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Preemptive versus Reactive

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21 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Yeah it does cover that range but I do remember some users adamant that prioritizing port 3074 for example manually gave them a better experience. If its on the ISP end then yeah it won\t help too much. They probably have a user guide online to help with that. New modem or confront ISP with your captures are probably your best bets for next steps

I've always tried different things after reading people swear by finding a CC "sweet spot" (ie not something that simply reduces latency increases under load but a magic number that gives them amazing hit detection, which I tried myself out of pure frustration) or single port rules with hyper lane but I never saw a difference with any of them... and believe me, I've tried hundreds of different suggestions 😂 I even tried A7Legit's entire setup as he was adamant a couple of single hyper lane rules was the biggest factor in getting good connections. But like I said, if the problem occurs before it gets to my modem then I guess nothing would work. All I can do is stop additional lag created on my end by suppressing congestion and whatnot. 

Some of the best connections I've had have been while not playing on the nearest server, not using QoS, not using hyper lane or some combination of all three, so that's obviously a case of the line working well as standard and using those features would have probably helped improve things further, but when it's bad nothing makes a difference. 

The latest thing I've tried is changing the 802.1p WAN setting on the HG612 modem as apparently it's a form of QoS (or is it CoS?) that affects traffic and the priority placed on it. For example on TalkTalk it's been recommended to use 0, 1 or 2. I found this interesting post written by the owner of the Kitz forum - who actually helped TP Link develop their auto setup process for VDSL2 modems by experimenting with 802.1p with his own unusual setup - after a TalkTalk user asked for help in identifying the optimal setting for fibre:

"About a month or so later they were contacted by a TalkTalk customer saying it wouldnt work... so they tried [1] which did. Shortly after someone on BT also found they needed to use [1].

"[2] continued to work fine for me for nrly 2 yrs - until I got a chromecast which suddenly wouldnt stream content correctly until I changed 2 to 1.

I therefore suspect the priority 1 is needed if you stream IPTV content. That would explain why some people on BT and TT say either, but some say [1] if they have say TalkTalk TV or BT TV/Sport.

I'm talking off the top of my head here (and memory which may not be 100% correct), but I believe Openreach use different channels for sending different types of data. [ETA - I see ejs has added the links whilst I was typing]

IPTV is given higher priority by Openreach therefore if we set normal data as highest priority when using other services then things start to break. By using [1] we are allocating Best Effort to normal data and allowing other services such as IPTV priority.

IMHO if you use any of the priority services, then you should use [1] rather than [ 0], but zero should still work."

I thought it seemed logical to try all of these different settings but I've seen no difference, except for strange thinkbroadband monitor plots if I use above 2 (max spikes of 30ms going up to 180ms). Sometimes I wish I was easily susceptible to the placebo effect LOL

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On 11/21/2018 at 6:32 PM, Dan said:


My PS4 pro can get a bit spassy in offline mode if too many boys are added but nothing like that. Perhaps it's a combination of your boiler firing up, TV changing channel, door bell ringing and microwave being turned on. Or perhaps the neighbours are secretly fracking.....

Other than that surely that must be packet loss or a hardware issue? 

Been saying this to him for over a year lol. Dude's got problems but after changing ISP, modem and router and even trying to play on Xbox...

I'm all outta ideas tbh.

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14 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Damn, that's a shame, in another post you changed the R1 LAN IP, has that had an affect at all on the connection? Might just be worth seeing if you can get a cheap modem and try within its return period to see if it performs any better

After I changed that IP yesterday, I loaded up a custom game (vs bots) and noticed it was performing differently (the hitmarker sounds were strange, but better), and bots no longer had connection icons in killcams lol. I played some games online with tight settings (just home in ocean, 34ms ping assist and strict mode on) and the usual 70% QoS plus classified games traffic prio and the first four games ran perfectly normally - the best connections I've seen since that spell I mentioned on DumaOS (just 10 games that worked well). The first three games were on French and Dutch servers at 14ms (the same 14ms I got hideous lag on before), while the fourth game was on 7ms to the UK and it was the best of the bunch. The fifth game was on 7ms to the UK and it was the worst connection I've had for weeks, which is saying something. It was just pure desync. 


I even tried taking my R1 downstairs and placing it close to the HG612 with a short cable (the one that came with the R1), rather than having it upstairs on the end of a 15m CAT6a FTP cable which I've started to think might be the cause of problems itself as I read FTP needs grounding just like STP, and on top of that I had a feeling that the route I ran the cable along placed it close to potential sources of interference behind the wall. But nah, no difference after the first four games. 


Maybe the modem is the problem. I mean, the HG612 is seen as the best you can get for performance on Openreach connections but I never had issues like this pre-February 17 when I used a Smart Hub alone. The 10 games I had that worked well a few weeks ago included the TalkTalk Hub (which I heard was terrible) behind the R1, and then some new DumaOS settings. However as you'll remember, I started complaining about packet loss and thought maybe it was the TT Hub at fault (since I saw R1 network diagnostic test packet loss for the first time ever when I first plugged it in after switching from BT). I even changed my DSL cable from a CAT6 twisted pair one to the crappy ribbon cable just to see if my original had been damaged somehow. Funny enough, since swapping those out and then doing the default gateway thing, I've not had hours of packet loss for the first time in weeks:




You can see the resync early on in the plot, then just a single pixel indicating packet loss for the next 24 hours. I was using the internet heavily yesterday afternoon too (running an Amazon Fire TV, PS4 Remote Play and three game downloads at the same time as I installed an SSD for my PS4) and there was barely any bloat, never mind any packet loss. The title is "reset modem to defaults" after I gave up trying different 802.1p values - it defaults to 2, which Zennon says is standard for TalkTalk anyway I believe. Then I just disabled its QoS and firewall. Maybe something under 2 causes TalkTalk to drop ICMP pings so there's a lot of packet loss but it's basically meaningless, as you'd see on intermediate hops on PingPlotter? I didn't get any packet loss icons in game yesterday or any other day before that while it was appearing on thinkbroadband so that's another question mark filling my brain lol


I could try my TP Link modem again as that always worked really well and somehow reduced latency to the same places for the most part. The only problem is I remember trying it out when I first moved to TalkTalk, but I can't remember if it was bridge mode or router mode that didn't work. Bridge mode worked just fine on BT (I'd input my PPPoE details on the R1 WAN tab and voilà) but I don't think I could get a connection in bridge mode on the R1. If memory serves it would be fine plugging the PS4 straight into the modem, but the R1 wouldn't get a connection. You don't even need PPPoE on TalkTalk. I never had that issue using modem mode on the Virgin Media Hub with the R1 😕 not sure if there's some kind of workaround for that... 

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10 minutes ago, Netduma Admin said:

Perhaps give the TalkTalk modem a try and see if that improves things?

Yeah I'll probably put it back in tonight. I had more bipolarity today on the same three local servers (all under 15ms). 10 games of desync and impossibilities, then it randomly became amazing (my easiest game was against a two man party of 3KDs who were keyboarding? Lol what), that lasted three or four games, then back to hideous lag again. Naturally the worst connection was in the easiest lobby. It's so so wrong. 


It's not like I'm on PC trying to force host. I just want low ping games to be smooth and responsive, and as consistent as they should be when I have record low levels of jitter. I had more consistency on terrible jittery Virgin Media cable 🤔

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