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    David824 reacted to Swgohlegend in Resync cloud   
    Happened to me also!
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in port forwarding   
    I'm going to send you a picture of the ports they said on sony to use for PS5....then tomorrow...I'll will turn off UPNP and reboot the router and then turn on my ps5...and see what that does...and I'll let you know. As always Fraser...I really do thank you for all the help and help trying to figure out whats going on whenever I have questions.
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Geo-Filter: Before or After   
    You're very welcome! Any more questions let us know and we'll be happy to help!
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute.   
    yeah no problem....Ill give a couple of days and let you know!
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    David824 reacted to david in This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute.   
    Similar problem for me - its common on the network monitor page - only way to fix is to reboot router. Also found that when this is happening the router would not show any devices in the geo-filter page, but devices reappear after a reboot.
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Polygon mode question   
    thats fine...I can get a screen shot but I can tell you now that the ping asst is set to 0....fast search is disabled (ive never used that option). Now I'm not sure if I'm turning my filter on ...I'll have to check that...I know when using the fencing Im not sure Ive been using both...So I'll have to check on that one. That might be my problem. Thanks!
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR700 Beta popups   
    Thanks alot Liam! You guys have always been quick to help anytime Ive needed it ever since I owned the R1 til now. AS for chaning the device name...everything is still working for me.
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Liam in XR700 Beta popups   
    How interesting! If you experience any further issues do let us know, but in the meantime we can try to replicate the issue and fix it!  
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Just order my r2   
    Thank you very much for the support. Glad to hear you have had a great experience so far. Let us know if you have any questions!
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR700 DumaOs 3.0 Beta   
    I haven't got anymore information currently, I don't think it should be too much longer.
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    David824 reacted to robert27841 in XR700 DumaOs 3.0 Beta   
    And all the XR700 owners be like 

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    David824 reacted to kinel in Traffic prortization please read   
    Im trying to  find out  the  best way to use taffic priortization for call of duty games
    I think i know the best myself but i am trying to do an experiment to see if everyones results are
    I will edit this post with pics later
    Atm cod mw2019 uses these  ports it also looks like black ops cold war ues thes ports
    I will update this if i find more
    Source start 3074 end 3074    destination  start 30000 - end 45000 udp for ps4
    Source start  3075  end3075 destination  start 30000-end 45000  udp xbox
    Sourcestart 3074 end 3074  destination start  3074 end 3074   udp i get higher upload on this still
    Source start 50000 -end 65535   destination start3074 end 3074  tcp ps4
    Source  start 50000  end 65535   destination  start 3075 end 3075 tcp xbox 
    The problem i am noticing with   using game consolse or classified games is this
    If you use these  then i noticed that  the upload  counters show   that it mutch higher then the download counter
    To me this seems wrong
    When i put in the ports in i listed abovemy upload couter are a lot less tha my download  counter
    This seems correct to me
    I recently discored this  so please dont use this rule on ps4
    Do not use this source  start 1 end 65535  destination start 1 end 65535  tcp and udp 
    It overides your congestion control sliders  to 100 %  on ps4
    You can see if traffic priortization is working by the red circle  it shows  red circle if its acctive during  playing the game
    What im asking is if you guys and girls could help her by posting you results here
    First play a few games with classified games  enabled and  see if your upload coutners are higher than the download counters
    The disable classified games 
    Then put the manual ports i listed  above and see if theupolad counters are lower for you
    Btw you should reboot the router so it shows upload and download counters at 0   to make it less confusing 
    When you reboot it resets the counters
    Pleas post you results
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Jack B in ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)   
    Hi everyone,
    We know what you’re thinking, and we get it.
    We said R2 updates would be frequent (and they will be), but this update ended up enveloping a lot more than we initially expected. That’s frustrating for you and for us too.
    However, we hope you’ll find the wait was worth it – this is a huge update with fixes and changes across the board. Feedback on the R2 has been great, helping us to improve everyone’s experience while fixing specific problems too. The changelog below shows just much work has gone into this update.
    This is the latest in DumaOS and it sets the stage for new features we’ll reveal in the near future. From all of us at Netduma, thanks for your patience, and for caring enough about DumaOS to stay vocal. We hope you enjoy the latest firmware!
    Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1krvgqi4peslusv/DumaOS-R2-3.0.179.sig?dl=0
    General Improvements
             System-wide GUI improvements.          Memory usage improvements.          Added new Copy to Clipboard button for information generated by Rapp Performance and Device Manager > Wi-Fi Scan (also a new addition).          Fixed initial tour throwing errors if ‘Next’ clicked too early.          Fixed various issues with upgrade process.          Fixed various vulnerabilities. Wi-Fi Improvements
             Improved Wi-Fi band steering.          Improved Wi-Fi range coverage.          Fixed Wi-Fi settings not preserving on firmware upgrades.          Fixed Wi-Fi station details displaying incorrectly if the device is disconnected.          Fixed 5GHz channel not starting correctly when splitting the channels.          Added auto Wi-Fi channel detection, picking the least noisy Wi-Fi channel to achieve better results.          Added Wi-Fi channel width setting for greater control.          Added Wi-Fi region setup to the setup wizard.          Added Wi-Fi radar detection DFS channels.          Added Wi-Fi Performance feature to devices.          Added Wi-Fi Scan feature.          Added more Wi-Fi stations information for better debugging. Ping Heatmap
             Fixed Ping Heatmap displaying multiple graphs when spam-clicking. QoS
             Congestion Control Auto-Setup is now less aggressive - users should see improved results.          Improved QoS Stability.          QoS now loads quicker on start-up.          Fixed QoS not always loading correctly.          Fixed QoS crashes and stability issues.          Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup layout issues when zoomed in.          Fixed "Applying Settings" popup appearing when Auto-Setup loads.          Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup button.          Fixed Auto-Setup not always setting the slider.          Fixed incorrect padding around auto-setup bars.          Fixed Auto-Setup throttling below 1%. Connection Benchmark
             Fixed issues with Speed Test when WAN is disconnected.          Fixed Ping Under Load test not working correctly. Device Manager
             Device status will update between online and offline much faster.          Fixed Device Manager crashes.          Fixed Device Manager spam messages about device status.          Fixed issue where devices sometimes have no name.          Fixed issue when adding a new device causing Rapps to fail. Traffic Controller
    Fixed Traffic Controller causing DumaOS to fail loading Network Settings
             Fixed MAC cloning to update the device interface correctly.          Removed MAC address cloning toggle, added reset button.          Added more special characters for Wi-Fi password entry. Misc.
             Updated to use new multi-threaded webserver for faster GUI loading.  
    Installation instructions:
    Download the file above Open DumaOS at or /dumaos/ Click the three dots in the top right of the interface Click Update Click 'Select Upgrade File' and choose the file you just downloaded Click 'Upgrade' and wait about 5 minutes for the update to apply Do not unplug your unit during this time!
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Moderate nat type   
    Thank you very much, that means a lot!
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Port foward errors   
    Yes I think it is a bug. Put your console in the DMZ and then you'll get an open NAT.
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    David824 reacted to barry in Port foward errors   
    I still have the same problem. 

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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Moderate nat type   
    Thanks for checking, I will ask @Netduma Alex to test this and see if it is working correctly.
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    David824 reacted to Deceptive in Official R2 Firmware News   
    Guys, please stop. 
    I only come in here to check if the update is dropped yet. This is a forum to come together and help each other. That's how it should stay my friends. 
    Let's make this update the best one yet! 
    I can't wait until Smart QOS drops ❤️
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    David824 reacted to Zippy in New R2 Can't Detect Internet Detection   
    If you have a dynamic Ip from your ISP try this once.. Factory reset your R2 again.. But this time have is hooked up but dont have your modem on yet.. In other words keep your modem unplugged (no power).. Once you have the R2 factory reset go through the setup wizard and once you get to the part where is says cant detect your internet connection at this time power back on your modem and let it fully boot up.. Then in the R2 setup wizard click the retry button to detect your internet connection.. This should then detect your connection.. Hope this makes sense.. Give it a try and report back..
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Moderate nat type   
    Okay provide a screenshot and also keep UPnP enabled as well and then you should get the best of both worlds.
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    David824 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Just got it ... PING IS HIGHER?   
    Who do you have your gig with? I have a gig through ATT and even on my R2 I actually get better pings then with xr700..I dont know why or how but my numbers are actually lower. I have to use the modem too (they said its because its designed for the gig) On mine I have to go into my att modem and set it my router through the IP Passthrough and then put my MAC address throught the firewall. Have you checked to see if there a IP for your modem to get into it?
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in error message on geo filter map   
    Glad that fixed it, thanks for letting us know and please do post if you see it again. Most likely coincidence! 
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in error message on geo filter map   
    Nothing is down, it doesn't really work that way. Reboot the router and see if the error disappears? If not, what device/web browser are you seeing this on?
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    David824 reacted to e38BimmerFN in DumaOS 3.0 open beta for XR 500/450   
    I would lock this thread Fraser. 😉
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    David824 reacted to Netduma Fraser in General question on replace modem   
    As above, you shouldn't need to factory reset. A reboot should suffice to establish the connection with the new modem.
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