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  1. Goodstuf.....hopefully its a permanent fix for you.
  2. Mine shows the regular servers as well with crossplay but there is a distinct difference in gameplay when pc players specifically are in the lobby.
  3. You should have a better experience on your connection with crossplay disabled. I like the competition of gunning pc and xbox players so I just leave crossplay on but their is a big difference in connection stability when the lobby on consists of ps4 players.
  4. This confirmed my suspicions re: lobbies with pc players specifically.
  5. Yes and grades it......same like dsl reports.
  6. 3.0 has a connection benchmark similar to dsl reports....i just messed around with that and let the application qos do its thing.
  7. I have seen an improvement on my end even though I never had any issues to begin with 3.0 has some stability improvements that I could immediately pick up over the older firmware.......but 3.0 also has teething issues that are getting sorted so it can only get better through the beta period.
  8. I dont think its necessary as you have more than enough bandwith for all devices and its use As for the ethernet cables I use normal cat 5e
  9. 12 piece to end the game.mp4 12 piece to finish the game.
  10. Yeah i can see why this makes no sense.......with your connection to the game servers and actual line quality you should not be having any issues.
  11. What does yr router ping figures and graph look like when gaming......who else is on the network when you are gaming?
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