connection drop for 22 days ago with the original firmware. With newer firmware connection, doesn’t even stay up for longer than 1 minute. It’s been months and still no new firmware. No urgency to put something out fast to fix this issue for all of us whatsoever by Netgear. It’s really a disgrace and a shame for such a big company! My next purchase won’t be Netgear for sure especially if NetDuma partners with another router maker.
  7. Great to hear. Posted something about it on their forum to get some information as well. Thanks.
  8. Any updates on the firmware?? I have to return this router before the return period runs out if they are not going to fix it. You’d think they would put out a fix as quick as possible especially now that people have found what’s causing the issue. In its current state this router is not working as it’s being advertised.
  9. Yeah, waiting for the new firmware with a fix. Hope it’s soon!
  10. I downgraded to the original firmware. No WAN disconnection but lost Ping assist etc which I was using all the time😕
  11. Not sure how to do that unfortunately. Maybe somebody else can chime in?
  12. Are you talking about Address reservation under LAN Setup? If so I’ve done that.
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