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  1. Fraser, sorry but I am done spending my time trying to make the Duma OS work for me. I bought the router to make gaming more fun, more enjoyable. but if i have to spend more time to tweak and adjust the router than what it now helps, then this thing has outlived its usefulness. maybe your devs find the cause, maybe it will be different for the next COD, but I am done spending my time on the router rather than playing. as there is no difference for me with/without in the actual game experience (sucks either way), i leave the R1 be until the next COD (If I even buy that game).
  2. Open NAT on BO4, Type 2 PS 4 Pro with duma OS it is like luck to find a game at all. switched back to R1 OS and bang it works after hours of trying and finding maybe 3-4 lobbies on DUMA OS
  3. done all this. removed, cleared coookies and cache in browser, with cc cleaner, etc. restarted router and laptop, left router off power for 10 minutes. only thing that helped was a factory reset. after that i was back on Dudma OS (so the downgrade didnt happen,while still not getting into the user interface). So I did the downgrade again and now I am back to original R1 OS. The reason why I downgraded (after trying again to upgrade several months after the last attempt) is that it took me forever to find games for BO 4 MP. Like 10 min to find a lobby. fast search etc. and atrocious experience, then again a long time to find a new lobby after leaving one. after about 3 hrs trying to play around with settings, I gave up. Ping plotter results are very good. 33-36 ms to the server in Singapore, no packet loss. 100MB/s down/50 up. QoS set for the PS4 to get 7/7 MB/s. Once back in R1 OS, no issue to find lobbies within a minute. geofilter enabled. Yes, I know about every time to restart BO4 when changing a setting on the Netduma. It just seems DUMAOS does not work with BO4 at all. Change my mind.....
  4. I also downgraded from DUJMA OS ro original OS on R1 and now cannot access control panel. I cleaned browser, tried 3 different browsers. Not working. it always then goes to the Duma OS control panel site and asks me to enter the log in Any ideas?
  5. just an example when pinging that server. that does not look normal, does it/ Not from my side. ping plotter shows my ping to Singapore steady as a rock at 33 ms.. no packet loss.
  6. This is not normal for a dedi server is it? Server ID 56344e19d1f5484d Would this ID also mean something to Activision? Does it make sense to write to them? From my side no internal lag. only PS4 is on. pingblotter shows as smooth as it can be, no packet loss.
  7. Fraser, I already posted the ID of both of these servers. And you acknowledged. I simply made the observation that the server still shows up in the wrong place.
  8. I dont know how long it takes to update the cloud but this server still shows up in the US.
  9. another one, same issue misidentified server 12039a65a0b1fb00 My ping is 33 ms, so I presume it is a server in Singapore, while showing in the US.
  10. why is it that when i play on a server in Sinapore to which I have like 33 ms ping I have stutters that screen freezes up, complete inconsistent hit detection ? server software? should that not be the same for all servers? when I force a server in Europe (does not succeed too often), I have a ping of about 100 and in general it is smooth n(occasional player that has bad detection or sort of is weird. singapore all kinds of shit going on from stutters to teleporting, etc.
  11. i switched off every thing and it works so much better. no PA, no geofilter on R1OS misidentified server? ID: 69034510a008fc01 Distance: 13950km My ping is 33 ms, so I presume it is a server in Singapore.
  12. played teh shit out of IW before I moved to Thailand. From here you connected to servers in Japan or Australia, same for WW2. It was a drama. BUT: still more consistant than the shite I face with BO$ having a server right in front of me in Singapore (27-32 ms, instead of 120+). I guess the game code is just shite and too many folks in the area connecting from their McDonalds hotspot....
  13. Tried today and this is the result under no load. https://share.pingplotter.com/Ni6hWgqw2kp.png even under full load with watching youtube at 720 and a tv show on fire stick there was marginally more going on. switched off gerofilter an ping assist. got onto a servier in EUrope (I am based in BKK and usually try to play on Singapore server). 102 ms ping to server and game much better, but overall not able to finish a game since the server kicks me off. I have a new cable from R1 to ISP modem. Cat 7, 25 cm long 10 inch? i guess it is not my ISP, it is just th egame and game servers that are shit (BO4)
  14. You are describing my life with this thread. no clue why I have lagspikes, most games unplayable on BO4. I have a fiber to the home with 200/50 beside my playstation and r1. And it is frustrating the hell out of me. I spend more time tweaking than playing, e3xchanging cables and devices, hard drives, etc. and still shit results. R1 original software seems to work better than the Duma OS on R1 but overall, unplayable for me. about to give up
  15. somehow sounds random and too much work. if it doesn;t work at all then I restart BO4 and more often than not it works. your bandwidth sounds like you are sitting in BKK on AIS?
