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  1. I play cod cw on ps4, and honestly I think the worst cod in terms of connection, I have a good internet, R2, but so far I haven't found an ideal configuration on R2, in Brazil there is only one server, what better configuration to use the assistant ping, qos?
  2. Ping Heatmap, doesn't work most of the time on COD MW, Warzone!! What reason will it be? Brazil, Sao Paulo!!
  3. Thank you very much, congratulations for your professionalism! 👏🏻
  4. so everytime i lock a server, host, player, i have to close the game immediately, in my case shut down the PS4?!
  5. Yes, how will I know if the server or host is bad if I don't play?! I was in doubt!
  6. even blocking a host, server I fall on them
  7. that would be great, no one deserves to play against PC for those who are from the console!
  8. Enabling anti-spikes?? where does this function in R2?
  9. how long do i have to hold the reset button to give a general reset ?!
  10. sorry, I was not specific .... it is not working on the COD MW CW servers!
  11. I am from Brazil and this Ping Heatmap function on my R2 is not working!
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