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  1. Not sure if this was answer but my apologies if so. I'm on 1.03.06g and I'm constantly getting p2p servers. Any fix for this as well?
  2. Even though we all have opinions about what's wrong with cod, let's take some time to create our own cod using the existing games. For me I would like to see a bo2 and ghost mix. Bo2 maps, scorestreak, weapons. Ghosts pick 13 system/specialist system, hit detection and connection. To me that would be the perfect cod. What is your preference?
  3. Black ops 3 and WW2. Those are the games that I play on ps4 that usually require me to use the netduma.
  4. Yes there is a server in Georgia where I live and I ping 10 to 17 ms all the time. I'm not sure how it's leveling the playing field if I have a low ms on my home server but I'm dying to ppl half way around a corner. I understand so form of lag comp is needed but it shouldn't be so thick. Want to know something else is weird and how I know crap connection is king? Before moving into my house, the apartment I lived in near the college campus had crap internet and I always had high ping. However I was on the other side of stick and constantly melted ppl. This hasn't been the same since moving into my house.
  5. Than isn't lag comp king? Lag comp>10ms ping. I understand the duma allows for you to shop around for servers which helps some, but if I'm going to continue to be outgunned by lag comp, what's the purpose of using the duma if I play cod exclusively with it?
  6. In my experience, playing on a server with a 18 ms performs worst than a server with 40ms. This goes for bo3 and ww2. If a guy is sitting still, my first 2 or 3 bullets should register when I'm aimed at his chest. However they get the chance to react and shot at me.
  7. I don't think ping is king even though alot off ppl say it is. I live in Georgia (US) and every game I play on this server is borderline line unplayable. I'm always Insta melted by guys rushing with lmgs or whenever I shoot first and die first.
  8. Hello. Thank you as this has seem to fix the issue.
  9. Any reason why I'm am no longer able to view the host filtering page on Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome? I can load other tabs just fine.
  10. I'm using the R1 with Firefox internet browser and for some reason the congestion control sliders will not load. I am able to browse other tabs but congestion control does not load properly. I can see the slider titles but the bars are absent. How can this issue be resolved?
  11. I believe the server ID below is a mislocated server. ID 496c683309e8383d This server is located in Missouri I believe, however when I cover the server, I can not connect. Thanks.
  12. For some reason I have had better games today with geo filter off. Even when I select the server nearest to me (server in the same state I live in), my games have been better when not connecting to that server. I normally just server shop until I find the best one but today I've had success with the geo filter off.
  13. lthoma89

    Netduma OS

    Hello. I am currently on netduma 1.03.6 and was wondering when the new Netduma OS will launch? Also I am on the most updated version correct? Thanks.
  14. lthoma89

    Cod servers

    I've got my filter on strict mode over a server that's located in Chicago I think and I live in Georgia. There's a server located in Georgia but everytime I play on it, the connection is horrible. No reason why I average a 15 to 20 ping on the Georgia server but still get melted.
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