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  1. Modem only pingplotter - clip 3 - after +20mins continuous - absolutely the same - no unraveling at all - ping on par - all tests done to google.com MOV_0054[1].mp4
  2. Modem only pingplotter - clip 2 - after +10mins - no unravelling of the graph as was seen around this time with xr500 (with qos / bufferbloat) - ping remained in its ball park MOV_0053[1].mp4
  3. Modem only pingplotter test - clip 1 taken at the start of the test - ping practically the same - initial lag spikes which are higher than what is seen through the xr500 which is to be expected for me. MOV_0052[1].mp4
  4. @Netduma Joseph once sorted can you hit up this thread, TIA.
  5. This is after +-10mins .......no changes made to anything on the Qos / BB control side of things.......ping remain the same with no extreme spikes as seen on the plotter graph. MOV_0051[1].mp4
  6. This is the linear graph with sliders at 70/85......did not do any aggressive BB control as the plotter is relatively stable for my connection, i have had it better than this before with a more aggressive BB control with lower slider settings......my ping to google.com is around 40-55ms on average. MOV_0048[1].mp4
  7. I would be inclined to agree at first if i didnt see the change in my ingame experience when the fluctuation occurs. I've taken screenshots before but struggled to upload it. Will reduce the megapixel quality and post some when i get home later. One thing i like about this experience though is that when the plotter graph is linear i can clearly see an enhanced gaming experience...... its like i'll be shooting super bullets for that period of time. So getting it to remain linear is defnitely worth cracking my skull.
  8. I forgot to mention that it almost kinda feels like the Qos/AntiBufferbloat is de-activating...... i have had mine set to 'Always' and to 'When High Priority is detected' The same thing happens tho.....sliders have been played with in different variants to try and keep it linear for as long as possible but nada..... at present i have left it at 70/85 as that has given me the best experience.
  9. Looking for some clarity on this one........ i noticed that when running pingplotter for a while that my graph would start out stable and flat (no spikes) but after around say +10mins the graph would sort of unravel and no longer reflect as flat and linear as it intially was. I normally run it to google but i have used twitter and or even game servers and the same results would occur. When this happens i can immediately see a difference in my gameplay experience..... the ingame ping wont spike but the pingplotter graph would reflect instability. Trying to keep it flat all the time as i legit have the 'superman' effect when going into gunfights with it flat and 'stable'. Any ideas what could be the cause of this?
  10. Thats odd, when the geofilter worked/works...... i played Apex Legends on the dedicated servers in UK (London to be exact) my best ping was 175ms but on average it used to always be 220ms and i never struggled to get lobbies and the gameplay was good. So you not being able 'force servers' this side is very unusual. Nonetheless, i hope this can get resolved as soon as possible for everyone.
  11. I've given you the server id's, I've given you my location, I've given you the game, console and device i'm experiencing the issue on, I've posted pics on previous threads of the high ping server/s, I've even posted a link to my competitive league play gameplay when i played on the intended allowed server/s which had no connectivity issues at all. I cannot afterall the back and forth now still make a video illustrating everything i and everyone else has said. Do what you guys have to do with what was requested from me and others to provide and then provided to you, i am not going to go to any further lengths to repeat what is known. At this rate i'm just going to keep having to repeat myself everyday about the same thing as you are spending more time asking me the same questions over and over and over again, focus that energy on getting this fixed my guy. You are making it seem now like i dont know what i'm talking about or doing when using the router or its software. This gameplay is on an allowed server, you figure it out!!!
  12. 1. No changes to any settings, logically i should continue to connect to it yes, but i cannot, like right now this very moment, i cannot for the life of me connect to any of the allowed servers within my radius, the server being full would be valid if i did not connect to it when then opening the radius, restarting the game and trying to play blackout as an alternative and then connect to the exact server which i had intended to with the radius reduced. Your next suggestion would be for me to leave the radius opened up abit more but i cannot do this, as when i complete one game and try to play another in either blackout or multiplayer, i would only be connected to the server/s i have denied. Using spectating mode would connect me to the desired server randomly, sometimes on first attempt or not at all and if not, i would just end up on the denied server/s. 2. Hopefully the return with positive feedback which is replied to on this thread. 3. Same as 2. above.
  13. 1. No, the servers cannot be offline one minute and then immediately upon restarting the game once or after a few attempts then its miraculously back online again or i am on actually playing on the server, then the game ends and the very next lobby the server cannot be connected to. 2. I have set Ping Assist as high as 200ms and still could connect any servers, anything higher than 90ms in this game is unplayable and defeats the purpose of buying this router. 3. Denied server/s are connected to exactly as they have been blocked (same id's).
  14. @Netduma Admin Your understanding is correct, My location again is South Africa (ZA). I have not been able to consistently connect or at times connect at all to lobbies/servers i have added to my allowed list, even when clearly restricting my location/radius to exactly where these servers are located on the geofilter. Neither the Geofilter radius nor the Ping Assist features are working as intended either within my exact location or when moving my location to another continent and limiting my radius to where the servers i want to connect to are located (i tested this for both BO4 and Apex Legends). Servers i have added to my Denied list countless times are still being connected to with a 400-500ms ping, and i would be the only person pinging that high to that server/s even though the server location is in ZA and my teammates are all pinging between 30-60ms to it (i have submitted this server id/s several times without any action being taken or feedback given regarding it) - see the submissions form for ZA area and you'll be able to identify it as i am the only active member from this region reporting on the issues faced in ZA using DumaOS/XR500. I will create individual threads for any other issue, for now i just want to be able to turn on my console and play the game without any connectivity to white-listed server/s issues.
  15. I was one of a few users that actually had no connectivity issues from the time BO4 launched....... however, after cloud updates and game updates...... my connectivity issues also started to surface....... i dont know how many more posts must be made or info submitted for the necessary attention to be given to the problem, i was made to believe through other posts previously on the forum for the same or similar issue/s that fixing clearly identified server/s locations and or whatever issue there is related to these server/s would be an easy fix as it is software related and Netduma handles that side of the equation. All that was required were the server id's, its location and a breakdown of the issues being experienced.......... now its turning into a mission impossible to get a straight answer let alone getting the issue/s resolved. I dont enjoy bad service or being purposefully mis-informed, straight talk is the only real talk i can relate to....... if the problem cant be fixed just say it as it is..... dont sugar coat nothing as i am going to hold you to it. After all, no one negotiated or came out with angles when buying these DumaOs supported routers........ i have said it to Lain on twitter before that i bought into DumaOs as i saw well supported user forum and its the clear communication and lack of issues (at the time) with end users and appreciated the approach...... whats happening now is definitely not what i or any other user anticipated would happen.
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