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  1. Have you overclocked your controller yet to reduce your input latency? I have 0.3-0.4ms input latency with my scuf wired to the PC.
  2. Could have had alot more kills but couldnt use any of my scorestreaks - pc / scuf communications issues 🤦
  3. Displaying FPS - Match Ping - GPU temps and GPU Vram used. Stutter was from the video itself and not from any lag in the Game. PC connection is levels above what I had on PS4 (and my PS4 MW2019 connection was flawless)
  4. I managed to fix this issue - for anyone who experiences the same issue - the latest nvidia driver for cold war was the culprit....i rolled back to the driver I used during the beta and that was it. Finally...managed to get some nice saved gameplay as well 😎
  5. Latest gpu drivers are installed - windows is up to date - cold war is allowed through firewall - battlenet ran as administrator - these are among a few other possible fixes i've tried
  6. Has anyone on pc been experiencing this issue and been able to legit perma fix it.....no matter what I do.....it just keeps re-occuring......its a global pc issue....irrespective of pc setup....this error has been killing my vibe since the launch of the game.
  7. Sold my PS4 (with a very sad heart) as i moved over to PC Gaming - Finally decided to upload it - After playing the Cold War Alpha and Beta i am most definitly going to miss MW19 (what a masterpiece 😁). Enjoy the gameplay.
  8. They use the exact same servers - during the Cold War Beta, priority was given to the Beta on the servers so MW matches would be somewhat off till after the Beta period closes.....same thing happened with BO4 when MW launched.
  9. Yip...visibility on some maps at range or even close up is poor for as well.
  10. I will agree to disagree and leave it there.
  11. Nah bra.....MW has a better connection for me - u are right tho....its like BO4 - the time to kill has a mind of its own - very inconsistent. I've been on DumaOS 3.0 since the beginning and i'll tell u that this game is broken at the moment - lets see if the put out a hotfix.
  12. Ping assist with strict mode didnt work - I used ping assist with spectating mode - only way I get instant lobbies and they are all on my usual servers.
  13. Yup its broken I have had ppl running at super speed with snipers in my lobbies quick scoping like its an smg I've dropped a few 50 kill games but even with that the whole experience is just bad. The snipers are beyond op and the ak47u feels like the only complete gun in the game.
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