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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 disconnecting in AP mode   
    Thank you very much for this...I will try it tonight after work and let you know how it goes!
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR500 disconnecting in AP mode   
    Yes you can do that. Follow these steps:
    Switch XR500 to router mode Copy WAN IP in System Information on XR500 Put that IP into the DMZ in WAN Settings on XR700 That way you shouldn't have a double NAT issue.
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in sip alg   
    go to setting then click on WAN setup...last one on the list 
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    David824 reacted to toby jugs in sip alg   
    you my friend are a star
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    David824 got a reaction from toby jugs in sip alg   
    go to setting then click on WAN setup...last one on the list 
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    David824 reacted to Aspect of Wrath in ANNOUNCEMENT: DUMAOS 3.0 IS HERE   
    Cool let us know when so i can stop checking my inbox to see i got in the beta or not.
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    David824 reacted to Killerelite06 in ANNOUNCEMENT: DUMAOS 3.0 IS HERE   
    Received a email after signing up for the R1 beta but not for the Xr500

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    David824 reacted to Netduma Luke in ANNOUNCEMENT: DUMAOS 3.0 IS HERE   
    Hi Everyone,
    Today we are delighted to announce that signups for the DumaOS 3.0 beta are now open - this will be gradually rolled out to everyone who signs up, over time.
    This is a big step. It means that after many months of hard work, we are now ready for you guys to begin testing 3.0 on your DumaOS powered routers.
    What is in DumaOS 3.0?
    It’s named 3.0 for a reason. It marks the next generation of DumaOS, our router operating system. Not only will 3.0 come with a whole bunch of new features for your router, we have also overhauled a tonne of things under the hood which will make it far easier for us to get new features to you in the future.
    So far, we have announced four of the eight major features coming in 3.0. You can read more about each of them here:
    Geo-Fencing: draw multiple Geo-Filters of any shape around your favourite server banks Application QoS: prioritize the traffic that matters the most to you by allocating bandwidth by application type e.g. gaming, streaming etc. Connection Benchmark: run a pure test of your Internet line to find out how stable your ping is and if you are getting your full bandwidth speeds Traffic Controller: block any applications, ports or devices from accessing the Internet. Feature 5: Announcing Soon Feature 6: Announcing Soon Feature 7: Announcing Soon Feature 8: Announcing Soon Further feature reveals will be posted on our blog here: https://netduma.com/blog/

    How do I Signup?
    Netduma R1 owners - go here: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos-3-beta-signup/
    Nighthawk Pro Gaming users (XR300, XR450, XR500, XR700) - go here: http://www.netgearinnovation.com/dumaos-beta/index.html
    When will I get the beta?
    When making a major software update like 3.0, it's normal for things to not be perfect at the start. So as much as we would love each and every one of you to get your hands on 3.0 right now, it would be risky for us to do it in one go.
    Instead we will be phasing the roll-out, starting off with a small number of testers. Once things are looking good, we will add some more, then more, gradually increasing until everyone who has signed up has received the upgrade.
    When we are ready for you to join the beta you will get an email into your inbox with instructions on how to join. Please be patient - we will email you when we are ready.
    We want to thank you for your support and patience during the development of 3.0. We are very aware that it has taken time. But it really has been worth it. It has allowed us to take DumaOS to the next level. Work is already underway on 3.1 and we're working on some seriously big features that will give you even more control over your lag and your network.
    We hope you have fun testing 3.0.
    The ND Team
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    David824 reacted to Bambi in why does my nat type goes from Open to moderate sometimes?   
    u have R1 only my xbox and my pc is wired but I only play games on my pc
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    David824 reacted to BIG__DOG in what are the best netduma r1 settings for MW   
    QOS is congestion control. As for 86/86 or 70/70 it all boils down to what is best for your connection. It is not a 1 size fits all i'm afraid.
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    David824 reacted to Allendc in wireless/ap mode   
    I use 2x xr500 routers, 1 as router and 1 as access point, any features changed or added for this type of setup? repeater/mesh? I currently have about 35wireless connections i split between the 2, it would be nice if device manager on router showed these as wireless connections instead of LAN, maybe a way to share the information between the 2 so they can work as 1. 
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Alex in wireless/ap mode   
    Welcome to the forum!
    I agree, that would be really cool, and we'd like to reward those users who buy multiple DumaOS products!
    I think we'll definitely do this at some point in the future. We'd like Device Manager to give a much fuller view of your network, but we require the access point to provide lots of information to DumaOS.
    The access point functionality of the XR500 was implimented by Netgear so it doesn't have the Device Manager compatibility that we'd like, but as I said this is something we really want to add! Thanks for the feedback.
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    David824 reacted to raikun in COVID-19 and what it means for Netduma   
    As much as I hope all the team is safe and not running any unnecessary risks, I'm sure this won't affect the deadline, seeing as the COVID vaccine will be ready and available way before DumaOS 3.0
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    David824 reacted to mitha dirty in Disabling the Wireless Buttons (top of XR500 router)   
    As shown in my tweet (Ian liked it lol), my cat, Mr. Mittens love to sleep on the XR.
    This creates a problem. He keeps shutting off the wireless!
    Can this button be disabled?

