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Netduma Fraser

Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

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I'm making a new thread for Incorrect Locations as the old one is very dated now. As well as the fact that many new games have come out since then. It will also be a lot easier to keep track of with a new thread. I will close the old one. 


If your ping to a server is way too low for it to be realistic the chances are its in the wrong location. For example I live in the UK if I see a ping in Seattle of 25ms its clearly not in Seattle(typically 150ms+) it must be near me instead. If you see this please post the following information in every post.

  • The server ID
  • The ping
  • Where you live

For example:

4b173a05b4ea5c61, 25ms, UK


Please ensure you have auto&bleeding edge cloud ticked and applied to get the latest updates - unless I have specifically said to use certain numbers of the cloud.

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 ID: 63043601a102fd02 

Shows as Kansas but I don't ping anything in Kansas below 50ms due to routing of my ISP.  

Believe it to be dallas

ping 18.2-24.2ms

My location Tulsa, OK.


n since until now I always used PA only. 

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Keep it up guys! When Fraser gets back we'll get these all in the cloud system.


ID: f1a119e43e90c5ca Distance: 14088km 103ms, Thailand


ID: e7455924e2865358 Distance: 14088km 63ms, Thailand


ID: 436bca9508e2b1b6 Distance: 13855km 32ms, Thailand

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for giving us those ID's, we'll get them updated for you soon.

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a92d07d2ca48474c, 25ms, 2098mi, PHX, AZ, US

d46c09d40973383d, 23ms, 2098mi, PHX, AZ, US

a92d09d4ca48474c, 22ms, 2098mi, PHX, AZ, US

d46c10db0973383d, 22ms, 2098mi, PHX, AZ, US

a92d08d3ca48474c, 25ms, 2098mi, PHX, AZ, US

d46cfec90973383d, 25ms, 2098mi, PHX, AZ, US

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Thanks for all the IDs so far. I've updated the cloud but not put it into auto/bleeding edge - its available under map number 26 just to ensure that there are no issues so please let me know how you get on and I can move it over for everyone.


Does is matter which game server or whitelist we choose? I'll be testing it tonight.

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