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  1. Hi all Does anyone use a elite controller? What are your thoughts? I have one and I am finding the triggers stops feels like the gun shoots very slow in cod ww2 Anyone have some good settings? Cheers
  2. After pulling the power out as BIG_DOG suggested it now works not sure why it didn't the other 2 times. When i wen't to change the DNS to manual and hit apply then wen't back into settings it was on auto. All ok now though
  3. I was trying to get the vpn settings correct with no luck so i gave up and now no other settings will save. Host filter doesn't save my location and can't get DNS to change from auto to manual to name the 2 that annoy me the most I have cookies enabled and upnp ticked but they don't appear to work even after a factory reset Edit: now i get Error loading misc page. Please post issue at forum.netduma.com
  4. Division, Destiny, Bo3 and Fifa 16 PS4 If Required
  5. Good looking update Going to try some of it now. One minor thing I have found is when I load a profile and go back into profiles its listed as the default profile (general gaming) but its still on the correct profile that I selected though so I can live with that just pointing it out though in case others are or were confused like I was for a bit
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