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  1. Why would this be in an advanced setting section lol its just a simple minimum ping assist value, its not exactly advanced. This noob friendly society we living in is getting crazy 😀
  2. If i could play cod games on any stable ping of my choosing it would be around 50ms.
  3. Has this issue been resolved in 1.4? Still waiting to get my netduma back on my network, it has been nearly a year now. I thought with DumaOS updates were going to be "quick and easy to roll out"
  4. Any news on this topic? its been nearly half a year. Would be nice to get my netduma back on my network as i have taken it off.
  5. Clear your browser cache and auto-fill form data etc, that fixed it for me. Def some problem with the changeover to the new forum as i have seen quite a few posts about this same problem now.
  6. For any game with decent netcode i would say bandwidth doesnt matter as long as its sufficient to play without lagging and you have taken care of local congestion etc but imo for cod and games with bad netcode everyone's connection varies so you need to experiment with what works best for your line and ping (which is a massive factor in this whole equation). Sometimes tho making your connection slightly sub par (Not A+'s on dslreports lol) can actually improve the gameplay which is pretty sad really. You need to experiment like do max download with say 0.5mb upload and vice versa, the possibilities are endless and it can drive you bonkers lol. So if you're just a casual gamer just stick with the 70/70 spiel and save yourself hrs of tweaking for possibly marginal results. Unfortunately there is still no guaranteed magic formula for bad netcode, cough cough @Netduma devs 😉. On your switch if it was me i would try 0.5mb down and 0.25mb up as a base limit and tweak up from there.
  7. @PharmDawggDepends on the game you're playing and the quality and stability of your connection and also your ping.
  8. I would never dream of going to such lengths to achieve a fair connection lol (however initial testing went well 😀). I have not done much testing with the latest cod tho as i dont game much these days mate because it simply isnt enjoyable anymore with all the bullshit that goes on plus the poor game design.
  9. You need to give up on the low ping uk servers unless you want to VPN your connection to somewhere in eastern Europe then force the UK server with the geofilter lol
  10. Bandwidth definitely has an impact on the in game server selection for your connection. In BO3 i was able to force dedicated servers in different countries just by manipulating my bandwidth.
  11. FYI the in game bandwidth reading is a measurement of your upload speed not download.
  12. Imagine if a router company could legally develop a way to minimise the effects of lag comp and bad netcode, now that shit would sell like hot cakes. 😉
  13. Quick tip on ping plotter, at the top in the columns (Hop,count,IP etc) right click your mouse button in any of the column names and then select maximum latency from the drop down menu to be able to see it on the table, this makes it easier to see your connection variations.
  14. I will explain how i have used the geofilter in the past, there is method to my madness honest. I would mostly use the geofilter (In the OFF mode) for visual reference of who is connecting to the host. I will attach 2 pics showing a scenario which i mocked up earlier on BO3, as you can clearly see the geo is not enabled and i can see all players in the lobby, this happens from the moment i search for a lobby and enter the map staging area where i will be mostly connected to a dedicated server as you can see from the pic, and still be able to see predominately everyone who is connected to said dedi, and this carries on through the entirety of the match, they dont dissappear like they do if the Geofilter was enabled . So for example in picture 2 whilst waiting for the game to start i notice a 4 man german party join and see that there is a saudi arabian and someone from greece so i can safely back myself out of that lobby and save my self getting high blood pressure, even though its not the worst example I know. This way i can kind of control who i play against and avoid those high ping players which helps massively in an online shooter with crap netcode lol. I am sure most people would happily play the pic with localish players but bet they would back the hell out given the chance if they saw players from miles away connecting to their local server. Anyway just my 2cents, rather disappointed at how it works now for BO4 as i definitely have less control and if theres nothing you guys at netduma can do about it then fair enough, cheers anyway.
  15. Yeh had a feeling that was going to be the your answer, looks to me like a ping between 30ms and 60ms is ideal for alleviating those WTF moments in Cod.
  16. @Chaiyoabc So what are your average ping readings to the game server on the netduma and in game readings please?
  17. Unfortunately getting the lowest pinging server in COD doesnt mean a thing, its more important knowing if someone is 1000's of miles away connecting to the server with most likely a 100ms+ ping as that will massively affect your game play with the way cods net code is. Hence why i used geofilter in show hosts/spectating mode only which allowed me to see all players connected even when on a dedicated server. This has worked for me on every cod apart from now with BO4.
  18. Just tried out BO3 and thats working fine i see all players in the lobby populate the geofilter and stay showing on the map during game. Why does this not work for BO4 then? Kind of limits the functionality of the geofilter for me personally.
  19. I have always been able to see the majority of the players connected in previous cods during the game (with geo off on old firmware) I am guessing that hasnt been implemented in DumaOS?
  20. I am in spectating mode fraser, geofilter not in use.
  21. That wasnt the case with the old firmware though so whats changed? is it just BO4 or are all the cods like this on DumaOS? That kind of makes DumaOS redundant for me now then as being able to see the players that your playing against locations is probably the most important thing, not which server your connected to imo.
  22. In geofilter spectating mode when connected to a dedicated server why can i not see any of the players who are connected? i only see the server.
  23. I would also like to see this feature as i run a 2 network setup and dont want to DMZ the R1 or mess about port forwarding. It worked great in the old firmware but it seems upnp doesnt cut it for me on DumaOS atm. Also fraser can you let me know if its ok to go from 1.03.6j to 1.03.6i? Thanks.
  24. Thats great Netduma but a potential security threat (DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability) has still not been fixed with this firmware update. Can you shed some light on this issue please as i have not heard a resolution on this subject for nearly 2 weeks now.
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