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  1. This gameplay was with Duma Classified Games ticked..... left it there after the last time i played. Just jumped on without opening the laptop to make my normal port prio changes.
  2. Have not played in a while...... came back to many updates. Game still feels the same except i am missing the dead silence movement boost..... they shud have left that as is since its not an ingame perk. Dropped a Shipment Hardpoint Juggernaut first few games in though......need to ruff it out for the nuke at some point....thought i would get it with the juggernaut. Enjoy!!
  3. It actually has nothing to do with traffic prio I have the same issue..... what i do is set the geo filter to spectating, then when my teammates audio goes active then i set the geo filter back to filtering. I have to do this everytime i create or join a chat party. Its a geofilter issue.
  4. Buddy i have the exact same experience with one specific friend......its got me to the point where i actually dont want to play with him even though he has a better connection than me. Been trying to make sense of it for the longest time. When we play on my or his host in a private match there is no issue whatsoever..... but once we go into public lobbies with either me or him being the party host the games play like crap, lol. I use my discord for chat party instead of the ps4 chat party as that also just makes things worse.
  5. I am having the exact experience we are talking about now on BO4 and MW strangely enough. Its been a slaughter house for like 3matches against the same players.... i was like superman on the map.....and all of a sudden the same players sponge bullets and everyone is like Chuck Norris around the map, lol I'm not finishing negative but i am definitely not having the same experience as the first few lobbies.
  6. Yeah bud This is a big issue that will solve alot of headaches once its sorted.
  7. I have not used any of the features available in that menu........will check it out in more detail today. Read thru your other posts and we are definitely experiencing the exact same thing. All the other things we uncovered and added have helped but there is still so many kinks that needs ironing out - seems like we are left to our own mercy on getting things resolved. Stability is key and Instability makes everything else irrelevant, hoping we can get it figured out tho.
  8. Bra......you on that woke ish......the url worked for me but with
  9. Pingplotter proved the OS instability to me......i made a thread about it last year iirc.........my pingplotter graph would be straight as an arrow and then after a while it just randomly unravels without any additional load being placed on the connection. And this was a ping plotter test with nothing happening on the line and then with me gaming......it just did the exact same thing.......straight as an arrow for abit and then all hell breaks lose 🤣🤣 crazy spikes all the way. There never was any proper answer for the cause or solution offered. I uploaded videos and pics at the time.
  10. Which one do you use? Yeah i know but the guys you dominate in the first match become a lil less dominated in the next lobby when the fluctuations occur....leaving me to believe that its something on my end ie: the router not maintain stable rates.
  11. There is no Emoji befitting of this reply, lol (next level awesomeness) Unfortunately it takes a lifetime for the Duma team to get simple things to get done.......your forward thinking is what everyone has been longing for. Is there a way to stabilize, 1. The send/receive rates and 2.The ping graph? I find this to be another culprit in our gaming experience and its not our isp's fault.......the exact same server plays totally different from match to match and when you look at the geofilter stats it clearly shows erratic rates or a ping graph that randomly just unraveled (and no additional load has been placed on the connection when this happens). The graphs will go from completely straight as an arrow for one match and then the next it would be riddled with non stop crazy spikes. There has been a few threads about this issue and no proper solution to date has been put in place.
  12. @Squizz my bad on not replying Glad to see you got the assistance tho. @RedBull2k you awready know 👏👏🙌🙌🙌
  13. I like messing around on BO3 and WW2 every now and then. BO3 always gave the best connection tho.... never needed to do anything in that game.
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