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  1. Am I the only one that thinks not giving a completion date for the software is probably the best thing they could do right now? I think people have forgotten the endless amounts of shade and criticism the company had to face during the dumaOS release for the R1. Shit was insan, so i dont blame them for being so secretive. And if i was to guess when it will release, i'd probably say by the latter end of the year or early next year... just because of my past experiences with the company and timeframes.
  2. How'd that work out for u fella? Did u get good results??
  3. Good to know. I have difficulty getting an Open NAT using uPNP, and for some reason placing the ps4 in DMZ doesnt help at all so I thought id try port forwarding and see how it goes. How about port 3074 UDP? im pretty sure thats required also? Just gonna have to test and see if it does the job.
  4. Seems like this is for xbox live? or am i mistaken. Im currently on ps4.
  5. Hi all, I know theres a post already regarding this, but for the life of me I just cannot find it. Could someone give me the values for the ports required to get an open NAT on ps4 for bo4. Thanks
  6. Hi Zen, Apologies for the super delayed response. No devices at all being prioritised other than the ps4. The 1sec intervals is not showing packet loss, only spikes. The graph is pretty much steady when im directly connected to the modem @ 1sec intervals, so evidently ping plotter seems to be working fine. id be glad if you could take a look, let me know if your free sometime tomorrow or in the near future Regards
  7. As per request fraser, but I cant understand why you want the 2.5 second intervals when the 1 second intervals are alot more accurate imo. With a game like BO4 and other first person twitch shooters it only takes a 1 to 2 seconds to die. So a short drastic ping spike like you see on my initial graph will make all the differance.
  8. Graph from modem only no devices connected. Other than a tiny ping spike its pretty steady.
  9. Hi all, Ive been running some ping plotter tests and ive found some interesting results. Ive got my QOS set to 70/70 with the anti-bufferbloat as always on. As you can see the results aren't very promising. I've pinged multiple ip's with near enough same results. Ive been running these tests throughout the day whilst other devices have been streaming content, surfing the web etc.. From what I understand, the QOS should prevent all local congestion from allowing my ping to spike. So why am I still getting this?
  10. Thats great news for the R1 users but not so much for the XR's.. As im assuming this will only be fixed when netgear finally decide to roll it out, which I understand u have no control over.. Hmm interesting, how did u come to your conclusion that he knows nothing about networking, or is this just a really bad assumption u've decided to make?? Im presuming his feedback fell on deaf ears hence why the video was made, but until sim confirms this, its all hear say. U hit the nail on the head sir I second this opinion.. Fair enough I guess. I just thought the fact that this was the 'off topic' section it would've been okay. I think that title may need some clarification in the rules.. Great news, nice to hear some progress is finally coming along
  11. Now that is something that could truly be of use imo. Having the router disconnect all devices temporarily whilst performing the speedtest would be ideal. What puzzles me though with regards to netgear having to pay Ookla a fee, is the fact that the download test performs fine?!? It just happens to be the Upload im having issues with. Which leads me to believe that this may be a firmware bug?!? Although i could easily go back to a previous firmware to check I really cannot be bothered lol. As Jack's already stated, Netgear are aware of this and hopefully the next update patches all the bugs. Regards,
  12. Now before I start im not one for controversy and this post isn't directed towards negativity, but I damn sure didn't expect this. To be fair to Sim I have the utmost respect for calling out Netduma and telling it how it is. Now i know some people may have not had the same experience as him, but to speak out against something, which he was truly passionate about and a great supporter of, takes alot of integrity and principle. To not compromise his judgement regardless of his status within the community is commendable. With that being said, I just wanted to hear if anyone here has had experience with switching out to OpenWRT/LEDE firmware. Has it made a differance to your online experience? Is flashing the firmware simple? What routers would people recommend to flash firmware on? Regards,
  13. Thanks for your input, some great suggestions. I tend not to take the speedtest the xr500 detects as gospel anyway. I use three differant sites (dslreports/think broadband/ookla) just to make sure the speeds im recording dont fluctuate significantly. I know u can enter these manually, but so far the xr500 seems to be detecting near enough the average ive been getting from these tests. Its just annoying that everytime I choose to reset my internet and setup again I have to plug my laptop back into the router just to confirm the speeds again tbh. Although as simple as this may sound, having to constantly unplug and disconnect all devices is a real pain in the rear. Whats more concerning to me then all of the above is the fact that netgear still haven't released a firmware to patch certain bugs that have been highlighted by many users of their product. Regards,
  14. Cheers Jack, Yes I am, just glad a fixed is being worked on in the meantime. Hopefully we get all the new additional features also with the next firmware update. Regards
  15. Hi all, Been having a re-curring issue with regards to setting up my internet via the wizarf on the xr500. For some reason it doesnt seem to be able to detect the upload speed automatically. I constantly have to enter the values manually. When I first bought the router it worked flawlessly, both upload and download speeds were detected just fine. Any thoughts??
  16. Its abit trash that you cant use your own modem router combination with them. It was the only reason why I ended up choosing BT over sky..
  17. Things I would like to see in the next firmware update or in the near future: 1. Dedi server ban 2. Ping Assist 3. Enable the router to perform a speed test without having to go through the whole setup process just to determine speeds as they can vary. 4. Be able to choose other VPN clients rather than forcing HMA on us 5. Peer ping, just for curiosity's sake Regards,
  18. I was ensuring that no one in my household would turn it off, but in the end fate got the better of me... lol. In a way im glad there was a power cut, i got g.inp out of it
  19. Had a power outage yday afternoon as the electrical board were repairing a faulty joint outside my house. Once the power was restored and modem switched on G.Inp was enabled and upstream bands seem to magically align. Its not perfect but its probably the best im gonna get
  20. Look at this unstable crap... cant believe I have such a noisy line on the upstream U1 Band... Its annoying that I cant do anything about it lol
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