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Best XR1000 settings for PS5 Cold War? Please Help

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Hey guys, 

I need help finding the best settings for my XR1000. I have now payed 2 separate “Internet Optimization Experts” to help me configure the settings in my router… 


The 2 Guys I payed to optimize my router have both told me QoS is absolutely pointless and that “it has a mind of its own” and “It does whatever the _ _ _ _ it wants”. We used Anydesk and they tuned off my QoS and tweaked a few other settings. After they were done I have to say I’m not sure that what they did actually made a difference…


My friend who told me to get the router says QoS is absolutely necessary and he has no idea why someone would turn it off.  My friend has the XR500 and he helped me set up my router when I first got it however he reminded me that he’s no pro when it come to router configuration. 

So right now I’m stuck. I was hoping someone here can send me the best possible configuration/settings for my XR1000 to PS5 for Cold War. It would be amazing if someone could hop into anydesk or teamviewer with me and show me what I can actually do with my router. 

My ISP - Spectrum Gig -940down/40up 

Router- Xr1000 

Modem- Cm1200 

Console- PlayStation 5

Thank you❤️

Twitter @SleazySlays

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Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for letting us know the thoughts of the optimisation guys as well as your friends, that's always helpful to know.

We've got a couple of guides you can follow to get setup with QoS and Geo-filter initially, the reason I suggest these is that they're the two most important features to setup for CoD:

Once you've done this, test out a game or two of CoD and see how it feels to you. Monitor the Geo-filter map too and make sure you're getting connected to one of the low ping servers you've defined in Geo-filter.

Feed back to me with your results, and if you could also run a Connection Benchmark in DumaOS and post a screenshot of the results, that'd also give us some more insight!

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Hey @Netduma Liam thank you for helping me out. Here is the photo of my connection benchmark test. 

I know how to use QoS and The Geo-Filter. 

I want to unlock the full potential of my XR1000. I feel like I’m eating an apple but only the skin. 

I need the best Settings for Set Up and Advances Settings for PS5. 
LAN Setup, WAN Setup, Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, UPnP, IPv6, etc. 

Im not computer smart. This is why I’ve spent $75 trying to find a person that knows how to properly optimize my router and settings. 

All I need is for someone to show me what I need to do in order to fully experience the XR1000 and it’s capabilities for PS5 Call of Duty. 


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Are there any other devices connected to the modem, or is it just the XR1000?

Do you have any issues with NAT type in game currently, or is it showing an open?

The idea with DumaOS is that there isn't too much setup required of the user, so once you've optimised each Rapp for your setup you should be good to go. We only tend to dive in the Network Settings if you're seeing an problems with connectivity or NAT.

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1. I live with 6 people including myself. Everyone has multiple devices on at the same time. 17 Devices are connected to my XR1000 right now. 

2. My Nat Type is Open 

3. What is a Rapp and how do I Optimize each one? 

4. My Modem (NightHawk CM1200) is only connected to my router at the moment. From what I know it can only be connected to one device at a time. 

I did connect my Cm1200 to my laptop to see the ping difference between Router and Modem. On the CM1200 Im getting a consistent 9-11 ping and the Router 19-40 ping. I was told that’s because there are a few bugs in the Duma Os Software. 

Is there anyone that can help me hands on? I have anydesk and teamviewer. That would be super awesome. 

Surely there has the be screen shots of people’s settings that I can copy and test for myself right?  Any way you can link me something like that? 


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Everyone’s connection and networks are different so there will be a difference to how best to set up the router, then you have your isp and the good old route to the game servers.

one tip though is if at any point you allowed access to your router you would be wise to change credentials for security reasons. 

Best way to learn about the various settings is too search out each setting using the forum search and the support page for the XR1000 has a detailed manual you can download. This way you can set the router up and at the same time understand the various features as you may need to tweak them as time goes on.

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  • Administrators

The ping you recorded on the router (19-40) where are you seeing that exactly, on the Geo-Filter ping panel, in game ping, a general ping test? Also are you having any issues with games or more worried that you're potentially missing out on lower pings/better games?

We can't do that kind of support as it would simply take too much time - I used to do something like this in the past and it can take hours and that takes away from our ability to help multiple people in a timely manner.

I think it's important to manage expectations, there are no perfect settings that will give you the best gameplay in 100% of the games that you play, there are always outside variables we can't control. Also every single connection is different, what works for one person may not work for another. 

Settings in the Settings pages largely will not have any affect on your game quality, the two features to focus on are definitely QoS and the Geo-Filter. 

Your bandwidth speeds are very high, this does reduce the need for QoS - lag/congestion occurs when all your bandwidth is being used, as yours is high this is less likely and therefore lag caused by local congestion may not be as much of an issue for you. However, I would recommend you experiment with the Congestion Control percentages using Always and see what feels right for you. The Ping Under Load results we're still improving on so you can take them with a pinch of salt at the moment. Does Traffic Prioritization show it prioritizing when you're playing?

For the Geo-Filter use Ping Heatmap and identify where the lowest ping servers are located and use that to inform your Geo-Filter settings - some people also prefer forcing servers slightly further away so that's something to consider as well.

Ultimately the Optimal Settings Guides Liam linked are our general recommendations based on what we think works for a wide audience but there is a lot of customisation and testing that you can do to really find what works best for your specific connection.

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Try this here in Traffic Prioritization. I have got much better bullet registration since.
Also playing Cold War (PS5).

Rule 1.) 
• Source: 3074 – 3076
• Destination: 30000 – 45000
// UDP only | Normal (default)

Rule 2.)
• Source: 50000 – 65535
• Destination: 3074 – 3076 
// TCP only | Normal (default)

Rule 3.)
• Source: 50000 – 65535
• Destination: 443 – 443
// TCP only | Normal (default)

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In your case with 6 people and 40mbit upload QoS is probably necessary. A phone syncing pics to the cloud can already wipe out your upload. As for download, with 1Gbit download (940 mbit = 1Gbit, just not advertized as you will not reach that with overhead) then QoS will not really be necessary.


For the physical part, if you use any switches etc in your network. Remember that QoS is only used on the WAN connection, unless you use very expensive switches that do end to end QoS. (This is also difficult to setup for the average user) Ie when 3 people are using computers connected to a switch and pull a lot of bandwith, say from a NAS across the same line as you, this can cause congestion. So for the best result you would want to have a direct connection between your PS5 and the router. This is very situational, if the 6 people in your house are just browsing the web it won't matter.


Router setup. Your screenshot shows bandwidth set as 1000 / 50 while you have 940/40, so you need to correct this in the QoS -> Congestion control menu. This affects the internal traffic shaper and this setting alone can cause bufferbloat even if the bufferbloat setting is turned off.


QoS Traffic prioritisation. Since you're not tech savy I would simply add PS5 with service games console. That automatically prioritizes UDP gaming traffic across all ports. If you play something else than CoD it will also work.


uPNP on. With uPNP on you don't need to use any port forwarding or triggering.


You have to look at QoS as a solution for problems not as a magic bullet. If you already have a good setup then it won't improve much over that (Actually it can make it worse since it incurs extra latency in many cases) QoS only helps when you have actual issues like traffic congestion.


Also keep in mind that if you use a cable connection you are still bound by it's limits, ie often they have high jitter and it's a shared medium, so high local use in your neighborhood can cause issues and they are outside your control in most cases.

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