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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Port forwarding or upnp with a AP router   
    Will do!...like I said I just couldn't figure out why only using ports would strict the Xbox one ..but I'll try it without all QOS and let you know..thanks a lot man for all your help and reply backs.
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in New internet with fiber   
    Thanks alot Alex!!...I'll try it out.
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Alex in New internet with fiber   
    I was gonna say, 1000 gig would be amazing. 1gig is pretty impressive though, I'm jealous.
    Anyway I think you'd have to go it some to use all of that bandwidth at once, so I think my advice from above still applied.
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Alex in New internet with fiber   
    Wait.. haha...its 1 gig..not 1000 gigabytes..sorry...I'm so use to saying 1000u/1000d...its 1 gig... so at 1 gig...would I need to do all that. 
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    David824 got a reaction from BIG__DOG in What are the pros and cons of putting my console in DMZ?   
    I'll have to try that.. thanks
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    David824 reacted to Seye in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    Hey like I said TCP okay at the time it felt better than my current setup before using yours on here, TCP and UDP didn't noticed a thing or difference felt like I didnt use Traffic Prioritization at all like it was OFF.
    Then UDP only:
    #Find Lobby's with in seconds of search both Multiplayer and Blackout
    #Start game with team mates, not the last person to load into the lobby while count down starts, even if I back out of a lobby and join another I'm not randomly thrown into another lobby where people have abandoned halfway to the end or about to end.
    #On blackout Alcatraz I'm most times the first 1 or 5th person to land before others depending on how close the game spawns me to the closet building 90% I'm 1 or 2nd among my team mates, I know this because I can tell when my team mate land or an enemy near by.
    #on Multiplayer and Blackout I dont miss a shot anymore, I use to spray and pray hoping first few shot I miss and the rest I hit my target.
    But now all my shots I land hit there target , Its more precise that's the only I can explain it. Movement is way quicker I'm one step ahead of my opponent unless they know I'm round the corner and even at that I still get a drop on them if Im really quick.
    No more shoot first and die first BS which I'm so happy about, now I think I would give Modern warfare try. At least now I know for sure I hit my targets!
    You can see all this in action in the videos I posted above heck Iat times I cant keep up with the pace of my character.
    I just hope other people get this working for them.

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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    I would suggest you disable DumaOS Classified Games as otherwise you're prioritizing twice which could have an adverse affect.
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 disconnecting   
    Sorry for the late post! Mine is completely rebooting...like kicking me off the internet...lights on the netgear going black...in a few 30 secs or so...it all comes back online and my ps4 and pc get back online.
    I did a factory reboot two days ago and wipe everything clean and didnt use any saved setting and just manually set my router back up. Ive been at work both days and I havent asked my son (whos in between classes around the time of day it shuts down) yet if hes seen it go down yet.
    I'll keep you posted.
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    David824 reacted to ugotstretched in trying to fix lagcomp expiriment   
    Im on the East Coast of the USA. I ping to the NJ server where i live at about an average of 15 to 25.  I have a gig over a gig connection hard wired have had my router with every setting possible enabled and disabled and a mixture of both.  Ive hindered my bandwidth used ping assist in the ocean.  Bottomline the lower my ping is to a gm the worse the lag comp is.  Just cause im ping at 10 to a server does not mean the other players are pinging the server at the same ping.  So i end up getting screwed
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 disconnecting   
    yes I DO have it plugged into a power protector...I'll try that and give a few days and let you know! Thanks for all your help Fraser!!
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