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  1. I assume you're on dumaos? Add your own ports to hyper traffic for UDP 7000-10000 and it'll pick up RL and turn on QoS for you when you join a game I know their port forwarding rules say ports 7000-9000 but it uses up to 10000 I've spent ALOT of time trying to find a way to make it work, this is the only way I got
  2. I don't have pingplotter but I have smokeping for my internet vs my friends on spectrum... Mine VS His...
  3. With Verizon's approval you can use the XR500 in place of their modem/router... Ethernet directly into the box they install in/on your house. Their current modem/router is likely connected to your house through coaxial cable which could be causing your spikes... Could also be an issue with your fiber line. Either way you could have a tech come out and take a look
  4. No, the way fiber works would not use the puma chip... Your best bet is to have verizon provision your own router so you can connect it directly to the ONT (box on/in your house) with an ethernet cable
  5. The default username and password is admin password... When you upgrade it sets this automatically
  6. "Unlike most standard gaming routers on the market today, Razer says its model specializes in fast and reliable Wi-Fi." Who games on wifi? 😂
  7. Pretty sure you can set bandwidth limits per device, and set any IP you want if I remember correctly
  8. I did not know what was going on for years. I got to beta test the XR500 in July 2017 and it was released In January 2018 I'm not defending anyone, the silence was wrong. I even was in the dark for a while. But if you sign a contract and can't talk about something by a billion dollar company then you can't talk about it lol Now please keep this topic on track. The R1 update should be out soon
  9. It could be because they were contracted with Netgear to build two bad ass gaming routers that I had the pleasure of testing. But who knows? 🙄
  10. I'm a current beta tester and I can confirm it is real and does work just as promised. Netduma is not lying, please refrain from using that language on the forums.
  11. The only difference between g & h is an updated EULA. There is no feature difference. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/11018-major-netduma-upgrade-now-available-v-1036j/
  12. It's normal for the light to be off
  13. In windows open command prompt... Type in ping -t google.com or whatever site or IP you wanna ping... then hit enter Once that's going, do speed tests from whatever site that will max out our connection. Check your max pings
  14. I have 300 down and I get 300 down on 5g on the XR500
  15. Factory reset, then try entering in your speeds again
  16. Make sure Wifi Multimedia(WMM) is enabled in the wifi settings. I had this happen to me a while back
  17. iAmMoDBoX

    DVI vs HDMI

    Since you're using an "adapter" cable I don't think it makes any difference at all... in fact it could make things worse depending on the quality of the cable
  18. If you are getting ddosed you can change your IP if you are on US cable usually by changing the mac address of the router and then rebooting the modem
  19. And PLEASE use a Samsung SSD as your new drive
  20. Use the reboot button in misc settings, when it reboots it saves the settings... Then you can safely unplug and it should remember them the next time you power it on
  21. Not that I know of... BenQ FTW
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