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Netduma Fraser

Help us test games that YOU want to play!

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Hey everyone, I have written a detailed guide that enables you to collect the needed IDs to help us support games. 


As it contains some sensitive information I will not be giving this out publicly or to a lot of people. 


I will list the games down here that I would like tested. Please comment with the games you personally want to help test. I will then pick people for each game on Monday for them to test it. They'll provide me with the IDs and I can update the cloud. 


New games:


  • Battlefront
  • Doom
  • Division 
  • Overwatch
  • RB6
  • Heroes of the Storm

Double check compatibility:

  • BO3
  • Destiny
  • FIFA 16

Please refrain from commenting about any other games at the moment until we get these ones tested/supported if possible.

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I could help test Overwatch, Division and Destiny for PS4. However if it is a very involving test process, I will commit to Overwatch since I want to provide quality data. If something that doesn't require hours of work, I offer to do all three. 

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