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  1. Been a busy week at the office, had little time to game but when i did jump on, everything still felt as good as when i last played. Using ping assist at 50ms instead of geofilter in this gameplay......this was a <42ms lobby. With no cloud update i'm still stuck playing <58ms lobbies majority of the time. ABB set to 'Never' - using manual qos rules specifically for the servers i connect to. Enjoy!!
  2. Good luck to you bud, someone will help you soon enuf.
  3. U posted a clip - i commented on what i saw. "Just keep your stuff at porting since gameplay wise you obviously have no clue" - all good 🙄 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 GoodLuck to you!!
  4. U can either add FMJ or a barrel which increases bullet velocity or both, Also that gunfight is at range ...... if u had the GI mini scope or any other decent scope on it would have helped as well....... you were aiming sightly high which is good but using the headshot multiplier to yr advantage will give you an edge as well with the iron sights - was this in normal multiplayer or groundwar? Port prioritization makes all of the above come full circle once yr gameplay is dialled in.
  5. @alex..devine the traffic prio light will come one once you launch the game..... it only activates once the communication to the prioritised ports on the game server end is initiated. When you close the game, the traffic prio light will remain off. I would suggest not using large range priority rules - if u are located close to where some of the users are who have successfully prioritised their ports then you can use their rules - if the light comes on then you know that you have the correct ports prioritised.
  6. @East The key to my setup seeing positive changes is that i have used the various wire captures i have to identify the ports i want prioritised - hence my TP light always coming on once i boot BO4/MW. As for Anti BB, i also basically kinda never really used it to the extreme as my sliders were already set to 98%/98% (always). What i can see being a counter to Anti BB being set to 'never' would be the QOS flower allocating bandwith to each device.......with my console already having the necessary gaming packets prioritized over other traffic via the manual rules created and the bandwith spread being biased toward the console it serves the same purpose if not a better purpose than the Anti BB sliders as those sliders are not doing anything really for the console as far as the priority traffic is concerned - i understand that was not its purpose but it could have been interferring in some way (might be wrong but that is the effect i can see and feel from my gameplay) I will upload some gameplay over the weeknd when i get a chance to play some MW/BO4
  7. @East my apologies for the delay in reply.......just got home and finally got some time @ 01h30am to check up on messages........ yes i have bud and you are onto a brilliant train of thought. With Anti-Bufferbloat set to never and only leaving my existing manual rules i have created active, there are two easy take aways, 1. Qos is still active as per the manual rules created - Traffic Prioritization light is on 👌 2. Huge improvement in Gameplay!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏💯 I am able to finesse at will 😎
  8. I have mine disabled, cannot tell you for certain that having it that way makes a difference but its off nontheless.
  9. Here is some BO4 TDM gameplay i just had..... been busy with work so i cudnt comment much on the thread. Enjoy!!!
  10. Thanx Will enquire with them what the process entails.
  11. Will definitely have a look at it, i have noticed at times on the Geofilter once the game says connecting to online servers, it will pick up the Dedi's in my radius or ping assist value and it will also show another player icon which is actually my External Ip location / in game geo location. Never paid attention to it but will see what improvements it brings.
  12. One thing i do know is that every positive change is adding up, the gaming experience has improved by a bunch and the end of game results speak for itself.
  13. Lol It defnitely does.....thats why i am wanting to get its fixed on my exact location. Its also not placebo cos i know thats the next thing thats going to be said.
  14. Pleasure Bud I have 16 manual rules bud (essentially its 8 rules added as both the Source and Destination Ports) You have to use wireshark to determine which specific ports you are connecting to on your servers then create rules for those.
  15. Yeah bud i know that (i have the apps on my phone) , my train of thought was, since the normal private (dhcp-dynamic) ip is also issued by your isp and the counter to that being a static private ip created by yourself within the routers specified ip range fixes your ip address, i was wondering if this feature could be a possibility with the XR500 / DumaOS as the public ip is directly linked to your in game geo location. Almost everyone will mention that their in game Geo location is not where they are actually located. I've been able to get mine to be exactly where i live but it requires a constant reboot of the isp router/modem till i get the correct location, but it would change again after a day or two. By fixing / creating a static External Ip with the IP linked to where your exact in-game location is, it should never change again until you change the External IP.
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