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  1. I run a 2 router setup similar to this and i only use upnp. No DMZ or port forwarding needed with my routers and dont have any problems with NAT types etc. Remember for accessing both router interfaces do it all from the PC connected to the R1 as you wont be able to see the R1s lan IP ( from the openwrt network. The R1 should have a 'device' IP address on the the openwrt router ( and on the R1 itself the LAN IP will be and the WAN IP will be So looks like you pretty much got it figured out. Try setup without dmz and port forwarding. I cant remember the openwrt settings as mine has been in the cupboard for months but i had mine working fine when it was setup like you have.
  2. Recently moved to talktalk broadband. My speeds with previous supplier (standard fibre package) just prior to switching were around 37d and 5u. The most i have had on my line has been 40d and 8u a few yrs back but gradually the speeds have degraded, possibly due to me experimenting with so many different routers and too many power downs over the yrs. Anyway with TT i paid for faster fibre with speed boost, basically the top package for my area. Initially speeds were 29d and 5u but a long power down to engage a new session boosted speeds up to 40d and 5u. obviously thats crap for supposedly speed boost. They said in my welcome email my min guaranteed is 29.8dmb, typical DL 32-50.6mb, typical UL 6.7-10.9mb so i was expecting speeds nearer the top end of those figures as i live in a small village and am not to far from cabinet. I went on the TT forum as some peeps on here suggested to do as opposed to ringing call centre and they went through the usual script etc, no faults found. My router is connected to the test socket to eliminate internal problems. but am still not seeing speeds above 40d or 5u. TT claim speed boost is active and my line is not capped at all but to me seems like i am capped especially on the upload speed. I asked for a DLM profile reset to try and resolve. The TT guy said my current sync speed is 43.1d and 5.6u and there is nothing they can do because im above guaranteed speed and there is no line faults and doing a DLM reset is pointless because im on the fastest available line profile. Unfortunately i have no idea what my sync speeds and stats are as my router/modem doesnt show line stats so dunno if hes telling porkys. So where do i go from here and what technical jargon can i throw at TT? any help much appreciated.
  3. I use NordVPN and for me the ping difference is negligible maybe +1ms. All depends on your setup, line, location and the server you connect to. The only downside i see with using nord for gaming etc is you will be on a moderate NAT and occasionally their servers have slight packet loss so you have to change servers. Other than that VPN's for gaming are not as bad as people make out, In some cases it can be better performing then your ISP line.
  4. Download range between 0.4mb - 15mb. Upload range between 0.2mb - 2mb Have fun searching for the winning combination.
  5. Why would this be in an advanced setting section lol its just a simple minimum ping assist value, its not exactly advanced. This noob friendly society we living in is getting crazy 😀
  6. If i could play cod games on any stable ping of my choosing it would be around 50ms.
  7. Has this issue been resolved in 1.4? Still waiting to get my netduma back on my network, it has been nearly a year now. I thought with DumaOS updates were going to be "quick and easy to roll out"
  8. Any news on this topic? its been nearly half a year. Would be nice to get my netduma back on my network as i have taken it off.
  9. Clear your browser cache and auto-fill form data etc, that fixed it for me. Def some problem with the changeover to the new forum as i have seen quite a few posts about this same problem now.
  10. For any game with decent netcode i would say bandwidth doesnt matter as long as its sufficient to play without lagging and you have taken care of local congestion etc but imo for cod and games with bad netcode everyone's connection varies so you need to experiment with what works best for your line and ping (which is a massive factor in this whole equation). Sometimes tho making your connection slightly sub par (Not A+'s on dslreports lol) can actually improve the gameplay which is pretty sad really. You need to experiment like do max download with say 0.5mb upload and vice versa, the possibilities are endless and it can drive you bonkers lol. So if you're just a casual gamer just stick with the 70/70 spiel and save yourself hrs of tweaking for possibly marginal results. Unfortunately there is still no guaranteed magic formula for bad netcode, cough cough @Netduma devs 😉. On your switch if it was me i would try 0.5mb down and 0.25mb up as a base limit and tweak up from there.
  11. @PharmDawggDepends on the game you're playing and the quality and stability of your connection and also your ping.
  12. I would never dream of going to such lengths to achieve a fair connection lol (however initial testing went well 😀). I have not done much testing with the latest cod tho as i dont game much these days mate because it simply isnt enjoyable anymore with all the bullshit that goes on plus the poor game design.
  13. You need to give up on the low ping uk servers unless you want to VPN your connection to somewhere in eastern Europe then force the UK server with the geofilter lol
  14. Bandwidth definitely has an impact on the in game server selection for your connection. In BO3 i was able to force dedicated servers in different countries just by manipulating my bandwidth.
  15. FYI the in game bandwidth reading is a measurement of your upload speed not download.
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