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  1. I set src and dest ports 1-65535 for only UDP. That's all. For me difference is like day and night. You can test it for default or gaming/voice profiles
  2. I am testing amount of ports you mentioned (1-65535) for UDP and I have to say it's a big difference. For now hitreg is real. I wonder if hit detection can be even better with R2 as primary router with working PPOE VLAN.
  3. For instance my ping in bf4 is 29-30 same as for Geo-Filter and I haven't noticed any spikes so as on dsl reports test (bufferbloat with 1-2 ms spike). Yes, I've experimetned with "Apply to Wan" and "Gaming/Voice" options but for me it wasn't make any difference in game.
  4. Hello everyone! Want to ask you guys why my hitreg in some games (cod waw, BF4) is so inconsistent. I can send few bullets to other player to instant melt him in first game and same time lost whole mag on same guy while playing other map. My setup is ISP router and R2 which is connected straight to my PC. R2 WAN IP is in DMZ. First ISP router is closed to any connections so it does not steal any bandwitch. I also turned off firewall and upnp on this device to avoid double nat Working on latest firmware 3.0.205 I 've tested few solutions like console games option in traffic prioritization and allowing TCP with UDP to realize that using only UDP ports 1024-65535 working better than other solutions. My netduma settings. received_517614462561323.webp received_336013674471974.webp received_2985359385071638.webp
  5. For now I have 2 routers (ISP and R2) and of course ONT. Because VLAN on R2 is now not available I put Netduma behind ISP router and it works (LAN to WAN). Using two subnets 1.1 and 2.1. Netduma is connected to my PC. Tested both devices and R2 gets lower Up/Down speeds than standalone second one. Is this bootleneck (QOS, CC disabled, put 1000 up and down)?
  6. Is there any news when will vlan id tagging be available? Next update? Can't complete configuring my R2.
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