  16. same experience for singapore server. showing up as peer ID: 360d9b66aad5e0e5
  17. Geofilter active, PA active, getting server outside criteria can this be a misidentified location? Thank you
  18. As much as I admire them to try to make things better, sadly I agree that the original seem to work much better. Hope they get a grip on it
  19. Hello! With the R1 I have no issue to connect to Singapore. What I notice is that the players I am teamed up with do lag and jitter badly and most lobbies I have to put entire magazine into a player to kill him. The safeguard mode is completely unplayable for me. The better my own connection, it seems also the more the server punishes me. Today I have a boost of 300/300 and it is worse than with 100/40. When I throttle with Netduma to like 4/3 then it seems to work much better than when at QoS settings 25/15 MB/s
  20. Thank you. That explains why i cannot see when on a server, but can see when p2p hope you get your dumaOS fixed so i can try again to upgrade and play on the Singapore server as reliably as i can on the R1 OS
  21. I do not see any player icons in MP when on a dedi. only see other players when on a p2p. at times i do not even see the dedi in Sinapore, even when on it.
  22. New observation. I had whitelisted (allow) 2 of the 'servers' when I played on Singapore. When I could not get any game on them anymore last night (I could ping them though; so I was sure they still exist), then I deleted these 'allowed' servers, and bang: I was getting put onto that Singapore server and played for hours, reconnected without issues even when backing out of lobbies. Conclusion: the whitelist/allow function needs to be looked at, as it seems to do exactly the opposite. Approach to place home location into the ocean and having a ping assist of 40 ms (the Singapore server usually pings for me between 32-37 ms): Works great on the R1OS but when I tried this on the DumaOS, I cannot even connect to the verification server in Ireland (which I pinged at 300-450 ms). -> clear why I cannot connect with my PA settings (I actually thought that one to be whilelisted, which underlines my above observation that the whitelisting has issues). To a point I am happy to be back on the server (p2p is even more unplayable), but the issue that I do not see the other players on the geofilter remains. I would like to see and ping them because my observation is that many others in the lobby lag heavily and also must have jitter/packet loss issues as they teleport all over the place. I restarted my R1 daily several times, cleaned the browser, etc. still cannot see other players, unless I am on a p2p connection. Any ideas?
  23. It goes even further. I now upgraded again and when I start the PS I do get the Singapore router (mostly). The I play a few games, it gets bad and I back out of lobby or restart the game and then I do not get connected to the Singapore router anymore. Have to restart the game 4-5 times, also the router and console before I do get again onto Singapore Server. Nothing changes on router settings while I play. That is so strange since with R1 OS I am on that server every time, without fail. What is not working with DUma OS is when I flush the cloud. It is like trying for a minute and then I do get an error. Any idea what this could be? This afternoon after the third time I did this, I couldnt access my PS games anymore until I did a connection test on PS. And never got back into Singapore server. I checked the IP of my console (fixed), same as the one shown in game and on router. I have this since IW that I do not see other players when I am connected to a dedi. When P2P then I do see some of the other players.
  24. I have like 2-3 good games, then the next 3-4 are straight garbage with shots not registering and literally the game/screen freezing up for split seconds. when i then restart the game, the cycle starts again. i reproduced this cycle now for 7-8 times. planning to try tomorrow to restart as soon as i have the first bad game (bad I mean like cannot kill anybody for the first 5-6 engagements and instand death events). My internet is pretty good from ping and buffer bloat. at least much better than ever before http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/42194827 I do not see other players that connect to the lobby (nothing popping up on the geofilter) and it seems that neither the ping assist nor the geofilter do work as I have people teleport and lag all over the place. what could be the reason for such behaviour?
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