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  1. Hello Guys, will the new 3.0 firmware be available to R1 users. The registration link no longer works. Thanks
  2. What ever settings you change or amend the game will still have bad input lagg, the game is broken. These settings you mention mean nothing. The game can play perfect on the rare occasion but most the time it has bad issues. Fifa is not consistent, I was led to believe the Netduma fixes the problem, all the Duma does is allow you to pair with opponents where ever you choose, this doesn't fix the bad gameplay issues
  3. I purchased my Netduma specially for fifa, very disappointed as most of he games are slow and sluggish. Netduma will pair you with opponents with a ping below 25ms but yet the game sucks
  4. Have you done a buffer bloat test? dslreports.com good buffet = good connection
  5. I never play people in Ireland or Scotland, my radius is always set on England, The only time fifa uses dedicated servers is on the fut championships, so I know for sure I am not connecting to a dedicated server, as I do not play this mode. Fifa H2H & FUT divisions use p2p, so I do not understand why the games have problems with a low ping opponent
  6. What was you testing Fifa 17 in general? The duma seems to working the same as it did in fifa 16. The issue that I seem to be getting is slow sluggish gameplay, even when your opponent has a low ping 15-30ms I struggle to understand this, when the gameplay is like this it seems like there is a delay of 200ms. You can tell if your game is delayed straight from kick off as the players move much slower. I believe this is one sided lag, Your opponent will move the ball with ease quick and fast. The last couple of weeks I was experiencing great gameplay but this week it seems to be delayed, even when your opponent has a low ping.
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