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  1. So all that being said....... before any product is released, there should have been intense testing to make sure the end user is not stuck with a product that doesnt work as advertised. Everyone understands that nothing is perfect but when a full year passes by without the issues users are experiencing being addressed and properly fixed, only for the same recitation to get fed to them then its to be expected that people are going to get called out on their poor service (and thats putting it mildly).
  2. Its the manufacturer and developers responsibility to simplify things, especially if its a 'combination' of 1+ another as you stated...... the end user cannot be burdened with things that should have been resolved long before the product and or its updates (or lack thereof) has been released. If u are piggy backing off the existing Netgear software then improve the Netduma side of the equation to counter the 'simple' Netgear platform. This is not my day job.....i am a legal practitioner....... and in my line of work i dont make excuses, i look at problems and i come up with 110% sound solutions and fixes.
  3. @Netduma Alex kindly explain to me in what way "your software" has been supported? The forum at this point only serves as a platform for users to complain on and for yourselves to render no real assistance with the weak explanations given. The only thing that is needed and is beyond long overdue is for the "Software" issues to be fixed and for it to work as advertised. Are you not tired of this rhetoric........ i mean its been a minute!! I want to brag about my DumoOS powered router not complain.
  4. Well u are certainly not saying anything that holds firm and or that can be deemed truthful The people buying into the hype, like myself, expected to receive what we paid for "A gaming router which Dominates Lag" and and and and.........unfortunately thats clearly not the case (and dont get caught on the lag, the issues are endless) we only but receive weak explanations which my 4yr old son can see through. I dont even see the situation as you not knowing what the issues are....... you know very well and could legit care less as your halfway across the globe from majority of the users who own these routers and it doesnt affect you. From a hardware standpoint the 'Netgear' XR500 delivers what it says it would, so Netgear has delivered on their end. The same cannot be said about "DumaOS" and thats a fact!!!! Just fix the software issues and you will have less to almost no complaints.
  5. I honestly dont know why Netgear keeps getting brought up..........No one has a problem with the router hardware...........the problem is DumaOS!!! Every single person complaining has been complaining about an issue which is DumaOS related. Netgear wont release jack sh.t as their hardware isnt giving any problems. Fix DumaOS and stop lying, everyone has and can see through the bull ish!!!
  6. The software definitely has alot of issues.......my biggest problem for the longest part has been the qos that simply doesnt work consistently........i've showed this with proof and eventually just said [email protected]#$ it as i hate wasting my time.......netduma os to me in theory sounds great but practically it doesnt work as intended and even when you prove it with all the visuals and stats to back it up, it just never gets fixed. All that said, hope you manage to get your issues sorted.
  7. Yeah that shouldnt be happening....mine at the moment is not finding any lobbies because the ping assist wont let me connect to the available servers.......the highest my ingame ping goes is 80ms........the lowest is 30-40ms on BO4. So mine still connects above the 60ms cap on the router but does not connect to any server where by ingame ping goes above 80ms.
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply.....mine works the way i have broken it down.......i presume (not sure if have selected this mode) you have filtering mode selected under the geofilter. If its in spectating mode it would do what you are experiencing.
  9. Howst bru, I had a similar problem you are experiencing, Best advice i can give you is what worked for me.......i'm currently playing BO4 on PS4 and using ping assist only to find lobbies. Try the following, 1. You can set the ping assist straight to 60ms as thats where mine is set and locked in for all games i play and i connect without any issue (unless my base ping has randomly spiked). 2. Do a speed test for ping purposes from your Modem (not through the XR500), now add about 30ms onto that in your ping assist settings on the XR500. My base ping is 25ms, i've locked my XR500 ping assist at 60ms, in BO4 i will either connect to Servers which ping at 40-70ms ingame on the console. Hopefully this helps you out. Oh and no router resets or cloud flushing is needed.
  10. Modem only pingplotter - clip 3 - after +20mins continuous - absolutely the same - no unraveling at all - ping on par - all tests done to google.com MOV_0054[1].mp4
  11. Modem only pingplotter - clip 2 - after +10mins - no unravelling of the graph as was seen around this time with xr500 (with qos / bufferbloat) - ping remained in its ball park MOV_0053[1].mp4
  12. Modem only pingplotter test - clip 1 taken at the start of the test - ping practically the same - initial lag spikes which are higher than what is seen through the xr500 which is to be expected for me. MOV_0052[1].mp4
  13. @Netduma Joseph once sorted can you hit up this thread, TIA.
  14. This is after +-10mins .......no changes made to anything on the Qos / BB control side of things.......ping remain the same with no extreme spikes as seen on the plotter graph. MOV_0051[1].mp4
  15. This is the linear graph with sliders at 70/85......did not do any aggressive BB control as the plotter is relatively stable for my connection, i have had it better than this before with a more aggressive BB control with lower slider settings......my ping to google.com is around 40-55ms on average. MOV_0048[1].mp4
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