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  1. Yea i always set it to like 25, but i tried 30-60 aswell and on this game right now it doesn't work. So i suppose the last argument could be true. Also, i just blocked a 30 ping France server, cause i have been testing allot of things today. And suddenly a server in The Netherlands showed up with ip: If i remove the France server again with IP : the server in The Netherlands is gone again and doesn't show up anymore. Would it be an idea that you can manually add servers from the heatmap to your allow/deny list in the geo filter?
  2. Allright, thank you. If i can help with anything or test anything let me know, i will keep testing other stuff aswell to see what i can find. Also i remember in Black ops 3 / 4 they also had dedicated servers and you can just put your location in the sea and just go by Ping Assist, this however doesn't work anymore on Modern Warfare. For me atleast i don't know for others. It wil just say that it can't connect to any data servers. Maybe it needs to be connected to atleast 1 dormant host in order to connect to the rest? Which seems odd tho.
  3. Hi! Thank you for your reply, but that statement is false (don't mean to be rude), when you turn on Modern warfare and it says connecting to online services. ALL the servers that they have get pinged and checked for an available connection and to see what ping you are to them. As you can see in my second screenshot (in the post above) those are the servers in Europe (some of them match the ping heatmap as evidence). But after that you're right only the server you play in is visible. As for the drawing the polygon on only Spain that doesnt work, in this or the 2.0 firmware it does however it does work on the 1.3 version. The drawing on france does work for 1 server. but this server is unstable for me. And drawing only on The Netherlands causes me to also play on a 50-60 ping server that is apparently hosted in Russia (which i just found out), so that is the missing server in this firmware that was correctly placed in the 1.3 version Which is shown here. As you can see this also has the missing spain server. Hope this helps.
  4. That's actually kind of the thing. For me the ping heat map shows allot of different servers than actually connecting to them. As shown in the post above, that server 14 ping to me on the left of France (When i actually connect to the game) is gone and there is no server in Amsterdam.(On the heatmap) For example when i ping the heatmap: Then when you actually want to connect to the game: As you can see. the Spain server is gone. And it shows a dormant host in The Neterlands but this is sometimes a 20 ping server and sometimes a 50-70 ping server as seen in this screenshot: With IP: Also i tried finding the server with 14 ping on the left of France with IP: / by moving my location and use the ping assist but that server never shows up when actually playing the game. Connecting to only the server in spain, IS possible on the old firmware, where it also shows it on the heatmap but not in the 2.0 nor 3.0 The Russian server is gone, on 2.0 and 3.0 aswell and you cant connect to it manually nor does it show up on the heatmap. You will just get the error ''cant connect to the data servers.'' There is also a server in Switzerland that doesnt show up on the heatmap. And 2 servers in Germany that is actually 1 i think. Also, when i put my location outside of The Netherlands and i manually allow the ''Dormant Host'' in The Netherlands without ping assist. It first shows the Triangle ! then it turns into a stripe circle, but in Germany. I'm trying to be as clear as possible, i am and have been doing allot of testing with all of the firmwares so i hope i can help with this.
  5. Thank you very much, apparently this is a server in The Netherlands but for me it shows on the left of france.
  6. Uhm i don't know to be honest, i would love my R1 to have a ping heatmap but unfortunately it doesn't have that.. Do you think it's possible that the R1 will also get this? I dont have the money the buy another router.
  7. The ID of the Spain server: ID: c26cf7c20961383d The ID of the Russian server: ID: a4ad824d4a43c2c7 I really wish, Amsterdam for me would show up on both but it doesnt for me so i can't tell which ID that is. Also i don't know wether this is just me but setting my location in the ocean and just going by ping assist doesn't work anymore either. I specifically need my location on one of the dedicated servers otherwise it just says ''cannot connect to the data centers'' My setup or settings never changed while trying that. i have tried every possible solution for it to work but i just can't get it to work. Wether it is on the new or old firmware. Edit: By the way there is 1 server that sometimes shows up in The Netherlands and this server is somewhere near ''Groningen'', and not in Amsterdam (Ofcourse this could be mislocated i understand but it seems that it is using that server to ping other servers) But if i strictly put my geo location on The Netherlands it can't find a game at all. Yet if i put it to Germany i can find games there but that is higher ping and also in Spain (but that server is also stable for me which is why i want that one on the newer firmware aswell..) I'm trying to give as much details as possible so hopefully it helps to understand the situation better and resolve it. I cant buy the newer versions of the router so i hope the r1 gets updated aswell i love this router.
  8. Will do so tomorrow. But the spain server on the old firmware is good tho. Cause i always hear spanish people talk, also on the russian server (which the new firmware also doesnt have ) they speak russian so they are good just misplaced on the newer firmware.
  9. These 2 are the firmwares in question. I have tried both again. Same result. Spain shows up on "previous firmware" and no amsterdam server anymore on both. Thank you for your reply.
  10. Hi, I have found out that recently. The server for me in Amsterdam dissapeared aswell as the spain server. Yet if i downgrade to the older version on my netduma r1 the Spain server is back. However the server in amsterdam is still not there. I cannot connect to it through ping assist nor location. (Cause i dont see it at all and if i put my location there and ping assist 0 i cant even connect to the data center.) Which was not the case couple of months ago. The servers i see around my area are france, Italy, Germany, Uk, Sweden.
  11. d2ad37024a71c2c7, the same server as i provided earlier but with a different ID, 20,4 ping on the right side of america, 20,4 ping, The Netherlands South Holland. Plus it still does not allow me to connect to servers by only using ping assist and putting my home location outside on the ocean..
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